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Item Wheel

Link acquires many items during his journey through the land below and above the clouds.


Practice Sword

Main article: Practice Sword

Link acquires this basic sword from Eagus while searching for his Crimson Loftwing at the beginning of the game.

Goddess Sword

Main article: Goddess Sword

Link acquires this sword after Zelda is taken to the land below. Fi leads him to a secret room Inside the Statue of the Goddess where the sword lies. Lord Ghirahim cites this sword as the only reason Link still lives after their first encounter at the end of Skyview Temple. Besides allowing Link to communicate with Fi, the Goddess Sword also has the power to unleash a "Skyward Strike", a sword beam charged by holding the sword vertically while his hearts are full.

Goddess Longsword

Main article: Goddess Longsword

The Goddess Longsword is the upgraded form of the Goddess Sword. Link and Fi upgrade it in the Ancient Cistern using Farore's Flame. It is both longer and deals more damage than the original Goddess Sword.

Goddess White Sword

Main article: Goddess White Sword

The Goddess White Sword is the upgraded form of the Goddess Longsword. Link and Fi upgrade it in the Sandship using Nayru's Flame. It has enhanced dowsing abilities, allowing four more possible targets.

Master Sword

Main article: Master Sword

The Master Sword is the upgraded version of the Goddess White Sword. Link and Fi upgrade it in the Fire Sanctuary using Din's Flame.

True Master Sword

Main article: Unpowered Master Sword

The True Master Sword is the fully upgraded form of the Goddess Sword, blessed by Hylia and resembles the Sword's spirit Fi. This sword has the power to repel evil.


Adventure Pouch

Main article: Adventure Pouch

Fledge will give Link this useful pouch after he sees Fi and acquires the Goddess Sword. It is capable of carrying many items, including shields, medals and potions, and there are four extra slots available for it. Three are purchased from Beedle's Airshop, and the other can be found in Goddess Chest #1.


Main article: Sailcloth

Link acquires the Sailcloth from Zelda in the Ceremony of the Goddess. The sailcloth is essentially a parachute used both for a safe landing when jumping from the Crimson Loftwing, and to send Link back up from Hyrule to Skyloft. Another use for it is catching air vents and propelling Link to previously unreachable areas.

Knight's Uniform

Main article: Knight's Uniform

Digging Mitts

Main article: Digging Mitts

Acquired in Eldin Volcano after saving Tyto, a Mogma, from Bokoblins. Link can use it to dig and find key shards, Rupees, and other items in soft patches of dirt.

Mogma Mitts

Main article: Mogma Mitts

The upgrade to the Digging Mitts, these are given to Link by Silva, another Mogma, after defeating Magmanos. It allows Link to dig tunnels in certain soft patches of soil.

Goddess's Harp

Main article: Goddess's Harp

This Goddess's Harp originally belonged to Zelda. She holds it when she jumps down to Link after his victory in the Wing Ceremony. Zelda throws it to Link at the Temple of Time as she and Impa flee Ghirahim, telling him he'll need it.

In the menu screen, there are five song slots for this instrument. Four of these songs are used to open Trial Gates for Silent Realms, while the Ballad of the Goddess is used to find the Isle of Songs.

Water Dragon's Scale

Main article: Water Dragon's Scale

Obtained after clearing Farore's Silent Realm, this scale allows Link to swim underwater. Link can perform a Water Dash Attack by performing his shield bash action while in the water. Note that this takes up air. It is said to be one of Faron the water dragon's scales.

Fireshield Earrings

Main article: Fireshield Earrings

Small Wallet

Main article: Small Wallet

Medium Wallet

Main article: Medium Wallet

Big Wallet

Main article: Big Wallet

Extra Wallet

Extra wallet.jpg
Main article: Extra Wallet

Giant Wallet

Main article: Giant Wallet

Tycoon Wallet

Main article: Tycoon Wallet


Bird Statuette

Main article: Bird Statuette

The Bird Statuette is the trophy of the Wing Ceremony. Link must fly his Crimson Loftwing and use his aerial skills to fly up to a bird holding the statue, and take it to win.

