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Upgrade System
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Skyward Sword
A Link Between Worlds
A cave in Lake Hylia

The Upgrade System is a feature that appears in Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds.

Skyward Sword

This system allows Link to take items that he already has and enhance them using the Treasures found on the Collection screen. For example, if Link has acquired all of the necessary materials, Link's old Wooden Shield is turned into a stronger, more durable Banded Shield at the Scrap Shop. Not only can Link upgrade his shields, but also his items. An example is Link turning his Slingshot into a Scattershot. This is a unique way of keeping items from becoming unused, and unloved, like they have once or twice in previous Zelda titles.

The lists below only show items which can be upgraded, and the upgraded item's new name. A comprehensive list of all items can be found here.

Item Upgrades

Main article: Skyward Sword Upgrades
Shield upgrades
Ammunition capacity

Potion Upgrades

Main article: Luv and Bertie's Potion Shop

Adventure Pouch

Main article: Skyward Sword Upgrades § Adventure Pouch Upgrades

The Adventure Pouch's storage capacity can be upgraded from the default four to eight with four individual slots that are either bought or found.

One comes from activating the Goddess Cube in Deep Woods near Gorko; then collecting the Goddess Chest at Pumpkin Landing that results.

The other three can be bought from Beedle's Air Shop for 300, 500 and 1200 rupees respectively.


Main article: Dowsing

After defeating Tentalus, Link's Dowsing ability improves to let him have up to seven Dowsing Targets. After getting the upgrade, Link can get the following targets:

Link will still encounter quest dowsing targets, making it still entirely possible to run out of targets.

A Link Between Worlds

Main article: Mother Maiamai

In A Link Between Worlds, upgrades are done by visiting Mother Maiamai and rescuing her missing children by groups of ten. Whenever Link finds a group of ten Maiamai, he is prompted with the option of upgrading an item he purchased, not rented, through Ravio's Shop. Each item purchased from Ravio can be upgraded only once, and when all nine items have been enhanced, Link's Spin Attack can be upgraded to the Great Spin Attack. A list of all Maiamai locations can be found here.

Item Upgrades

Main article: A Link Between Worlds Item Upgrades

Each item listed below requires ten missing Maiamais to be found before any upgrades can be performed.

Purchased Item Upgraded To
ALBW-boomerang.png Boomerang Nice Boomerang
ALBW-bomb.png Bomb Nice Bombs
Bow (ALBW).png Bow Nice Bow
ALBW-fire-rod.png Fire Rod Nice Fire Rod
ALBW-hammer.png Hammer Nice Hammer
Hookshot (ALBW).png Hookshot Nice Hookshot
ALBW-ice-rod.png Ice Rod Nice Ice Rod
ALBW-sand-rod.png Sand Rod Nice Sand Rod
ALBW-tornado-rod.png Tornado Rod Nice Tornado Rod

Skill Upgrade

Skill Skill Upgrade Maiamai Needed
Spin Attack.jpg Spin Attack Great Spin Attack Find 100 missing children