Hook Beetle

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Hook Beetle
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Pick up faraway items


"You got the Hook Beetle! The big pincers enable you to pick up and carry things with it!"

— In-Game Description

The Hook Beetle is an upgraded form of the Beetle in Skyward Sword. This version of the Beetle has two pincers, which can be used to grab all sorts of items while flying the Beetle, including Bomb Flowers and Pots. The original Beetle is found in the Skyview Temple, and the Hook Beetle is upgraded by an Ancient Robot in the Lanayru Desert. This robot will upgrade it for Link after Link has killed the Technoblin that had kept the robot hostage.


The Hook Beetle, which is an upgraded form of the Beetle, can be further upgraded twice, at the Scrap Shop. Firstly, it can be upgraded into the Quick Beetle. This upgrade is performed by Gondo in the Bazaar. In order to perform this upgrade, Gondo requires two Ancient Flowers, two Hornet Larvae, one Golden Skull. Also, the fee is 50 Rupees. The Quick Beetle can fly faster than the Hook Beetle, which is not required, but is convenient.