Life Tree Seedling

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Life Tree Seedling




Grows into the Tree of Life


The Life Tree Seedling is a small tree seed from Skyward Sword that eventually grows into the Tree of Life. This seedling, when fully grown into a tree, produces a fruit that can heal illnesses. The Ancient Robots planted the seed in hope to heal their leader, Lanayru. Since the tree takes a long time to grow and the ground is unsuitable to grow the tree in Lanayru Province where it was planted, the tree never blossomed and instead withered and died. Link uses a Timeshift Stone to change the withered tree back into a seedling, then takes it back in time to the Sealed Temple and plants it. He then goes back into the future where the plant is now fully grown. He takes the fruit to Lanayru and heals him, unlocking his part of the Song of the Hero as well as the mini-game, Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round.