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?Join Group

?The players have been assembled!

?Choose a place to battle.

?Preparing stage...

?Choosing a stage...

?Connection lost.

?Get all the Force Gems you can!

?Someone is making a selection...

?Connection lost. Please turn the power off.

?Rank Points

?Rank Points




?Connection has been terminated. Returning to the file-selection screen.

?Connection has been terminated. Please power off the game and try again.

?Communication error. Returning to the file- selection screen.

?Communication error. Please turn the power off and try again.

?Zelda: Spirit Tracks

?Collect Force Gems in this multiplayer game.

?[var] till the thunder! Get someone close by!

?[var] left till the thunder! Get away fast!

?Pitfalls have appeared! Watch where you step!

?Pitfalls have appeared! Watch where you step!

?You're invincible now! Now's your time to shine!

?Someone's invincible now! Don't let them touch you!

?Good for beginners.

?Slide along the floors.

?Watch out for the lava!

?Slide along the floors! For advanced players.

?Watch out for the lava! For advanced players.

?Watch for unseen enemies. For advanced players.

?Two-player battle! Perfect for beginners.

?Two-player battle! Slide along the floors!

?Two-player battle! Watch out for the lava!

?Slide along the floors! This stage is for experts!

?Watch out for hot lava! This stage is for experts!

?Watch for invisible foes! For advanced players.

?All of [player]'s records will be erased, and you won't be able to retrieve this data. Are you sure you want to proceed? [.]Erase.[.]Cancel.

?[sfx][player]'s data has been erased.

?You reached battle rank [rank]!

?Your battle rank has dropped to [rank].




?Create Group

?Player List

?Four-player max. Only one Game Card is needed to play.

?Searching for other players...

?Close Room

?Now recruiting players...

?Tap the group you want to join.

?Waiting for other players...

?Delete from List


?Last Played


?Player List

?I'm so glad you made it, [Link]! Did any of the guards see you on the way here? [.]Nope![.]Dunno.

?Well, I suppose it doesn't matter that much. I'm hoping you can help me.

?Really? That's great! Listen, you're the only one who can help me.

?I have to ask a favor of you, [Link]. As you know, the Tower of Spirits has protected our kingdom for ages. The tower connects all the Spirit Tracks that crisscross the land. However, for some reason, they seem to be vanishing from everywhere. Something must have happened at the tower to cause all this. I must go there to investigate.

?I've heard tales of a sage who guards our land and lives in the tower. Perhaps she might be able to shed some light on what's happening.

?Chancellor Cole forbids me from leaving the castle due to "safety concerns." I think he just doesn't want me going to the tower, though. But why? It's clear he's hiding something... I have the feeling that something terrible is about to happen!

?That's why I absolutely must get to the tower. What do you think? Will you take me on your train? [.]OK.[.]I can't.

?Thank you so much, [Link].

?All right, please put this on right away. It's a recruit uniform. The guards are starting their patrols, so getting past them won't be easy. But if you wear this, they'll think you're one of them!

?Yes, I realize I'm asking a lot of you. But the castle guards are under the chancellor's control. Whether I order or plead, they won't listen to me. You're the only person I can trust.

?Please, [Link]! Will you take me to the tower? [.]Oh, OK![.]I can't.

?I see... So you won't help me, no matter what. Well, thank you for listening to me, [Link]. I guess I'll just have to do it alone, even though there will be many hardships. I shouldn't have asked you to go with me. After all, we just met today! Yes, I understand that now. But such is my mission... [.]OK, OK.[.]I'll help.

?What? What was that? You mean you'll really take me to the Tower of Spirits?

?Please get changed so we can go.

?Looks...good enough, I suppose. Now let's go before the guards find us!

?Let's get to the Tower of Spirits! We don't have any time to waste!

?...Oh, I-I'm sorry! I'll look the other way. But please hurry!

?Now what? You're going to quit before you even start? You'll never be a good soldier with that kind of work ethic!

?Gah ha ha ha! Only [var] ?! That's nothing to write home about! You can try again anytime, so come back when you're ready!

?Hmmm, [var] ? Not bad for a new recruit! Here, let me give you this reward for your effort!

?You'll be a real swordsman in no time! Come polish your skills whenever you feel like it!

?What?! [var] ... Uh, very good, Recruit. Here's your reward!

?There's still much to learn of swordsmanship, though! Keep practicing!

?...My word, [var] ! Ho ho ho! That's quite the achievement, Recruit! I never thought I'd see one of my men break that number! Here, take this!

?You could be the only one to beat this room's record for hits. And that record would be 900 hits! Compared to that, your record is just a drop in the ocean, so keep practicing!

?Ho ho ho! So you've done it at last! We may have a new captain of the guard on our hands! Ho ho ho! Sigh...

?It looked like you took a lot of swings, but you only connected a few times... Well, I guess you still earned one of these. Here you go.

?Oh, quitting, are you? Are our training methods so terrible? Gah ha ha ha! Well go on then, if you can live with the shame!

?Har har har! I didn't think you'd be cutting corners for us! I guess you got another hit, though!

?Ha! Nice work, Captain! Think you can give them a break now?

?Aw, take it easy on them, Captain...

?Unngh... My head... Did they hurt you, [Link]? And what happened to the princess? Did she escape unharmed? As long as I'm laid up, you're responsible for her safety, [Link]!

?I'm feeling better now. You shouldn't feel bad for me though. After all, I failed to protect the princess. [.]Actually...[.]Um...

?Ah, [Link]... So you got my letter, did you? I can finally get around on my own again, but what hurts most is my pride. How could I fail to defend the princess? [.]Truth is...[.]Um...

?What's that? The princess's spirit is here with us? You have to go to the Snow Realm to get her body back?

?Well, normally, I'd say you were crazy. But you seem pretty serious. The thing is, from here on out, there are going to be lots of monsters. And an ordinary train like yours isn't going to be able to stand up to them.

?Oh, I have an idea! But we have to go back home to Aboda Village first. Use your new train to take me back there. I'll be waiting at the station.

?Uggggh... My head... Who were those guys? I hope the princess is OK.

?Hello! Hello! Guards! Please help me! ...Can any of you see me? I need your help!

?He's right, [Link]. Heading to the Tower of Spirits without a sword is too dangerous. Why don't you find the guard captain and ask him to loan you a sword? He'll probably just think you want it for training.

?You did a wonderful job! That was just amazing, [Link]! Now that you have a sword, we can exit through the door in the back. Let's go!

?Help! I need your help! ...Why can't anyone hear me?

?Wait just a second, [Link]! The tracks are gone, and even if they weren't, we don't have a train. How can we get to the Tower of Spirits?

?Oh, I know! I've heard that there's a path from the castle to the tower... But if it does exist, it certainly hasn't been used recently. There's a door at the back of the castle. Maybe the path is somewhere there. Let's go see!

?I'm glad to see you're finally awake. There was some hubbub outside. When I went to investigate, people said that the Spirit Tracks were disappearing... At that point, the guards brought you and Alfonzo in from outside. Both of you were out cold, so I've been waiting for you to come to. Now tell me, what happened? [.]Well...[.]Nothing.

?What a story... Could it really be true? [.]Kidding![.]Yes!

?So, what you're saying is... The chancellor is some kind of monster? And he kidnapped Princess Zelda? Hmm...

?My goodness, what a story! You're just pulling my leg though, aren't you? [.]Yep.[.]No!

?So it was just a rumor. Well, if you think these eyes can't see, you're quite mistaken. You engineers were passed out! And the tracks have disappeared! Still, you say you made it all up? [.]Actually...[.]Well...

?What's this? Teasing an old man? What a naughty child you are! But I'm not the kind of old man to be taken in by those tales.

?So it's true, you say... Hmm...

?WHAT?! So...what you're saying is...the princess has been kidnapped!

?This is terrible! I must inform the princess at once! ...Ah, yes, that's right. She's not here. Well, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Hmm... What to do... What to do...

?Oh, what should I do? Perhaps I should talk to the chancellor. But he's not here either. Not to mention...he could very well be a monster. What a terrible mess...

?What to do, what to do... Oh, dear, what a mess! I must find the princess! Oh, but where do I look?

?Hmm... What to do... What to do... The princess is always flitting in and out of the castle on adventures. Perhaps that's what she's doing now. Perhaps she'll be back any moment... Perhaps...

?Welcome back, boy.

?What's this? I carry you all the way back here and not a word of thanks?

?Ah, it's you again... Listen, the princess still hasn't returned. It's very troubling... Whatever should I do?

?Teacher! I'm right here! Oh, drat! He can't hear me.

?[sfx][Link]! Please tell Teacher that he doesn't have to worry about me!

?...What was that, young man?

?You mean the princess's spirit is here right now? [.]Yes.[.]Of course.

?You talk as if she's passed away!

