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Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.



Byrne begins as an antagonist in Spirit Tracks, but ends as a sacrificed hero. Early on in Byrne's life, he was Anjean's apprentice. All he wanted was power, and wished that the spirits would give it to him. He devised a devious plan to become more powerful than the spirits, leading him to help resurrect the Demon King Malladus along with Chancellor Cole, who was the only being that was so. For most of the game, he is Chancellor Cole's servant. In the beginning of Spirit Tracks, when Link, Princess Zelda, and Alfonzo are on their way to the Tower of Spirits, they are confronted by Byrne and the Chancellor. Being only human, Chancellor Cole and Byrne defeat all three of them easily, separating Zelda's spirit from her body and stealing it, needing a vessel from the Royal Family of Hyrule to resurrect Malladus. But, to Byrne's surprise, when the Chancellor finally gives Malladus Zelda's body, he turns against him and almost kills him. After being betrayed by his accomplice, Byrne starts to help out Link, Zelda, and Anjean, telling them where the Compass of Light is, which shows them where Malladus and Chancellor Cole are hiding. In the final battle, Byrne holds back Malladus for just the right amount of time for Zelda to get back into her body, but ends up being killed by the demon king. Anjean brings hope, saying that Byrne will be reborn in the future with no memory of the past.


The Lokomo race seems to be compiled of elderly people in some sort of wheelchair, but Byrne disproves that theory. Byrne is in fact, a Lokomo, but is the normal height of an average Hylian and can walk on his own two feet instead of in a device. Also, on his left arm, which is his most powerful, he has a metal gauntlet.