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The Witch is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She can be found inside of the Fortune-Teller's hut west of Lorule Castle. She seems to be in a relationship with the Fortune-Teller, as she always refers to him as "darling". When Link first enters, she brags about the Fortune-Teller, claiming that he is handsome and talented, but he corrects her by asserting that he is the most handsome and talented.[1][2][3] She warns Link not to nitpick his fortunes, since they are always right.[4]

If Link continues to speak to her, she may mention that she does not know Irene, and does not care about her if she has nothing to do with the Fortune-Teller.[5] She also informs him that her fortune told her she would have good luck if she made some Purple Potion, and although she wants to make the Fortune-Teller happy, she does not like that the potions are made out of Monster Guts.[6]



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