Emerald Tablet

Main article: Emerald Tablet

Ruby Tablet

Main article: Ruby Tablet

Amber Tablet

Main article: Amber Tablet

Ancient Tablet

Main article: Ancient Tablet

Life Tree Fruit

Main article: Life Tree Fruit

Life Tree Seedling

Main article: Life Tree Seedling

Ancient Sea Chart

Main article: Ancient Sea Chart

Spirit Vessel

Main article: Spirit Vessel

Sacred Tear

Tear of Farore
Tear of Nayru
Tear of Din
Main article: Sacred Tear

Stone of Trials

Main article: Stone of Trials

Triforce of Courage

Main article: Triforce of Courage

Triforce of Power

Main article: Triforce of Power

Triforce of Wisdom

Main article: Triforce of Wisdom


Triforce no glow - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Main article: Triforce


Main article: Skyward Sword Shields

Wooden Shield

Main article: Wooden Shield#Skyward Sword

The first shield Link can get, the Wooden Shield has the lowest durability of any shield in the game, and will burn up quickly from a fire attack, but is resistant to electrical attacks. One can be obtained for free by speaking with Instructor Owlan after Zelda falls out of the sky; or one can be bought for 50 rupees from the Gear Shop.

Banded Shield

Main article: Banded Shield

The Banded Shield is much more durable than the Wooden Shield it is upgraded from, but will still burn to ashes under a fire attack. It costs 30 rupees and a number of specific treasures to upgrade the Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop.

Braced Shield

Main article: Braced Shield

The Braced Shield maintains the strengths and weaknesses of its forebears, but with greater durability. Upgrading a Banded Shield to a Braced Shield costs 30 rupees and a number of specific treasures.

Iron Shield

Main article: Iron Shield

Much more durable than a basic Wooden Shield, the Iron Shield can also block fire attacks; but conducts electricity. The second shield Link can buy, it can be obtained after beating Skyview Temple for 100 Rupees at the Gear Shop.

Reinforced Shield

Main article: Reinforced Shield

A general improvement in durability and stopping power, the Reinforced Shield costs 50 rupees and several treasures to upgrade an Iron Shield to at the Scrap Shop.

Fortified Shield

Main article: Fortified Shield

The second-toughest shield in the game after the Hylian Shield in base durability, the Fortified Shield can be made from a Reinforced Shield for 100 rupees and treasures at the Scrap Shop.

Sacred Shield

Main article: Sacred Shield

Purchased at the Gear Shop for 500 rupees and branded with a Loftwing's foot, the Sacred Shield self-repairs over time, although it has less durability than equivalent shields which do not. It can block fire, electricity & curse attacks; and can startle Cursed Bokoblins.

Divine Shield

Main article: Divine Shield

An upgrade from the Sacred Shield, it has increased durability and faster regeneration than its predecessor. It costs 100 rupees and treasures to upgrade from the more basic version.

Goddess Shield

Main article: Goddess Shield

Branded with a stylised image of Hylia, the Goddess Shield is a further upgrade to the durability and regenerative ability of the Divine Shield. It costs 150 rupees and multiple rare treasures to upgrade the Divine Shield at the Scrap Shop.

Hylian Shield

Main article: Hylian Shield#Skyward Sword

The Hylian Shield is obtained from Lanayru by beating eight consecutive bosses in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. Unlike all other shields in the game, it is indestructible; it also resists fire and electric attacks.

Bottled Items


Main article: Bottle

Heart Potion

Main article: Heart Potion

Heart Potion +

Main article: Heart Potion +

Heart Potion ++

Main article: Heart Potion ++

Air Potion

Main article: Air Potion

Air Potion +

Main article: Air Potion +

Revitalizing Potion

Main article: Revitalizing Potion

Revitalizing Potion +

Main article: Revitalizing Potion +

Revitalizing Potion ++

Main article: Revitalizing Potion ++


Main article: Water

Sacred Water

Main article: Sacred Water

Stamina Potion

Main article: Stamina Potion

Stamina Potion +

Main article: Stamina Potion +

Guardian Potion

Main article: Guardian Potion

Guardian Potion +

Main article: Guardian Potion +

Hot Pumpkin Soup

Main article: Hot Pumpkin Soup

Cold Pumpkin Soup

Main article: Cold Pumpkin Soup


Main article: Fairy

Fairies can be found throughout the game and they will fill up a number of Link's hearts when used. Link can store fairies within bottles and release them whenever he'd like. If Link has a fairy stored within a bottle, after he dies, the fairy will automatically be used to restore Link's life.