?How incredibly insensitive of you! I'm sure she's just out wandering somewhere. But if I sent the soldiers out looking for her, the kingdom would panic. I suppose I'll just have to go out and find her myself. Move aside!

?I guess no one is going to believe us... Come on, let's hurry to get my body back. I have to let Teacher know I'm OK!

?I'm the only one who can save the princess! Hmm... But where do I begin looking for her?

?All right, time for a little sword practice. These fellows are here to help you train... So don't hold back when you're attacking them! First, the targeted attack! Hit each guard twice with a targeted attack! If you don't know how to do a targeted attack, just ask me!

?Good! The targeted attack is the most basic attack! Next is the side-slash attack. Hit each guard with two attacks. Get moving, Recruit!

?Nice form! Now for the spin attack! This one's a little bit trickier. If you don't know how to do this attack, just ask me! Now hustle!

?Good work, Recruit! You've completed all the training exercises! Since you've got the basics down, I'll give you this sword! Now, keep up the good work, and come back here to polish your skills!

?To do a targeted attack, you just tap on the target you want to hit!

?Doing a side-slash attack is simple! Just slide the stylus after tapping the target!

?To do a spin attack, quickly draw a circle around yourself. Doing a spin attack allows you to hit all the enemies around you! Use it at the right time and the bad guys don't stand a chance!

?What are you doing? Don't just flail around like a maniac!

?Hey! Quit pointing that sword at me and get serious!

?HALT, RECRUIT! You're training! Where do you think you're going? I don't tolerate deserters!

?Captain! Where are you going? Are you...obeying nature's call? ...Well, nature can wait till practice is done!

?What is it, kid? We're kind of busy protecting Hyrule Castle right now. If you've got no business here, I'd suggest you scram! What's that? You're here for the engineer graduation ceremony? [.]Yes, sir![.]No, sir!

?What?! Then why are you talking to me? Can't you see I'm busy? Go on, get lost!

?Ah, I'd completely forgotten that today was the graduation ceremony. Huh, I didn't know they gave engineer certificates to little kids like you... I guess times are a-changing. Well, go on in.

?Anything interesting going on? All we do is train, train, train! BOOORING!

?What? The princess has been kidnapped?! Oh, stop messing with us. It's not our fault we don't have anything to do!

?Go up the central stairs to the throne room. That's where Princess Zelda is. And don't you go wandering around the castle!

?YAAAAAWN! I'm sleeeepy... I've been standing here since dawn... Hey, why don't you stop bugging me and get moving!

?So you're saying the princess is in trouble, eh? You think I've got nothing better to do than listen to your crazy stories? Don't bother me anymore.

?So you're here for an audience with Princess Zelda? Don't do anything foolish in front of her! Now hurry and don't keep her waiting!

?The princess's throne room is up these stairs. Only invited guests are allowed in. What that means for you is...GET LOST!

?What's all the commotion here?

?Oh, good day, Chancellor Cole! Apologies for the disturbance. This boy says he's come to see the princess!

?Is that so? You're here for the graduation ceremony? But you're so young. What a waste of resources. The Spirit Tracks are vanishing, yet the princess insists on performing these ridiculous ceremonies. Well, come along, boy. We must get you to your ceremony! Follow me!

?Don't just stand there drooling, Private! Move aside!

?Yes, sir!

?He's so full of himself! Princess Zelda is so nice, she lets the chancellor get away with anything! Now he struts around the castle as if he were king!

?Oh, so the ceremony's over already? How did it go? Isn't the princess pretty? I wish she'd look at me, just once! Um... Anyway... Since today is a special day, you're free to wander around the castle. Just stay away from places where you don't belong!

?Did you hear that voice? Or did I just imagine it? I really need to get more sleep. I'm so tired that I'm hearing things.

?You're crazy for wanting to go to the back of the castle. This door will take you there, but...why head there in the first place?

?Looks like the Spirit Tracks are back to normal. But now the princess has gone missing... Honestly though, now that the chancellor's gone, I'm kind of relieved... He's not the nicest guy I've ever met.

?You know, you might want to talk to the guard captain. He's probably in the training hall here. But as a guard, shouldn't you know that?

?AUGH! You scared me! ...I mean, HEY! Who are you? Where'd you come from? L-let me just tell you, um, I'm a lot tougher than I look! But I'll let you go this one time if you hurry!

?This is the place where soldiers can take a break and nap. Oh, but not like I was napping on the job or anything like that! Somebody's got to be on guard everywhere, all the time. Even the break room!

?...I really have no idea what you're talking about, little guy! And I certainly don't know anything about the princess being kidnapped. Or, for that matter, the chancellor being a monster! That's just crazy talk!

?The chancellor hasn't returned since the incident. Is the princess really gone? Well, that kind of thing isn't my concern, so I'll just keep it to myself for now... After all, making a ruckus by yourself isn't any good.

?When he was carried in, he was covered in wounds, but now he's just fine... He's nothing short of amazing!

?This room is where we train the castle guards. I'm the captain, Russell! As you can see, this is no place for an engineer like you! Har har har har!

?What now, Recruit? Eh? You want a sword so you can leave through the back of the castle? Did I get that right? [.]Right.[.]No.

?So you're the new recruit? Listen, the secret to becoming a great warrior is practice and more practice. So be sure to stop by here later to polish those skills!

?Some swordsman you are, running around with no sword! There's something fishy about this... Are you really a new recruit? Heh heh heh! Your eyes tell the whole story! All right! Take this one!

?If you want to be a great swordsman, the first step is to stop goofing around!

?But listen, just because you have a sword, that doesn't make you a swordsman. Let me see if you're truly worthy of handling a weapon like that!

?Remember to keep practicing every day. Come see me again when you want to train some more!

?Oho! So you've come back, Recruit? Have you been training? Well then, let's have a little training game, shall we? [.]Game?[.]No.

?Har har har! Too soon for the chick to take flight? Well, come back when you're ready!

?Yep! The rules are simple: hit my three men there as many times as you can! If you hit them enough times, I'll give you something nice. Want to try? [.]Yeah![.]Not sure.

?Har har har! That's the spirit! OK, just one last thing before we start. I'm going to need 20 Rupees for training costs. [.]Sure thing.[.]What?

?OK, begin training!

?What's this? You don't have enough money! Come back when you've saved enough!

?Ugh! We need the fees to make the kingdom a safer place! It's not like I'm going to pocket the money myself! The way of the sword is not for those with small hearts...or small wallets!

?Welcome back, Recruit! How's your sword training coming? Perhaps you'd like to train a bit with us? [.]Sure![.]Nah.

?Oh, Captain! Want to practice again? [.]Right![.]No.

?I doubt you need any more practice, to be honest. Ha ha! Good for you!

?A captain needs to have the right attitude toward practice! Of course, the rules are still 20 Rupees a go! [.]OK.[.]Forget it.

?...I see how it is. Oh, but it's not like I think you're stingy or anything! Come back once you've saved enough! Har har har!

?Ho ho, Captain! You haven't got enough cash there! Sorry, but why don't you come back after you scare some up? Har!

?Gah hah hah! You've got time to talk to me in the middle of training? While you're jabbering, something might come up from behind and eat you!

?Wow, you're good enough to chat in the middle of sword fighting? Those are quite the skills you've got, Captain!

?What is it, Recruit? Eh? You want to leave through this door? Well, I can tell just by looking at you that you aren't adequately prepared. There are all sorts of strange beasts on the other side of this door. It's not the kind of place you want to go without a sword!

?I can't let you out without a sword at least. What was that? The guard captain? He's in the training hall working with the other recruits! The entrance to the training hall is right here! But it is kind of strange that you don't have a weapon already...

?Hey, Recruit! There are all sorts of monsters on the other side of this door! I've told you already that I can't let you out there without a sword or-- Oh, I see you got yourself a weapon. All right then. Be careful out there!

?It's tough going past here, Recruit! There are monsters everywhere! It's no place for little pups like you to be out for a stroll! Go play somewhere else!

?I wonder if someone will relieve me soon. I've been here all day by myself. It's a little lonely...

?Oh, erm, hey there. It's dangerous being out here by yourself with all these monsters! What? You're searching for a tunnel that will take you to the Tower of Spirits? Well, there was a path up that way, but recently the rockfalls have closed it off.

?I'm not exactly sure where it was. But if I were you, I'd investigate that wall.

?AUGH! AUGH! Get away!

?Princess Zelda's private quarters are through here. No one enters without permission! By the way, I noticed that she gave you something at the ceremony... You can see what it was in your Collection screen. ...It wasn't a love letter, was it?!

?I thought I saw someone moving out of the corner of my eye. This castle can be awfully creepy sometimes...

?You want to go out behind the castle? Well, there are lots of monsters in that area, so be careful! Go through that left door and down the stairs. That's the way out.

