Quick Beetle

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Quick Beetle
Quick Beetle.png
Artwork from Skyward Sword




50 Rupees


Flying farther than the previous ones


Quick Beetle icon from Skyward Sword

"You've upgraded to the Quick Beetle! It flies faster than the Hook Beetle. Watch where you're flying, speedy!"

— In-game description

The Quick Beetle is an item from Skyward Sword. It is the second upgrade to the Beetle. As its name implies, it travels faster than the Hook Beetle, giving Link more time to maneuver it. The player can press and hold the A button to speed up the Quick Beetle in flight.


The Quick Beetle can be upgraded into the Tough Beetle by using three Ancient Flowers, four Amber Relics, one Blue Bird Feather, one Goddess Plume, and 50 Rupees.