Castle Town East Road

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Castle Town East Road

The Castle Town East Road (West road in the Wii U and GameCube version) is a location in Twilight Princess. It is a sub-division of Castle Town, and is located right beside the entrance to Castle Town.

Points of Interest

There are only a few Points of Interest located in the Castle Town East Road, and they are all very beneficial to Link.


Main article: Charlo

Charlo is the poor beggar in Castle Town, stands near the goat pens and collects donations and offers devotions for a change. He asks Link for money, and Link can give him either 50 or 100 Rupees at a time. After Link has given Charlo a total of 1,000 Rupees, a Piece of Heart floats down from the sky right into Link's hands. This may seem like a bizarre event, but Charlo warned Link of this when he said something very similar:

"May the spirit of love descend upon you... If you continue to pray for peace, someday you will be surrounded with love..."

— Charlo


Main article: STAR Tent

The STAR Tent is a location where Link can play a mini-game, called the STAR Game, for a price of 10 or 15 Rupees depending on whether has already played it on not. This amusement of sorts is run by Purlo, a scoundrel who attempted to make his game impossible, thus trying to steal money. He is visibly frustrated as to how Link managed to beat the game. Beating the game rewards the young hero with the Big Quiver and the Giant Quiver, respectively.

Hannah, Misha, and Kili

Main article: Hannah
Main article: Misha
Main article: Kili

Hannah, Misha, and Kili are three girls that stand outside of the STAR Tent. Always out in a group and they're all in love with the same boy. After Link has beaten the game, he can talk to them and receive screams of joy in return, at which point they will release a Recovery Heart each. It is not a major Point of Interest, but something worth noting.