?With the princess gone, the castle just isn't the same. I wish I could go look for her, but then who would watch this...empty room?

?The private quarters of Princess Zelda are through this door. But you can't go in there without permission. You'd better get out of here! Go on, shoo!

?Nice weather we're having! And the view here is really something else!

?Oh, hey, you! You shouldn't just wander around the castle like that. People might think you're snooping!

?Attack, defend, attack, defend! That's all there is to mastering the art of war!

?No matter how talented you are, you have to train to keep up those skills!

?The only way to put on muscle is the old attack, defend, attack, defend!

?Ah, the captain is here for inspection! Welcome, welcome!

?It's important to develop your own battle cry. Like this: "HYAAAAARGH!"

?Now that the princess and chancellor are gone, what will happen to the castle? I guess we'd better train extra hard just in case!

?I guess you make allowances when it's time to practice. Don't think we're going to go easy on you, though! Get ready!

?Oh, Captain! Can you give us a few pointers?

?We have to do a thousand reps before dinner. I tell you what, this sure works up an appetite...

?Not bad! Of course, I've been training all morning, so my muscles were pretty tired!

?How long are they gonna make me do these boring drills? They wouldn't be so bad if we could do them outside...

?Oh, Captain! I'm still practicing! See? I even stopped snacking between meals! I want to be lean and mean like you!

?Hey, what are you up to? If you're not supposed to be here, quit skulking! Eh? Graduation ceremony? I guess I heard something about that. Well, it's up in the throne room. The stairs will take you there.

?Congratulations on your graduation! If you want to look around the first floor of the castle, go right ahead. But the second-floor rooms are off-limits!

?We're all waiting to see what's going on with the disappearing Spirit Tracks! And do you know where the princess and the chancellor are? We could really use their help right now!

?I heard the tracks were back, but who knows if that's true. Working this post, I don't exactly get tons of opportunities to go outside.

?HALT! You can't go any farther! What's that? Why are my clothes different from the other guards, you ask? Well, I'm still a recruit, you see. But once the higher-ups see how good I am, I'll get a regular uniform. Hey, you just made a face! Don't think I didn't notice just because I'm new!

?Just 'cause you're an engineer, it doesn't give you the right to snoop. Even new recruits like me know there are places you're not supposed to go! I hope I get promoted soon. I'm tired of wearing this goofy recruit uniform.

?I heard the Spirit Tracks have all disappeared! Now how am I gonna get back to my grandma's farm? What a hassle!

?Now that the tracks are back, I can finally get back to my grandma's farm! Yay!

?The graduation ceremony is over, so it's time for you to go. Well, that's not entirely true. You CAN look around. Just nowhere off-limits!

?I heard people talking outside. Did something happen? We soldiers aren't allowed to leave our posts, so I'm in the dark here. Y'know, most crimes occur when people are distracted by events like these. Hey! Maybe you should stop distracting me!

?The training room? Yeah, you can find it downstairs. Just head down the stairs in front of the throne room. The guy on duty at the bottom of the stairs can help you out.

?Hmm? The Spirit Tracks have returned? Great! But you know who hasn't returned? The princess! Where could she be...

?Please wait for me, [Link]!

?Wait for me! Are you trying to leave me behind, [Link]?

?Would you mind walking a littler slower for me, [Link]?

?Y-Your Highness! What are you doing here? You're not allowed out on your own!

?Princess Zelda! What are you doing here? Please return to your room!

?Your Highness! You mustn't wander outside like this! To your room, please!

?What's that look for? Is something in my teeth?

?Why are you skulking around me? It's creepy!

?Scram! You're interfering with my duties!

?You! Why are you throwing rocks at me?

?Hey! Quit messing around! I mean it!

?Why'd you do that? I've got a bad heart, you know!

?OK, let's go! C'mon, [Link]! Keep an eye on the top screen to make sure we aren't found again!

?I'm sorry for getting you caught up in all of this, [Link]. But I must get to the Tower of Spirits.

?Come on! Let's go! What's wrong, [Link]?

?Go distract him. If you can get him to look the other way, I can slip past him!

?Do you think we can get that guard to move? If you can surprise him somehow, I think he'll get out of the way.

?We made it to the exit! Let's go, [Link]!

?These guards are pretty serious, so just pretend to be a new recruit. That way, if they see you, they'll just think you're one of them. But if they see me, I'm sure they'll make a big fuss and won't let me out. So please help me get past the guards without them seeing me, OK? I'll follow behind you, but if you want me to take a different route...

?Look! That guard isn't moving. He's just standing in the same place... Why don't you try to distract him somehow, [Link]? I can slip past him when he's looking the other way if you draw a path for me.

?That guard seems really serious about his job, [Link]... I don't think you can distract him with small talk. Is there some way you can get him to move from that spot?

?Touch the marker at my feet and draw a path for me to walk on. Just draw the route you want me to follow!

?This is the switch icon! If we get split up, just tap it to see where I am.

?And this is the call icon. Tap it to call me over to where you are!

?I know you're going to do a great job! Let's get moving!

?Tee hee! Suddenly things got a bit more complicated, didn't they? It's OK. I'll explain again!

?Did you understand my explanation? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?The first rule of patrol duty is vigilance, even when people are talking to you. Furthermore, if you hear any suspicious sounds, investigate them at once. Only once you can do these things on instinct will you be a true watchman!

?Don't you have work to do, rookie? Why don't you go cut the grass or something?

?You can't come this way! This post is for elite guards only!

?Just a recruit, but already on special patrol duty? You must be good! We have to make sure that there are no unwanted guests hanging around.

?Yaaawwrrrnn... Guard duty is a total snoozefest. I don't think I've seen you around. Did you just enlist or something?

?Recruit, you should be patrolling outside! Only elite guards have what it takes to guard areas near the princess!

?Howdy! Sure is nice weather we're having! Not that I'm--heh--slacking on my patrol duties or anything!

?Whew! For a little guy, you sure are fast!

?There's something strange about the flute Princess Zelda was playing.

?Unauthorized personnel may not enter the second floor.

?I need some backup here!

?You got the recruit's sword! Tap an enemy or slide the stylus to attack.

?You got a recruit uniform! Wearing this, you can pose as a soldier and move freely about the castle!

?You got us to Castle Town! And you know what else? You look good handling a train! That's the surest sign you're going to make a great engineer. Now just head to the castle for your graduation ceremony. It's to the north. You can't miss it. Good luck now!

?Head on over to the castle now. Once the ceremony is done, you'll be an engineer! Don't keep Princess Zelda waiting!

?What took you so long, [Link]? Did you keep me waiting just so you could change clothes?

?Oh! Hello, Your Highness! What are you doing here?

?Hello, Alfonzo! Have you been well? I'm so sorry we haven't spoken since you left the castle guard. I must admit, I miss hearing you bellowing orders in the courtyard.

?To the Tower of Spirits? Whatever for?

?We don't have time to discuss it right now! I'll tell you all about it when we're aboard.

?But what if something happens?

?"If something happens" is exactly why I need you! You were once the greatest swordsman in the whole kingdom.

?Yes, but that was a long time ago. Now I'm just a simple train engineer, living in the countryside. I can't be more than that, but I'll come along with you if you wish.

?Thank you, Alfonzo.

?You're too kind to me. I'm sure hearing me yell all day was far from pleasant.

?Are you responsible for this somehow, [Link]?

?But you shouldn't distract me with talk about the old days! I'll just come out and ask. What are you doing here without a proper escort?

?I asked for his assistance. And I hope I can count on your help too, Alfonzo. I would feel much safer with you at my side. Please come with us to the Tower of Spirits!

?OK, [Link]! To the Tower of Spirits!

?Aaaaall aboooard!

?That's my line...

?Is the graduation ceremony over? What do you mean, "it's over, but..."? If you have something else to do, hurry up and do it!

?All right, let's get back to Aboda Village! [.]OK.[.]Wait!

?Fine, but hurry it up already!


?Come on! Let's head to Aboda Village!

?I miss the castle already. If I'd known this was going to happen, I would've eaten all my favorite foods. Now I don't even have a stomach... No, no, I can't think about that now. We have to go! [.]Right![.]Hold on...


?Really? OK. Well, I guess it's nice to stop and smell the roses sometimes!

?I wonder what Alfonzo's good idea is? Let's head back to Aboda Village with him!

?Come on! Let's hurry, [Link]! [.]Aye aye![.]Wait...

?The monster attacks are growing fiercer. Setting out by train right now could prove awfully difficult. What's that? You want to drive out anyway? [.]Yes.[.]No way.

?Then let's get moving!

?Well, we can't really move forward like this. Hmm... What to do...

