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Castle Guard






Russell (Captain)

The Castle Guards are the veteran guards that protect Hyrule Castle. Many of them get tired on the job and would prefer if Link wouldn't bug them. The Castle Guards also tend to have a poor memory. [1][2][3][4] Early on in the game, the Castle Guards a bit wary of Link, making sure he doesn't do anything to harm Princess Zelda or wander around Hyrule Castle.[5][6][7][8] The Castle Guards do have a high regard to authority and they speak with am much more pleasant attitude when Chancellor Cole is around. Eventually when the Chancellor appears, he will allow Link to pass the guards to attend the ceremony.[9] Despite the fact that the guards speak nicely to Chancellor Cole, the Chancellor does not return that attitude, looking down upon them.[10]. When the Chancellor is not around, the Guards don't speak nicely about him and they claim that Princess Zelda is just way to nice to him.[11]

After Link has acquired the Recruit Uniform, the Castle Guards will still give him somewhat of a hard time, belittling him as he is just a Recruit.[12][13] When Link is sneaking Zelda out of Hyrule Castle, the Castle Guards will be annoyed by Link's appearance, telling him to run off, as well as getting annoyed when Link is just staring at them.[14][15] Some of the guards are a bit more intelligent and won't be distracted simply if Link talks to them.[16] Instead, these guards are attracted to noise and Link can steer them away by tossing a rock at a nearby wall to make a sound.

After Link and Alfonzo are knocked out cold by Byrne, the Castle Guards will help bring them back to Hyrule Castle. Despite bringing them back, the guards don't believe Link that when he says that the Chancellor is a monster.[17] When Link walks around the Castle, the guards are unsure what to do regarding the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks.[18]

When Link acquires the Spirit Flute, he wants to leave through the back exit of the castle. However, a Castle Guard blocks Link's path, warning him of the beasts that are ahead. He informs Link that he should at least acquire a sword.[19]



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