Cursed Medal

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Cursed Medal
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Rupees and Treasure appear more often
Not able to open Adventure Pouch


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 アクマメダル (Demon Medal)
Canada Française Médaille maléfique (Evil Medal)
France Française Médaille démoniaque (Demonic Medal)
Latin America Español Medallón maligno (Evil Medallion)
Spain Español Medallón maldito (Cursed Medallion)
Germany Deutsch Dämonen-Medaille (Demons Medal)

"You got the Cursed Medal! With this, Rupees and treasure will appear more often...but it also carries a curse that prevents your pouch from opening! Eeek!"

— In-Game Description

The Cursed Medal is an optional item found in Skyward Sword. It is one of the seven different medals found within the game, all with their own effects on Link.

Once Link has collected thirty Gratitude Crystals and given them to Batreaux, he is rewarded with the Big Wallet. After he tells Link to please continue helping him,[2] a treasure chest appears to the side of the room. If Link goes near it, Batreaux stops him and urges him not to open the chest under any circumstances.[3] He states that the chest contains the Cursed Medal, a dreaded medal of the infamous evil according to the Demon. He describes the effects of the medal as Link can find more Rupees than ever before and even have better chances of discovering treasure,[4] but anyone who holds the Cursed Medal can not open their Adventure Pouch, not letting him access his potions or shields. Batreaux asks Link if he can think of a more gruesome fate and tells him not to think of the chest ever again.[5] If Link ignores what he says and opens it anyways, he obtains the Cursed Medal.[6]

Like stated by Batreaux, the Cursed Medal applies different effects on Link. When Link is carrying the medal, Rupees and Treasure appear with a greater frequency, combining the effects of the Rupee and Treasure medals, but he won't be able to open his Adventure Pouch.[7][8][9] Thus, when Link needs to find treasure or Rupees, the Cursed Medal is a great item for him to bring.[10] However, he is still able to use Fairies if he has one in a Bottle and dies, but he cannot access it in his pouch.[11] Similarly, items that Link does not need to be equipped like Bomb Bags or other medals still give effects to him.

If Link needs to access his items in the pouch but is still carrying the Cursed Medal, the only way he can open his pouch again is to go to the Bazaar and give the medal to Peatrice at the Item Check shop.[12][13]


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