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This article is about the vessel in Skyward Sword. For the vessel in Twilight Princess, see Vessel of Light.
Spirit Vessel




Collect Sacred Tears


"You got the Spirit Vessel! This mysterious plant represents your spirit, [Link]."

— In-game description[1]

The Spirit Vessel is an item that only appears within Silent Realms in Skyward Sword. They resemble a flower with bulbs on its stem. This item is extracted out of Link as soon as he enters any Silent Realm. Its sole purpose is to hold all fifteen Sacred Tears found within the realm.[2][3] The petals on the Spirit Vessel will begin to decay when time starts to run out. If all petals perish, they will fall off of the Spirit Vessel and all Guardians will be awoken; otherwise he will be able to roam the realm undetected by the aforementioned Guardians.[4] If Link manages to fill said vessel with all Sacred Tears and makes it back to the entrance safely, his spirit will grow and he will be rewarded with a gift from the Golden Goddesses and even the Goddess herself.[5]



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