?Hey there, [Link]! So I hear your graduation is today. You know, I've always had a lot of respect for engineers. Thanks to them, we can go anywhere we want in the kingdom. Plus, they even transport our goods to different places for us. Yep, when you graduate, I sure hope you'll take me out for a spin somewhere!

?By the way, do you know who built these railways? People say that they've been here since before we came to this land. But how could that be? You're an engineer, right? Do you know anything about this? [.]I do.[.]Well...

?Look at that! The tracks leading to this city have vanished too! Now what are we supposed to do?

?I thought the rails had disappeared, but I guess they're back now. What in the world is going on here?

?Oh, well... I guess I didn't really expect a kid to know the answer to that.

?What's that you say? The tracks were built...by the spirits of good? ...Where do you get these crazy ideas from?

?We did it! We made it out of the castle! Now, let's board the train and head for the Tower of Spirits!

?Hello there, my green friend! How are you? This is where we play Take 'Em All On! As the name suggests, your mission is to knock down every enemy in sight. Now make no mistake, this isn't a game for the faint of heart. Want to play? [.]Maybe...[.]Nah.

?Well, I've got no use for lily-livered brats anyway! Go on, get out of here!

?Is that a twinkle I see in your eye? OK, listen up, greeny.

?Playing once costs 50 Rupees, OK? [.]Yup![.]No way!

?Heh heh heh! A little too rich for your blood, eh? If you change your mind, I'll be waiting, greeny!

?What's this? You don't have the cash! Come back when you've saved up!

?Good! Then I'll open the door on the right! Have fun in the wonderful, wacky world of "Take 'Em All On!"

?Ho ho! Back for more, boy? You sure you want to play? [.]Yes![.]No.

?Then you'd better run home! Go cry to your mom!

?Want to hear how it works again? [.]Sure.[.]No.

?It's simple! I'll open a door for you in a second. Just past the door is a monster-infested dungeon. It's no place for weaklings! Your goal is to get rid of all the baddies and get to the end of the dungeon. However, you'll find nothing to restore your health inside. Nothing at all! Depending on where you are, your items won't work either, so watch out! If you pay attention, it'll be lights-out before you know it, greeny. Now, what'll it be? Want to play Take 'Em All On! [.]Yeah![.]Nope.

?This isn't a place for kids, kid. Now run home to mommy!

?Hoo! So you're back, are you? Looks like you're a bit more confident now! I suppose now you want to go up against level-two enemies? They're much tougher than the level-one variety, and there are more of them! Which level do you want to try? [.]One.[.]Two.[.]Forget it.

?Hey, kid, ready to battle some monsters? OK then, what level do you want to try? [.]One.[.]Two.[.]Forget it.

?OK, the level-two door is on the left. Now it's time to face those enemies. If you get beat, don't come crying to me!

?Now, go on through the door! Put up a good fight!

?Hey, you're looking real tough these days, boy! You look like you're not scared of anything! [.]Yeah![.]Not really.

?Is that so? Well, that's a real shame... I can't let someone with no self-confidence go in here. You'll get torn apart!

?That's what I like to hear! I'll open the door to level three for you. But I'll be honest with you. The last stages were child's play compared to this one. Even I couldn't make it to the end. But I think you've got what it takes to do it. Are you ready to take them on, boy? [.]Yes![.]Next time.

?Good answer. Which level do you want to try? [.]One.[.]Two.[.]Three.

?All right! So you want the final door, level three. It's going to be tough, but I don't want to hear any whining from you!

?Hey! Want to battle some monsters, boy? [.]Yes![.]No.

?Good work, greeny! You made it to the end of the dungeon! Your time was [var]:[var]. Not bad at all!

?What now? Quitting before you finish? Shameful. Try harder next time!

?Got nailed, did you? Aren't you ashamed? All you can do now is try again, boy!

?Here's your prize this time. Hope you like it!

?I hope you'll come try again. I'm expecting big things from you, boy!

?You cleared out level two? You're something special, aren't you! For your information, your time for this level was [var]:[var]!

?You mean you cleared out level three, too? Even I couldn't do that. And I made the place! Just so you know, the your time for this level was [var]:[var]! Nice going!

?What now, boy? A real man wouldn't turn his back and run away! Come back here!

?What is this? Have we arrived while I slept? Excellent! But I missed all the scenery while I was snoozing...

?At least I am finally here now. I have always wanted to see the big city!

?Princess! Princess Zelda, where are you!?

?Whew, finally we are here. The trip was so dangerous, I thought we would never arrive.

?That Goron child looked so happy! But I wonder if he'll really get a chance to meet the princess...

?What am I saying? Of course he can't meet the princess! I'm right here!

?So, this is the big city! How very exciting! All the houses are made of stones! And delicious ones at that!

?At last, I have found the princess! I have been looking forward to this very much!

?Oh, there you are, Princess!

?Ugh! What is this rocky lump? And why is it talking to me?

?I cannot believe I am actually conversing with the princess!

?Huh? "Princess"? ...Well, it's true that I've always thought of myself that way. But I'm happy to hear that others share that point of view as well!

?But she is different from how I imagined. Maybe the imagination makes everything prettier, though. Reality can be very harsh sometimes.

?WHAT DID YOU SAY?! What a horrible little rock you are!

?Eep! These city princesses sure are short-tempered.

?I am going to learn about all these strange city customs. You will see!

?Now to find the real princess. Wherever could she be?

?Even so, I want to spend some more time in the big city. Thank you for taking me here!

?Oh, let me tell you, friend... It is hard times living in the city, especially for a Goron like me. I go to the castle, and the guards tell me no rocks are allowed inside. Most folks think that I look like a boulder and that I should be treated as one. And do not get me started on the prices. One Cucco costs an arm and a leg! I am broke. Just the other day, I used the last of the money Gramps gave me. This place is so different from Goron Village... And I am so very tired. [.]Go home?[.]Cheer up!

?Thank you very much for the suggestion... But I cannot do that yet... It is like Gramps said!

?Thank you for the words of encouragement. You are right. I will not let this city beat me! Here, let me give you something for those nice words of yours!

?Now, I have to get back to looking for the princess. She is out there. I know it!

?Thank you for the pep talk! Thinking about it, Gramps said the same thing. Well, more or less!

?"Gorons tackle every task head-on and do not let up until the job is done!" Since I am a Goron, I must do things the Goron way and make everyone proud! Then, when the work is all done... I can go home with a smile on my face! [.]Good luck![.]Great!

?You will see. I am going to make BIG things happen here for me! Then I can finally go back home...and greet Gramps with a grin!

?I saw you driving your train. You look like you know what you're doing!


?I'm embarking on a journey to see every station I can. Would you mind if I catch a ride on your train? [.]Sure.[.]Teacher?

?Oh, no! Poor Teacher is running around trying to find me! Please, you have to stop him, [Link]!

?Ah, if it's money you want, I have a bit... What's that? The princess is fine, you say?

?You have quite the imagination there. You must be mistaking me for someone else. I have no idea who this "Teacher" fellow is!

?Now please, may I board your train? [.]OK.[.]Sorry.

?So you still refuse me, even though I'm practically begging you... That's a cold heart you have, young man. I suppose I'll just wait here until the next train comes along.

?Good, good! I'll go wait for you on the train. And don't worry about your compensation. I've got plenty of money. I only ask that you please drive safely!

?Oh, I feel just terrible. Isn't there some way we can ease his worry? I guess we could take him somewhere on the train. But please drive safely!

?Oh, what now? I'm just an old man... Ah, you mean you'll let me ride your train after all? [.]Yes.[.]Sorry.

?Here I am, back at the castle again. What could've happened to my little princess? I must know what's become of her!

?Ah, home sweet home! I wish we had time to chat with folks and hear the latest news... But we should really get to the Forest Sanctuary.

?Oh, by the way... Whenever you want to take the train somewhere, just tap me! I'll pop up like this whenever you approach the train.

?It's been so long since I've been home... I wonder how Alfonzo and Teacher are...

?Oh, hello, [Link]. How are you? So, today's the big day! You're becoming an official engineer! You know, I've been raising Cuccos recently to sell in different towns! Once you graduate, maybe you could help me transport them. Wouldn't that be fun?

?What's all the hubbub at the station? You must be joking! The Spirit Tracks have vanished?! Noooo! My plan to sell my fine Cuccos to other towns is ruined now!

?Oh, did you hear the great news? The Spirit Tracks are back, [Link]! But I still wonder why the tracks vanished in the first place. Wasn't that weird?

?This city is the biggest in the kingdom. Hyrule Castle is up north. It's pretty impressive, but it should be, because that's where Princess Zelda lives! She's awfully pretty. But lately...she doesn't come around these parts much. I guess she must be busy doing princessy stuff.

?They say the Spirit Tracks have disappeared. We bring in food and other things by train, so now what are we going to do? I always get fresh fish delivered from the Ocean Realm. Does this mean I'll never eat another fish burger again? Oh, the horror! Princess Zelda! You must do something!

