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This article is about the item from Skyward Sword. For item in Four Swords Adventures, see Crystal Ball (Four Swords Adventures).
Crystal Ball
Dowsing Icon of the Crystal Ball




Quest Item

The Crystal Ball is a sidequest item in Skyward Sword. The sidequest is available after Link obtains the Double Clawshots and Sparrot, Skyloft's fortune-teller, disappears from his usual place at the Bazaar. Croo explains that Sparrot broke his Crystal Ball and may be at his home moping about it.[1] True to his words, Link finds Sparrot at home. He tells Link to leave, insisting that he is fine, although now he is overwhelmed by sadness and needs a new Crystal Ball to gaze into.[2] Realizing that Link had previously salvaged the Propeller from beneath the clouds, he asks if Link can also find a new Crystal Ball on the Surface for him.[3]

According to him, it was originally obtained by Scrapper, Gondo's grandfather's robot that now follows Fi's commands.[3] When Link agrees, Sparrot thanks him and says that the robot claimed to have found it near a mountain peak.[4] He urges him to hurry, because he cannot see into the future without his Crystal Ball.[5]

Link can set the Crystal Ball as a Dowsing target.[6] He finds it atop of Eldin Volcano, above the entrance to the Earth Temple. Link must use the Clawshots to reach the platform that it is located on. When he finds it, Fi calls Scrapper, who will bring the item to The Sky.[7][8]

Sparrot is thrilled to see his Crystal Ball returned.[9] He says that Link can come to the Bazaar to have his fortune read by Sparrot for a reduced price.[10] Link then receives five Gratitude Crystals.


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