Waking Water

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Waking Water
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Awakening the Guardians


Waking Water is a special type of water found exclusively within Silent Realms in Skyward Sword. If Link walks through a pool of it, the Guardians inside the realm will awaken and begin to pursue him.[1] Waking Water can be easily avoided, but if Link isn't careful enough, he may accidentally walk into some of it. This special type of water acts similarly to Watchers, in the sense that they awaken Guardians when activated. Waking Water can be found in all Silent Realms.


  1. "The unusual liquid substance that covers that area is known as Waking Water, and it has certain unique properties. If you make contact with Waking Water, the Guardians will be immediately alerted to your presence. Pools of Waking Water are located all throughout the area. I suggest you watch where you step..." — Fi, Skyward Sword.