?The tracks are back! Isn't it just wonderful? Huh? You say you're the one who restored them? Oh, stop pulling my leg! Well, whatever. At least now I can have fresh fish again! If you get a chance to transport some goods, please bring me some fish!

?Oh, looks like your train can transport cargo now. So, how about bringing me some yummy fresh fish? I'm hungry, so I'd like 10 of them at least. What do you say?

?If you're talking to me...that must mean you got me some fish! Yesss! Please please please sell them all to me! I could eat at least ten. Probably more. So, how 'bout it? [.]OK.[.]Nah.

?Well, if you have to deliver them somewhere else, I guess I can't force you. But next time, bring them all to me!

?Oh, you don't have 10 there, do you. Too bad... Well, I guess I can still give you this!

?Next time, bring me 10 fish or more!

?Wow, I can't believe how many fish you scored! You're an amazing guy. You really are! Thank you!

?Now I can finally make that giant fish casserole I've been dreaming of. I'll let you know if I have any other orders. Thanks a bunch!

?Fish, fish, my only wish! Heh heh heh!

?My, look at all the fish you've brought me! They look so delicious! I'm overjoyed! Here, take this with my thanks.

?Feel free to bring me more fish anytime!

?It's said that our kingdom was established about a hundred years ago... But I hear that the Spirit Tracks are even older than the kingdom. And did you know that they all meet at the Tower of Spirits that's nearby? It's all very mysterious, don't you think?

?It's true! The tracks have all disappeared! But my husband is out traveling! How is he supposed to get back?!

?Now they're saying that the tracks never really disappeared! I don't know who to trust anymore... What's more, my husband hasn't come home yet. What happened to him? He's just a decent, nice fellow who likes rabbits. I hope he's all right!

?My husband has vanished! Where could he have gone? He's such a gentle man. You should see how he is with rabbits... I hope he's not hurt. Oh, whatever has happened to him? Have you heard anything about where he is? [.]Yep.[.]No.

?Oh... Then...I guess I'll just have to wait and see. He's probably just fine... Wherever he is...

?Really?! Can you take me to him? [.]OK.[.]Not now.

?What?! How can you say something so horrible?

?Oh, my sweet, sweet husband! I can't wait to see him again! Let's leave soon! I'll be waiting for you at the train!

?Augh! You're driving like a maniac! You have to promise to drive more safely, or I can't ride with you. Do you promise? [.]I promise.[.]Never.

?So, I'm never going to see my husband again because you won't drive safely? What kind of an engineer are you?!

?Now be a good boy and take me to my husband. He's such a good man, always so kind to rabbits! You'll see what I mean.

?What's this? You've got someone else on board already! Oh well, when that person leaves, please come back for me!

?Oh yeah, that's right! I heard your last passenger got kidnapped by pirates! I could never ride on a train that dangerous! When's the rescue?

?Oh, good news, [Link]! My Cuccos are getting so big, it's almost time to start selling them! If you hear of anyone who wants to buy some Cuccos, please let me know! The price is 50 Rupees for five birds! Is that a screaming deal or WHAT! Would you like to purchase some of these fine fowl? [.]Sure.[.]Nah.

?Oh! That's too bad! Another time, maybe.

?Uh-oh! Looks like you don't have enough money. Why don't you come back some other time?

?Oh, looks like your freight car is already full. I don't think there's enough space. You'll have to toss some freight to make room for these Cuccos. Do you want to do that? [.]OK.[.]Nah.

?It looks like you already have a bunch of Cuccos roosting in your freight car! They get awfully upset if they're overcrowded, so we can't squeeze in any more. Replace the ones you have with new ones? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Thank you very much! I'll put them on your train for you. You might know already, but the Cuccos will run off if the carriage is hit. Some bandits even aim to hit your train and steal Cuccos, so watch out!

?Here to buy some more Cuccos, [Link]? Five birds will run you 50 Rupees. Sound good? [.]It does![.]Nah.

?Was it my imagination, or did that stone just move?


?Hello there, Mr. Engineer.

?We have anything you might need here! ^ÿCastle Town Shop^ÿ



?Stamp Book


?Dear [Link], Our new postal system has started running today. If you're reading this letter, it means my new postman is doing his job right.

?He's as hardworking and efficient as they come! So be nice to him, won't you? We'll be in touch again if anything new comes up. -- The Postmaster

?I have a great favor that I must ask of you in person. Follow this secret path at the top of the castle. Tap the map icon to copy the location to your map.

?Please come to my quarters as soon as you can, and don't let anyone see you. Zelda

?Dear [Link], I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you more. That guy really did a number on me, so I was feeling pretty rough for a while.

?Luckily, I'm feeling better now. Would you mind coming to get me at the castle and taking me back to Aboda Village? Thanks! -- Alfonzo

?Hello, Recruit! How's the sword training going? You should consider testing your skill against more experienced swordsmen.

?If you want to take your technique to the next level, stop by the training room in the castle. We're waiting for you! -- Guard Captain Russell

?My dear boy, Even though I'm no longer with you, I'm sure you're faring well. But just in case you run into some hard times...

?I've buried the Regal Ring in a safe spot for you to claim. It wouldn't be fun if I told you exactly where, though, would it? Use these clues to find it.

?1. To enter the hiding spot, sound the light and follow its beam. 2. Inside, go 4 steps north and 6 steps west from where the lights cross.

?And that's where you'll discover the treasure! Best of luck to you! HA HA! -- Linebeck Senior

?Greetings! There's a new shop in town--Beedle's Air Shop! We're having a bomb-bag blowout, so keep your eyes peeled for our hot-air balloon!

?Whenever you see me, drive up close and blow your train whistle. Hope to see you soon! Beedle

?Thank you for joining the Beedle Members' Club! Please take a look at the club rules below.

?Earn a point for every 10 Rupees you spend. Get a Silver Card for 200 points, a Gold Card for 500 points, and a Platinum Card for 1,000 points.

?At 2,000 points, you get a Diamond Card. Every time your status improves, you get a bonus gift! But remember, you can't use the cards at other stores.

?These cards are for Beedle shops only! Finally, remember that shopping is most enjoyable when it's done responsibly.

?Keep to those simple rules and we'll both be happy! See you soon! Beedle

?Thank you for shopping at Beedle's Air Shop. You now have 200 points! Here is a Silver Card, which gives you a 10% discount on all items!

?Save up those points, and we hope to see you at the shop again soon! Beedle

?Thank you for shopping at Beedle's Air Shop. You now have 500 points! Here is a Gold Card, which gives you a 20% discount on all items!

?Save up those points, and we hope to see you at the shop again soon! Beedle

?Thank you for shopping at Beedle's Air Shop. You now have 1,000 points! Here is a Platinum Card, which gives you a 30% discount on all items!

?Save up those points, and we hope to see you at the shop again soon! Beedle

?Thank you for shopping at Beedle's Air Shop. You now have 2,000 points! Here is a Diamond Card to commemorate this monumental occasion!

?From now on, all our merchandise is available to you for half off! Wow! We always appreciate your business.

?See you again soon! Beedle

?You've achieved a battle rank of D and have been registered as an intermediate competitor. To celebrate, here is a prize for you. Enjoy!

?To boost your competitor level, you'll need to attain a battle rank of A. Best of luck, and fight the good fight! Battle Committee

?You've achieved a battle rank of A and have been registered as an advanced competitor. To celebrate, here is a prize for you. Enjoy!

?To boost your competitor level, you'll need to reach a battle rank of **. Best of luck, and fight the good fight! Battle Committee

?You've achieved a battle rank of ** and have been registered as a master competitor. To celebrate, here is a prize for you. Enjoy!

?Congratulations on reaching such a high level of competition. Please continue to show the rookies how it's done! Battle Committee

?Dear Self, I know you'll forget, so I'm leaving you instructions to get to the ocean floor. -- Carben

?How are your travels going? Are you collecting lots of stamps for me? I hope to see your smiling face back in Aboda Village soon!

?Oh, when I was cleaning up the other day, I found this map. Why don't you check it out? Niko

?Tell me, does this place look familiar to you? I'm over here trying to snap some shots of an awesome armor-plated version of that new train!

?I'll be around here for a while, so come pay a visit if you get a chance. That would be sweet. Your buddy, Ferrus

?Tell me, you ever seen this place before? I was so caught up snapping trains in action that I got lost!

?I love me some alone time with my camera, but I'd like to go home. Could you pick me up? Your wandering pal, Ferrus

?Tell me, do you recognize this locale? You remember the Ocean Temple you brought me to before? I found something NEATO there!

