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Chancellor Cole
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Chancellor Cole, or simply Cole, is one of the main antagonists in Spirit Tracks. He is a political leader of New Hyrule[1] and a servant of Malladus.


At the beginning of Spirit Tracks, Chancellor Cole is chancellor of New Hyrule. Despite working for Princess Zelda, he has a very stubborn attitude toward her as well as the Castle Guards found throughout Hyrule Castle.[2] He often speaks down to these characters, and is constantly questioning their actions.[3] He equally has a negative view of Link and what Cole refers to as Link's ill-manners.[4][5]

Cole has an awkward appearance as he has two horns coming out of his head, both of which are covered by a pair of green top-hats. Cole also has the ability to levitate above the ground, making his short stature appear a bit deceiving. He also has some magical powers; some are displayed when he attacks Princess Zelda with a purple and black bolt, causing Zelda's body and spirit to become separated.


When Link first reaches Hyrule Castle, the Chancellor is constantly belittling the graduation ceremony. He even foreshadows that the ceremony is useless, using a smirk on his face that implies he is associated with the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks.[6]

Once Zelda heads to the Tower of Spirits, she watches as the Spirit Tracks disappear and the Tower of Spirits falls apart. Suddenly, Chancellor Cole and his assistant Byrne stop Zelda. He proceeds to kill Zelda and use her body as a vessel to revive the Demon Lord Malladus.

Eventually, Cole manages to revive Malladus. Link, however, prevents Malladus from fully taking Zelda's body by forcing him out of it. Malladus finally decides to take Chancellor Cole's body as a last resort. The two are not compatible and will separate over time, but Malladus tries to cause as much trouble as he can in Cole's body while able to.



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