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Earth Guardian artwork





Guardians are powerful creatures encountered during the Silent Realm trials in Skyward Sword. They serve as an opposing force that Link must overcome in order to collect the Sacred Tears. If one of them lands an attack on Link, then he is forced to leave the Silent Realm, losing all gathered tears. They are effectively invincible owing to Link's inability to use his sword or any other items inside the Silent Realm, so his only options are to keep them dormant or avoid them.


Initially dormant, all Guardians activate as soon as Link first steps outside the protective circle at the entrance of the Silent Realm. Afterwards, they can be deactivated for 90 seconds by collecting a Sacred Tear. Re-entering the protective circle temporarily calms the Guardians, or pauses the timer if active, for as long as Link remains inside the circle. When deactivated, Guardians return to their original locations no matter how far they have moved.

If the 90-second timer runs out before another Sacred Tear is collected, all Guardians wake up and begin chasing Link, hoping to shatter his spirit and end his trial. Stepping in Waking Water or being caught in the light from an Earth or Sky Watcher also immediately activates all Guardians.


Some Guardians appear in humanoid form and wield massive clubs. These can run fast, but cannot pass through certain obstacles. Others do not have legs but instead glide through the air. They can pass through obstacles and even follow Link up ladders, trying to catch him with their two blades.