?If you want to come visit me, I'll give you this thing I found. Stop by when you can! Your aquatic pal, Ferrus

?Hi, little engineer! How has your freight car been holding up? Things here have been peaceful, and the mountain is silent. Thanks for all your work!

?Here is a map I drew as a young Goron. Use it to find some treasure I hid in the Dark Ore Mine as a young one.

?I cannot remember where I hid it. The hints on the map might help you find it though. Hope to see you soon! Kagoron

?From the Postmaster

?From Princess Zelda

?From Alfonzo

?From Russell

?From Linebeck

?From Beedle

?Beedle Club Mailing

?Silver Membership

?Gold Membership

?Platinum Membership

?Diamond Membership

?Battle Rank Notice

?Battle Rank Notice

?Battle Rank Notice

?From Carben

?From Niko

?From Ferrus

?From Ferrus (2)

?From Ferrus (3)

?From Kagoron

?Song of Awakening

?Song of Healing

?Song of Discovery

?Song of Light

?Song of Birds

?Recruit's Sword




?Lokomo Sword

?Sand Temple Clear!

?Engineer's Clothes

?Recruit Uniform

?Forest Temple Clear!

?Snow Temple Clear!

?Ocean Temple Clear!

?Fire Temple Clear!

?Spirit Flute

?Prize Postcard

?Shield of Antiquity

?Swordsman's Scroll 1

?Swordsman's Scroll 2

?Engineer Certificate

?Rabbit Net

?Compass of Light

?Bow of Light

?Club Card

?Silver Card

?Gold Card

?Platinum Card

?Diamond Card

?Freebie Card

?Quintuple Points Card

?Fossil of an ancient demon. Sounds rare, but it turns up all over the place.

?This artifact's eerie aura makes it the ultimate collector's item.

?A sparkly stone that fell from the sky. It's said to be a piece of a star.

?Readily found in beehives. These energizing larvae sell for quite a bit.

?Whether this acorn is a treasure is debatable, but it does have its fans.

?Rare dark pearls, strung together into a stunning necklace.

?Pure white pearls, strung together into a luminous necklace.

?Some say this regal crown was worn by generations of Zora princesses.

?It's said that this scale came from a dragon, but no one really knows its origin.

?Once worn by a pirate captain who raided the seas. It has an evil aura.

?Priceless dish used by past royalty for eating dessert.

?This tasty Goron treat is valuable because it contains a bug!

?Captivating and very valuable because of its beautiful form and color.

?This ancient artifact makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.

?Desired by many, this artifact is said to bring riches to its owner.

?A princely ring handed down by royalty for generations.

?Demon Fossil

?Stalfos Skull

?Star Fragment

?Bee Larvae

?Wood Heart

?Dark Pearl Loop

?Pearl Necklace

?Ruto Crown

?Dragon Scale

?Pirate Necklace

?Palace Dish

?Goron Amber

?Mystic Jade

?Ancient Gold Piece

?Alchemy Stone

?Regal Ring

?You can be sure that any shot fired from this cannon will hit home.

?This wooden cannon resembles a stately tree.

?This steel cannon has unmatched accuracy. Its only hurdle is its weight.

?This cannon might be brightly colored, but it packs quite a punch.

?This extra-tall cannon resembles a soaring tower.

?It's hard to tell which part of the dragon this comes from. The chest?

?Even if you can't eat it, this cannon is sure to satisfy.

?This cannon might look fancy, but it's strong enough for heavy jobs!

?Practical Cannon

?Wooden Cannon

?Heavy Cannon

?Skull Cannon

?Tower Cannon

?Dragon Cannon

?Honey Cannon

?Brawny Cannon

?There's no need to worry about damaged goods with this car.

?This wooden car catches your eye, but it's easy on the wallet.

?The sleek, black luster is reminiscent of trains from the good old days.

?It's not clear how this car floats. Maybe there's a magic carpet inside?

?While very pretty, this mobile garden might not be the best for hauling.

?Mythical beasts are great--especially when they haul your stuff.

?This car is designed to make train enthusiasts drool.

?This freight car can double as an extravagant bathtub.

?Trusty Freight Car

?Wooden Freight Car

?Efficient Freight Car

?Skull Freight Car

?Garden Freight Car

?Dragon Freight Car

?Pie Freight Car

?Golden Freight Car

?This esteemed train has a long history of keeping evil at bay.

?The retro style of this train is popular with the younger crowd.

?This steam train appeals to strong, silent types everywhere.

?Created by a gearhead, it's unclear whether it can even go underground.

?This train is sure to get people's attention.

?This train was created in the far past and seems to harbor a great spirit.

?This train looks good enough to eat! But that would be a bad idea.

?Even the smoke on this spectacular wonder seems to have some gold in it.

?Spirit Engine

?Wooden Engine

?Steel Engine

?Skull Engine

?Stagecoach Engine

?Dragonhead Engine

?Sweet Engine

?Golden Engine

?Whoever crafted this well-made carriage must have been a true master.

?The natural wood of this carriage puts passengers at ease.

?There may not be much room in this carriage, but it's incredibly safe.

?This car has all the bells and whistles technology experts could cram in.

?Passengers like this carriage for its homey feel.

?The strange design of this carriage is appealing, but would you ride in it?

?Anybody would be happy to ride in a car this sweet!

?This car is opulent enough for a king!

?Solid Passenger Car

?Wood Passenger Car

?Sturdy Passenger Car

?Skull Passenger Car

?Quaint Passenger Car

?Dragon Passenger Car

?Cake Passenger Car

?Royal Passenger Car

?Select up to three items to trade.

?Trading items...

?Don't turn off the power

?or remove the Game Card.

?Feel free to close the DS.

?Trade complete.

?You traded with [player]!

?This is a tale from long ago. It's the tale of the first settlers of this land.

?In the beginning, the people followed the spirits of good, and all was peaceful. But that era of peace soon came to an end.

?The evil Demon King rose to power, destroying everything in his path. The spirits of good had no choice but to face him in battle.

?The war that ensued seemed to last an eternity, and much blood was shed. Finally, the spirits subdued the Demon King, though they could not destroy him. Their powers were greatly depleted.

?With their remaining power, they buried the Demon King's spirit in the ground. They built shackles to imprison him, and a tower that acted as a lock. These shackles cover the land to this day.

?With their power drained, the spirits of good returned to the heavens. Suddenly bereft of both demons and spirits, this land was entrusted to us.

?Well? Do I know how to tell a story or what? I call it "Spirits and Demons...at War!" I only do this show once a year, you know! It's a blasted masterpiece! A...a...a blasterpiece!

?What's this? You fell asleep during my magnum opus?

?Plus, I'm not getting any younger here. This story might be the only thing that proves I existed. Can't you pay attention for one minute... And listen to an old man's final creation?

?Are you listening to me, [Link]? [.]Sort of.[.]Zzzz...

?OK, OK, I can take a hint. Sorry for boring you.

?Look, here comes your mentor. Hello there, Alfonzo!

?Why are you still here, [Link]? Come on now--wipe the sleep out of your eyes!

?Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!

?Today is a very important day, you know! It's your audience with the princess! [.]What?![.]Uh, right.

?Don't tell me you forgot! You won't amount to much if you don't pay attention.

?Don't you want your engineer certificate? Well, the graduation ceremony is at the castle. Princess Zelda herself is going to do the honors!

?I'm heading to the station now, so meet me there. Remember, the station is up the road. Don't get lost! Got it? Good! Then get a move on!

?See you later, Niko.

?I can't believe this! You know, [Link]... A lot of people would love to be in your position. As my roommate, you get to see my work for free!

?Raising your head without permission? You ill-mannered urchin!

?Don't pay any attention to Chancellor Cole. You must be the new engineer. What's your name?

?Oh, [Link] is a wonderful name! Well, [Link], by the power vested in me, I hereby proclaim you...

?We're wasting our time here, Your Highness! Please just hurry up and finish this foolish ceremony.

?...Very well, Chancellor.

?Thank you, Teacher.

?I hereby recognize our newest royal engineer... [sfx][Link]! Work hard, for we all rely on you, [Link].

?You got your royal engineer's certificate! Now you're a full-fledged engineer!

?Shh--take this. No! Don't say a word right now.

?Read this later...and beware of the chancellor!

?The ceremony's over, so I suggest you move along. Why don't you go...polish your train or something.

?Not that it matters much.

?The thing will be useless before long...

?Your Highness! Look over there!

?What's happening to the Tower of Spirits?

?Out for a leisurely stroll, Your Highness? Tsk, tsk, tsk! You know that's not allowed!

?Allowed by who? You, Chancellor Cole?

?Who else? Who do you think is really in charge?


?My goodness, pretending to be human is exhausting. Who knew that chancellor was just another word... for royal babysitter?!

?I had meant to keep up the ruse a bit longer.

?But you pushed me to this, Princess.

?What are you talking about?

