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Demon Tribe


Magical abilities



The Surface

The Demon Tribe are evil magic users who rule the Surface. This group seeks to capture Zelda for their apparent leader, Ghirahim. His primary goal is to resurrect his master, Demise, and Zelda is key in doing so. This only appears in Skyward Sword.

There is much speculation on whether this group of beings is related to one or more other races, tribes, or groups. Ghirahim's magic greatly resembles that of the Twili, whose ancestors were said to have sought control over Hyrule before the events of Ocarina of Time. It becomes clear that the Demon Tribe consists primarily of Bokoblins and Moblins (both in a number of various forms and types), with Ghirahim as one who can conjure them up at will.

This is Ghirahim's first appearance out of all Zelda games; he is a tall and slender man with a white and gray skin the first time you meet him, until he breaks out into his final form into a dark, tough demon. He has skilled magic as he uses diamonds to shield him and he can shoot them at Link. He also can teleport. Ghirahim has a mixture of emotions between polite and merciful. He says threatening things to Link such as, [1] He even makes an offer if you tell him where the Gate of Time is, he will not fight you. Obviously, you cannot choose as you have to fight him anyway. Once he is his final form, his whole body apart from a diamond in the middle of his chest which takes a lot of stabbing but is his only weak spot.

This is Demise's first appearance out of all Zelda games as well. He has a massive, dark and tough man with long, fire hair and a gigantic sword. Yet, his weakness is his sword. His threat level is higher than any other monster Link has fought and may require Potion ++. To defeat him you usually have to use Skyward Strike several times to defeat Demise along with a Fatal Blow. He will be surprised that Link has chosen to fight him.