Cave of Shadows

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Cave of Shadows
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Entrance to the Cave of Shadows






The Cave of Shadows is a dungeon in Twilight Princess HD. It is accessed by scanning the Wolf Link amiibo, and must be completed entirely in wolf form. It does not have a physical location in Hyrule, scanning the amiibo will simply send Link there.

It is split into three sections:

  • The first time it is entered, only the first five floors can be traversed. This is possible after restoring light to Faron Province.
  • After the first section and the Arbiter's Grounds dungeon have been completed, the first twenty floors are open. The first section cannot be skipped.
  • After the first two sections and the Palace of Twilight dungeon have been completed, the full forty floors are open. Again, the earlier floors cannot be skipped.

Completing it is required to obtain the Colossal Wallet, although that will always be the last wallet upgrade obtained. As such, if it is completed before obtaining one or both of the two wallets from Agitha, she will be the one to actually hand over the Colossal Wallet.

The results, including health remaining at the end, are saved to the Wolf Link amiibo. This can be used in Breath of the Wild to summon a Wolf Link companion with the amount of health remaining at the end of the player's best run, including the shortened sections before the full Cave is open.