?I'm talking about your infernal meddling!

?But now that those vile tracks are disappearing, the time is finally at hand!

?All we need now is...

?A little help--hee hee--from you, Your Highness!

?I don't know who these two are, Your Highness. But with your permission...

?I'd be happy to teach them some manners.

?Nyee hee hee hee hee! How gallant! How brave! How incredibly foolhardy!

?Enough out of you! My family has served the royal house for generations!

?Melodrama bores me. Byrne, would you kindly dispose of this fool?

?This man speaks the truth, Cole. His movements are not those of an amateur.

?But he is only human.

?I told you, I will defend the princess at any cost!

?And I told you. You're only human.

?Nyee hee hee hee hee! Oh, Byrne, you do know how to put on a show!

?It was hardly a fair fight, Cole.

?Help me, [Link]!

?No! Don't come any closer!

?Good work, Byrne. That takes care of the first step of our plan.

?Nyee hee hee hee hee! Our work is done here. Come now, Byrne!

?Bringing in the boy and the engineer didn't help either.

?What's this train?

?This, my dear, is the spirits' train. They entrusted us with its keeping.

?How did you know that? And...you can hear me? Are you...the sage of this tower?

?Well, I wouldn't put it exactly that way. But I do watch over the Tower of Spirits. My name is Anjean.

?Am I glad to see you! There's something we have to talk to you about!

?Mm, yes, that pallor you're sporting is quite frightful. One might even call it...rather hideous, in fact.

?Hideous?! How dare you?!

?I see that feistiness runs in your family, my dear. But there's no need to get your feathers all ruffled.

?Oh... Did you know someone in my family?

?Feisty AND bright, just like she was! The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Yes, I knew one of your ancestors. I met her when she had just arrived here.

?She and I were friends for a very long time.

?My family first arrived here about a century ago. Were you already here in the tower then, Anjean?

?That's a story for another time, my dear. Right now, we must discuss a matter more grave. Tell me, do you know the story of this tower?

?Only what the folktales say... Long ago, the spirits of good and the Demon King were embroiled in a never- ending war. In the end, the spirits could not defeat him. But they did manage to imprison him in this tower.

?It's not chains or bars that keep him imprisoned, but an energy that flows between the tower and the four temples that surround it.

?Oh, of course! Anjean, then the Spirit Tracks--

?Correct, my dear. The Spirit Tracks carry that energy. If the tracks are lost, the tower's energy will fade, and so will the Demon King's prison. And that's just what the evil ones are after! They aim to resurrect Malladus, the Demon King. Right now, my strength maintains his shackles, but it's only a matter of time until they're broken.

?Of course, in order to resurrect Malladus, they need one other key ingredient...

?A vessel from the royal line of ancient Hyrule, with sacred power coursing through its veins. Yes, Malladus requires YOU in order to return. But...only your shell, my dear.

?It would be the only vessel suitable for him to inhabit.


?The Demon King is going to run around in MY body? BLECH! That's too disgusting for words!

?We HAVE to stop them! We can't let the Demon King return!

?My thoughts exactly, my dear. At the top of this tower is your body. The Demon King's spirit is also there. To prevent him from possessing your body, you must fortify his prison. To do this, restore the energy between the temples and this tower. In other words... Restore the tracks between here and the temples.

?But how?! How do we restore the Spirit Tracks?

?The answer lies above us in the floors of this tower. Four stone rail maps are enshrined there. You must retrieve them. As you know, this tower connects our kingdom. Right now, the tower is filled with an evil energy. If you can get far enough to retrieve a rail map, a portion of the tracks will be restored. Start your search by climbing the stairs.

?Of course! Thank you, Anjean!

?You have a very important mission ahead of you. The kingdom is in danger. We're all counting on you. You understand the gravity of the situation, don't you? You must find the sacred rail maps in this tower! I will wait for you here. That's what princesses have always done. From what I understand, it's kind of a family tradition. No need to be scared. Just buck up and get moving--

?Sorry to interrupt such, um, an enthusiastic pep talk, but ascending this tower alone would be impossible. There are traps set to snag trespassers... Not to mention that pesky little monster infestation...

?...Is that so? Well, I feel terrible asking, but... Anjean, can you guide [Link] upstairs?

?Have you already forgotten what I said? I have my hands full just keeping the tower together. I'm sorry, my dear, but I just can't leave my post.

?Then what should we do? Should we go back and get Alfonzo? Oh, but he's wounded. Teacher? The captain of the castle guard? But I suppose there's no time for that, is there...

?What if you went with him, my dear?

?...Me? Go with him? But I'm not sure how much help I'd be in this state.

?Well, my dear, this kingdom is your responsibility. You mustn't ever forget that. I'm sure you'll find a way to help out somehow.

?Well... All right. We'd better get going then, [Link].

?Look out, [Link]!


?Wh-what just happened?

?Don't look so scared, [Link]! It's me! It's Zelda!

?I don't know what happened there! But when I saw that Phantom corner you... I just leaped at it without even thinking!

?Oh, this is really not my day, is it! First I lose my body... And now I look like a heap of scrap metal. And did I mention it's kind of hot in here?

?Oh... Wait a second...

?Maybe I can be of some use to you like this. It's not exactly what you'd expect from a princess... But right now that can't really be helped.

?Come on, [Link], let's get moving. We need to find my body-- I mean, that rail map!

?So this is your handiwork, is it?

?Restoring the Spirit Tracks... Rebuilding this tower... You two were behind it all, weren't you?

?It didn't have to come to this, you know. If you'd just minded your own business...

?Stop, Byrne.

?I always suspected this day would come. Indeed, I had a premonition the day you left the tower.

?No matter how many times I corrected your behavior, you never were very good at listening, were you? You were an unworthy apprentice.


?And now look at you. How can I face the spirits of good?

?The spirits sent us here to continue their work! That you would try to resurrect the Demon King... It's unfathomable to me.

?I have no wish to continue the work of the spirits. Why would I want to serve the spirits... When I can become as powerful as they are?

?That was the reason why I came to study with you...

?But the spirits never answered me. No matter how hard I worked, or how long, they never granted me any more powers.

?Tell me, Master... When you realize that your wish will never be granted, what do you do then?

?The answer was clear... Become even more powerful than the spirits themselves! And the only being more powerful is Malladus!

?...Your thoughts are twisted. It's obvious that the time for saving you is past. My words would only be lost on you.

?Hurry to the Fire Temple, Your Highness. Quickly! You too, [Link]! Restore the Spirit Tracks!

?But, Anjean--

?Go! I will handle this situation.

?Now then... Shall we begin?

?Perhaps this time, things will be different.

?Are you all right there, [Link]?

?But Anjean... She's up there all by herself now.

?...I guess we just have to believe that she'll be OK. Let's do as she said and go to the Fire Temple. We must hurry to restore the Spirit Tracks in time!

?I see you fixed the Spirit Tracks. My congratulations.

?And you almost did it in time to prevent all this.

?Unfortunately for you... Malladus has already begun the final stage of rebirth. His resurrection will soon be complete... And I can't let you cause any more harm.

?Hey, that's what we were going to say!

?Well... Maybe WE won't let YOU cause any more harm! [.]Yeah![.]Mm-hmm!

?I will become as powerful as the spirits. And anyone who gets in my way will be eliminated.

?No matter who it is.

?Impossible... I've trained for longer than you can even imagine. How could a pair of human children defeat me?

?Yes, we are humans. We have neither the power of spirits nor demons. But when we combine our strength... No one can defeat us!

?Right, [Link]?

?Hey! Wait! We're not done with you!

?Cole! Was the resurrection successful?

?I'm very disappointed in you, Byrne.

?What?! Why?!

?Even those children proved to be too much for you. Well, at least you bought us some time.

?Behold! The Demon King's return draws nigh!

?No! Not with my body!

?Congratulations on your resurrection, Your Majesty!

?Oh, Demon King Malladus...

?I am the one who has freed you from your prison! Grant me the power I have dreamed of!

?Nyee hee hee! Thank you for your help. But you are too gullible, my friend.

?Don't you know that he will never give you new power? After all... You were once the servant of those disgusting spirits.

?What a buffoon you are. Thank you for your help, indeed, you blind fool!

?Now then, Your Majesty! Let us sacrifice these base creatures to your glory!

?Unnnnngh... Groorreeerk... RAAAAAAAWRRRR!

?Do not fear, Your Majesty. You simply aren't used to your new body yet.

?None of you can stop us!

?Listen well, you lapdogs of the spirits! When the Demon King's revival is complete, you will take your last breaths! I would suggest you tremble in fear!

?Nooooooo! Give my body back to me!

?It's useless, my dear. There's no way you can hope to defeat him now.

?Anjean! You're not...a ghost...are you?

?The only ghost here is you, my dear. I am still among the living.