Fairies can be found in fairy fountains, underneath pots, or by breaking crates and other objects.

Mushroom Spores

Main article: Mushroom Spores

Glittering Spores

Main article: Glittering Spores


Cursed Medal

Main article: Cursed Medal

Rupee Medal

Main article: Rupee Medal

Treasure Medal

Main article: Treasure Medal

Life Medal

Main article: Life Medal

Heart Medal

Main article: Heart Medal

Bug Medal

Main article: Bug Medal

Potion Medal

Main article: Potion Medal



Main article: Slingshot

Given to Link by Bucha for locating the missing Kikwi, Link will simply take aim at a target and shoot a projectile at it. Once Link has the bow, it is largely redundant to the more powerful weapon.


Scattershot SS.png
Main article: Scattershot

An upgraded version of the slingshot. The scattershot can shoot many bullets at once, without any extra ammo consumption. However, it must be charged for a second by holding the button down.

Small Seed Satchel

Main article: Small Seed Satchel

Medium Seed Satchel

Main article: Medium Seed Satchel

Large Seed Satchel

Main article: Large Seed Satchel

Bug Net

Main article: Bug Net

A net for catching various bugs that will be used to upgrade Link's potions.

Big Bug Net

Main article: Big Bug Net


SS Beetle.png
Main article: Beetle (Item)

Found in the Skyview Temple after defeating Stalmaster, the Beetle is a small mechanical device that can fly to reach areas Link could not reach himself. The Beetle has a limited distance it can fly before it shuts off and has to be re-equipped and re-launched, and must also be re-equipped when it hits a wall or another obstacle. Link can also call back the Beetle at any time during its flight.

Hook Beetle

Main article: Hook Beetle

The Hook Beetle is obtained in the Lanayru Desert after saving a robot from Bokoblins. This item is similar to the basic Beetle, except for the fact that it can also carry objects such as Bombs to another location.

Quick Beetle

Main article: Quick Beetle

The Quick Beetle is the third Beetle and can be obtained when upgrading the Hook Beetle at the Scrap Shop. The Quick Beetle has an additional option to allow it to fly faster.

Tough Beetle

Main article: Tough Beetle

Bomb Bag

Main article: Bomb Bag

The Bomb Bag is found in the second dungeon, the Earth Temple. Ledd the Mogma tells Link he has dropped his Bomb Bag when some monster scared him. After defeating two Lizalfos and recovering it, Ledd is successfully guilted into giving it to Link after Link explains he is searching for his friend.

Small Bomb Bag

Main article: Small Bomb Bag

Medium Bomb Bag

Main article: Medium Bomb Bag

Large Bomb Bag

Main article: Large Bomb Bag


Main article: Bow

Found on the Sandship, the Bow allows Link to shoot targets from a distance, including enemies and Timeshift Stones.

Iron Bow

Main article: Iron Bow

The Iron Bow is the upgraded form of the Bow. It is obtained when upgraded in the Scrap Shop at the Bazaar. When upgraded, the attack power is doubled.

Sacred Bow

Main article: Sacred Bow

Small Quiver

Small Quiver.png
Main article: Small Quiver

Medium Quiver

Main article: Medium Quiver

Large Quiver

Main article: Large Quiver

Gust Bellows

Gust Bellow.png
Main article: Gust Bellows

Found in the Lanayru Mining Facility, the Gust Bellows shoot air to clear away sand or push certain enemies away.


