Rupee Ore

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Rupee Ore
Rupee Ore - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Rupee Ore in the Thrill Digger cave


Glowing crystals embedded in rock



Rupee Ore is a material found embedded in rock, seen in Skyward Sword. It is what rupees and rupoors are made from.

Skyward Sword

Rupee Ore can be found in the Thrill Digger cave. Mr. Tubert points it out if asked.[1] If struck with a Deku Seed from a Slingshot, a rupee or rupoor corresponding to its colour pops out.

Owing to the ease with which it can be mined, other Mogma regard rupees as easy to come by.[2]


  1. "Really? What a shame... But thanks for asking all those great questions! Actually, here, let me tell you something. You see the shining stone sticking out of the wall? That's pure Rupee Ore! It's also why there are so many Rupees to dig up here. If you sling something at it, it'll pop right out. Go on and give it a try!" — Mr. Tubert, Skyward Sword.
  2. "My name is Tubert! I run this game I like to call Thrill Digger! Yep, I'm kind of important around here. You could even call me Mr. Tubert. You know, if you want to. Thanks, kid. I want everyone to get their hands on plenty of Rupees, so I made up this Thrill Digger thing! The sad thing is all my Mogma friends think Rupees are easy to find. They never come and play... So that's why I need you to step up and become not just a repeat customer, but my only customer!" — Mr. Tubert, Skyward Sword.