Emerald Tablet

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Emerald Tablet




Creates the Column of Light to the Faron Province


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 緑宝珠の石版 (Green Jewel Lithograph)
France Française Stèle émeraude (Emerald Stele)
Spain Español Litografía del orbe verde (Green Orb Lithograph)
Germany Deutsch Smaragd-Tafel (Emerald Tablet)
Italy Italiana Stele smeraldo (Emerald Stele)
South Korea 한국어 녹보주 석판 (Green Orb Slate)

"You got the Emerald Tablet! The weathered surface of this heavy stone tablet feels very old."

— In-Game Description[1]

The Emerald Tablet is one of three stone tablets that form the Ancient Tablet in Skyward Sword. It is the first one Link receives and is obtained on Skyloft within the Statue of the Goddess. After Link pulls the Goddess Sword out of its pedestal, Fi summons the Emerald Tablet and gives it to Link in order to help him on his journey to reunite with Zelda. She then tells Link to imbue the Goddess Crest with a Skyward Strike in the chamber.[2] Once Link hits the crest, he can place the Emerald Tablet into the newly revealed altar.[3] Similarly to the other tablets, the Emerald Tablet then creates a column of light that appears south of Skyloft, opening a small rift in the Cloud Barrier.[4][5] This allows Link to fall down to the wooded region of the Surface, Faron Province.[6][7]



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  2. "Master, the first thing you must do is hit the crest sitting in this room with a Skyward Strike. These blasts are formed of pure energy that charges within your blade when you lift it skyward. Once you have charged your blade, face the crest and swing your sword to send out a powerful Skyward Strike." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Master [Link], I suggest you imbue that crest with the power of your Skyward Strike and then insert the tablet I gave you a moment ago. To gather energy from the heavens and charge up a Skyward Strike, point your sword skyward." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
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