Stone of Trials

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Stone of Trials
Stone of Trials.png




To reach Sky Keep

"You got the Stone of Trials! This engraved object was created to lead the chosen hero to the hidden location of the Triforce!"

— In-game Description

The Stone of Trials is an item obtained in Skyward Sword. This item is a gift from the Goddess Hylia, and can be received after completing the final Silent Realm in Skyloft. Link must then place it into the empty eye socket of a specific bird statue on Skyloft, which in turn reveals the entrance to Sky Keep, the location where the Triforce is being held.[1] The Stone of Trials is required if Link wishes to reach Sky Keep and retrieve the Triforce.


  1. "Master, the Stone of Trials you received on completion of the final trial is part of a pair. I infer that the matching second stone is somewhere within Skyloft. There is a 90% chance that finding this stone will get you one step closer to the Triforce." — Fi, Skyward Sword.