SS Whip2.png
Main article: Whip

Link can swing the Whip in any direction to swing from horizontal poles, stun enemies at a distance, grab items, or activate certain switches.


Main article: Double Clawshots

An item Link obtains after clearing Nayru's Silent Realm. They can grab onto targets and pull Link toward them, with Link being able to use the other one while on the target to move from target to target.



Main article: Skyward Sword Treasure


Main article: Skyward Sword Bugs

Bugs can be caught using the Bug Net or Big Bug Net. They can be sold to Strich or used to infuse Link's potions at Luv and Bertie's Potion Shop.

Cawlin's Letter

Main article: Cawlin's Letter


Main article: Rattle

Beedle's Insect Cage

Main article: Beedle's Insect Cage

Gratitude Crystal

Main article: Gratitude Crystal

Dodoh's Party Wheel

Main article: Dodoh's Party Wheel

Goddess Cube

Main article: Goddess Cube

Found spread across the surface. Striking them with a Skyward Strike will cause them to rise into the sky and activate a Goddess Chest.

A list of Goddess Cubes can be seen at Skyward Sword Goddess Cubes.


Main article: Propeller

Crystal Ball

Main article: Crystal Ball


Main article: Pumpkin


Main article: Tadtone

Water Basin

Main article: Water Basin


Dungeon Map

Main article: Dungeon Map

Found in Dungeons. Previously visited rooms are a different shade. The map also shows where Treasure Chests can be found, along with the Sacred Flames.

Small Key

Main article: Small Key

Used to open a locked door in dungeons.

Piece of the Key

Main article: Piece of the Key

Collect them all to make the key needed to unlock the door to the Earth Temple.

Golden Carving

Main article: Golden Carving

You can find the Golden Carving inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of Skyview Temple, Ghirahim. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.

Dragon Sculpture

Main article: Dragon Sculpture

You can find the Dragon Sculpture inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of the Earth Temple, Scaldera. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.

Ancient Circuit

Main article: Ancient Circuit

You can find the Ancient Circuit inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of the Lanayru Mining Facility, Moldarach. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.

Blessed Idol

Main article: Blessed Idol

You can find the Blessed Idol inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of the Ancient Cistern, Koloktos. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.

Squid Carving

Main article: Squid Carving

You can find the Squid Carving inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of the Sandship, Tentalus. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.

Mysterious Crystals

Main article: Mysterious Crystals

You can find the Mysterious Crystals inside a Treasure Chest. It must be properly rotated to fit inside an indention in a hole leading to the boss of the Fire Sanctuary, Ghirahim. When it is rotated correctly, it will start to glow.



Main article: Recovery Heart

Hearts can be received from enemies, pots, and grass, and fill up one heart each. They also grow as Heart Flowers.

Piece of Heart

Piece of Heart - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Main article: Piece of Heart

Collect four of them to create a new Heart Container. They are hidden in secret places and in chests, also sometimes the reward for a side-quest. There are 24 of them in the game: Skyward Sword Heart Pieces.

Heart Container

Heart Container - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Main article: Heart Container

Heart Containers increase Link's maximum hearts by one. There are six, acquired after boss battles with Ghirahim (2; Skyview Temple & Fire Sanctuary), Scaldera, Moldarach (Lanayru Mining Facility), Koloktos, Tentalus and Bilocyte.

Deku Seed

Main article: Deku Seed

Deku Seeds are ammunition for Link's Slingshot. The amount Link can carry is increased by purchasing a Seed Satchel from the Gear Shop, and then upgrading it at the Scrap Shop. They can be found by breaking pots or cutting grass.


Main article: Bomb

Kept in a Bomb Bag, Link can place, throw or bowl these to what he needs to explode. They can also be carried by the Beetle, or found as Bomb Flowers.


Main article: Arrow


Main article: Rupee

Apparently mined by the mogma as Rupee Ore, Rupees act as currency throughout Skyloft and the surface.


Main article: Rupoor

Stamina Fruit

Main article: Stamina Fruit

Stamina Fruit can be found all over the Sky and the Surface. They refill Link's Stamina Gauge as soon as he touches them.