Flute Boy (A Link Between Worlds)

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Flute Boy







Bard (coworker)
Spear Boy (Lorulean counterpart)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Petit flûtiste
Spain Español Niño flautista
Germany Deutsch Flötenspieler
Italy Italiana Pifferaio

The Flute Boy is a musician from A Link Between Worlds. As his name suggests, he plays the flute alongside the Bard in the Milk Bar for customers for 10 Rupees.[1][2] He often plays the melody, and stops playing when Link speaks to him or the Bard. However, he does not utter any words other than "Hmm."[3] The Bard explains that the Flute Boy does not like to speak and asks Link to leave him alone.[4] The Bard only repeats that he simply doesn't like strangers any time Link subsequently tries to talk to the Flute Boy again.[5]


The Flute Boy typically plays the melody in the songs while the Bard accompanies him. More songs become available as Link progresses through the game. Only Fairy Fountain, Main Theme, Zelda's Theme, Kakariko Village, Ravio's Theme, Item Received, and Key Item Received can be heard from the beginning of the game on a normal file. In Hero Mode, three more songs become available.


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