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Blacksmith's Wife
Gulley (son)
Blacksmith (Lorulean counterpart)

The Blacksmith is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He is the local blacksmith of Hyrule, and thus works on swords and shields for Hylian Soldiers. His Lorulean counterpart is also a Blacksmith. The Blacksmith is the father of Gulley and husband of the Blacksmith's Wife.

The Blacksmith serves as Link's employer and he is always giving Link a hard time for showing up late to work and being quite lazy. At the beginning of the game when Link arrives late for work, the Blacksmith can be seen speaking with the Captain. The Captain will leave, forgetting to take the Captain's Sword with him. Rather than hound Link for being late to work, he tasks him with delivering the Forgotten Sword to the Captain.[1]

When Gulley disappears, the Blacksmith and his wife will look for him with no success. After Link saves Gulley from the Dark Palace, he and his wife will thank him.


He is a bit harsh, unlike his Lorule counterpart. He doesn't really like Link, personally, until after he forges the upgrade of the Master Sword.

The Blacksmith is quite crafty and is able to upgrade Link's Master Sword after Link has collected two pieces of Master Ore.[2] The Blacksmith, however, is not quite as talented as his Lorule counterpart, who is able to upgrade Link's sword to its highest strength.



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