Vacant House

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Vacant House

The Vacant House is a building in A Link Between Worlds in Lorule. It stands where Link's House would be in the kingdom. While there isn't anything known about the house, there is a treasure chest containing a Bottle in the back of the home. In Hero Mode, one will also find a journal with Ravio's icon on the cover.

Ravio's Journal

"3 Days to Go

She wants to do the right thing. I wish I could help her. But leaving is my only option."

— Ravio's Journal

"2 Days to Go

She's being duped. Doesn't she realize that? He's just a leech. There's no choice but to go."

— Ravio's Journal

"1 Day to Go

I have so little magic. Enough to go there- maybe not to come back. But tomorrow must be the day.

I may never see her again, but I vow to save her from all of this."

— Ravio's Journal

Because the journal coincides with Ravio's intentions to stop Yuga and Princess Hilda, and the Vacant House is located exactly where Link's House would be in Hyrule, it can be assumed that the Vacant House does, in fact, belong to Ravio.