?Oh, no...

?I...I couldn't best Byrne. I have to admit, he has grown very strong. Of course, he's had a century to train. And he's always had the drive to succeed.

?And now Malladus has been resurrected...

?Yes. And once he adapts to your body, my dear, even the spirits of good would be nothing to him. They would be unable to seal him away again. Such is the extent of your body's sacred power.

?Is there no way to force him out for good?

?In the battle between the Demon King and the spirits, there was a weapon called the Bow of Light... Perhaps it can drive his spirit from your body.

?There's not much time to rid your body of his spirit. Resting even a moment could cost you your life. However...


?If we force out the spirit of Malladus, my dear, I don't know what will happen to your body. If things go wrong... Your spirit might not be able to reenter.

?No... It can't be!

?Could I really be trapped like this...forever?

?What will I do if I can't return, [Link]?

?What will I do? [.]Relax![.]It'll be OK.

?...Thank you, [Link].

?Where can we find that bow, Anjean?

?Go to the final temple, the Sand Temple. The Bow of Light is located deep inside. It will be the most difficult place you've visited yet. It was built only to protect the Bow of Light, so it's full of the trickiest of traps and surprises. The temple will test all of your abilities.

?We have to go now. There's no time to be scared. We must return before Malladus fulfills his plan.

?Please make sure Byrne remains unharmed, Anjean.

?Are you sure, my dear? He is the one who stole your body, after all.

?Yes, but once I reclaim it...

?I would like to have words with him!

?Anjean! Anjean! We got the Bow of Light! We won't have any trouble defeating Malladus now!

?Good! An arrow from that bow is sure to fell him.

?Right! Now all we need is to know where Malladus is.

?I'm sorry, but I can't help you there.

?But, Anjean...

?While you two were busy obtaining the Bow of Light, I have been searching for the Demon Train. That's the train that Malladus used to escape. But he and Cole have hidden it too well...

?There is a way to find it.

?Byrne? I didn't realize you were awake...

?The area where Malladus was resurrected... Below that altar is a hidden section of tracks.

?Somewhere down there is the Compass of Light. Only it can lead you to the Demon Train.


?The Demon Train comes from the Dark Realm. But even Cole didn't know its exact location at first. He had me build a compass using the spirits' power to find the Demon Train in the Dark Realm. Since the compass uses the power of the spirits, Cole and Malladus can't touch it. That's why it should still be where we left it.

?...Thank you.

?Let's go, [Link]. We must get the compass as soon as we can.

?Before you go, please take this, [Link]. I think you're the one who is meant to use it.

?This Lokomo Sword was a gift from one of the spirits. As such, it is filled with sacred energy. It has felled many evil creatures in its lifetime. Until now, only the spirits have wielded this blade...

?[sfx][Link], Princess, it's in your hands now.

?Use it wisely!

?This is it. Once we defeat Malladus, all of this can end.

?I shall accompany you from here on out. It's too dangerous for just the two of you.

?But your wounds from our battle are still fresh. And what's to come will be very demanding. It's my turn now, Master. It's...the least I can do.

?Yes, Anjean, it's time for you to rest. [sfx][Link] and I can take care of them. After all, it's just Malladus and Cole. It'll be a piece of cake.

?You should stay behind too, Byrne. You're both too injured to help us now.


?As you wish, my dear.

?It's up to you two, then, [Link] and Zelda. May the spirits be with you.

?I can do no more. You must go forth on your own.

?Thank you for everything, Anjean.

?It's time for us to go, [Link].

?Oh, but one last thing before we go.

?Once we put all this ugliness behind us, we'll both resume our normal lives.

?When that happens, what are you going to do? What will you become? [.]Engineer.[.]Warrior.[.]Dunno.

?I see... Well, I think we can go now, [Link].

?Her ancestors would be proud of her.


?You've gone far enough, Cole. This is where it ends.

?You again... The Demon King's return is nigh, you know. Yet, here you are, making a nuisance of yourselves!

?You insolent little fools! It's time you received the punishment you deserve!

?Your Majesty! Your resurrection is complete! Please use your power to destroy these two!

?This is it, [Link]!

?Your Majesty...

?You won't escape this time, Malladus!


?[sfx][Link]! Be careful! Don't worry about me! Just get away from Malladus!

?...[sfx][Link]! [sfx][Link]! Please open your eyes, [Link]!

?Are you all right?

?Oh, no...

?Stop! That vessel belongs to His Majesty!

?Quickly, Your Majesty! You must hurry back to Zelda's body!

?Why...why isn't this working?

?You cannot give up now! Your body has the sacred power of the spirits! Now concentrate on reclaiming it!

?After all... Didn't you say you wanted to have words with me?

?If there really is a sacred power in my body... Please let it hear me!

?Tetra! Please give me your blessing!

?Go now! Right now!

?Mmmhh... Am I...back?

?Bravo, Your Majesty! Bravo!

?But time is short, Your Majesty. Please do away with the boy and capture Zelda.

?...Your Majesty?

?Please, no!

?This vessel...is...rejecting my spirit. I'm...slipping from it...

?I can't hold on for long...

?But the world will crumble in the time I have left!

?Come on, [Link]! Let's settle this, once and for all!

?So it's all over now.


?We were too late.

?Oh, Anjean...

?I'm so sorry. Byrne was trying to protect me...

?Yes, but there should be no regrets. He wouldn't have had it any other way.

?Besides, our kind are the servants of the spirits. We don't disappear that easily.

?What do you mean?

?The spirit is persistent, my dear. Byrne may not have any memory of these events, but years from now, he'll return in a new form.

?You see, as Lokomos... We weren't only meant to protect the Spirit Tracks. We were also meant to watch over mankind.

?But our protection is no longer needed. Even without the spirits' guidance, you will do well. So I think I will return to the heavens... In the company of my old friend Byrne.

?Anjean, wait!

?Please watch over this land, my dear. And, [Link]... You must help her.

?Good-bye... And thank you. Thank you both.

?...Can you...see me, [Link]?

?...I must apologize to Alfonzo for what happened. And to you too.

?I never knew the chancellor was capable of such evil. All these years, and I never noticed what he really was. I was a fool.

?And the Tower of Spirits breaking apart... You saw it too, didn't you, [Link]?

?It must have something to do with the dark forces.

?After all, they made the Spirit Tracks disappear. This must be the handiwork of Cole and his cronies.

?But what could their goal be?

?He said something about the Spirit Tracks vanishing. What did he mean by that?

?And why would they take my body away with them? What will they do with it?

?Oh, I'm sorry. It seems I'm much...lighter without my body.

?Listen, [Link]. Let's try again to go to the Tower of Spirits. Now more than ever, we must find the tower's sage! But before we go, I want to show you something.

?This Spirit Flute is a prized family heirloom. It's been handed down for generations. It originally belonged to one of my ancestors, the one who founded this kingdom. It is my greatest treasure of all.

?I can't carry it while I'm in this state, as you can see. But I'm certain it's meant to protect me. I can hardly ask you to do any more for me...

?But...will you take this? And will you come to the tower with me? You're the only person I can turn to now.

?You got the Spirit Flute! This pan flute will probably come in very handy!

?Thank you so much, [Link]... Now then, shall we go? I will travel alongside you.

?This heat is something else. I'd just melt...if I had a body, that is. Tee hee! Seriously, though, I can't help but wonder what's become of my poor body...

?Want to board the train? [.]Yep.[.]Not now.

?Very well. Let's be on our way, [Link]!

?Hmm, yes, I suppose we should look around here a bit more. Let's do that!

?Oh? All right then, as you wish.

?We should do what we can to help Rael with his Cucco study. Anyway, shall we go? [.]Sure![.]Hold on.

?I hope Rael's Cucco study goes well... OK, shall we get going? [.]Yes.[.]Wait.

?I wonder what those three trials will be like... Shall we get going? [.]Yep![.]Not yet.

?Find me by blasting the area where the gazes of the big statues meet.

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! Do not dwell on what's inside. Instead, turn your gaze outward. There are no statues here.

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! The lake forms the sea. The paths forms the rails.

?Hm? Oh, you mean Embrose. Yes, he can be a bit stuffy at times. Anyway, you came here to fix the tracks, right? [.]Exactly![.]Nope.

?Now that's music to my ears. After all, you are a key component in restoring this area's lost Spirit Tracks. I take it that you've heard of the Lokomos' songs then. [.]Of course![.]I forget.

?You're being completely serious? Well, don't mind me then.

?Young man...be honest with me now. You've come to restore our tracks, yes? [.]It's true.[.]Nope!

?Each area has its own special song that restores the Spirit Tracks there. That song consists of two parts that are played with two different instruments. When the parts are played together, the song emerges. Let's start by practicing the part you'll be playing. Listen carefully and repeat what I play. When you get it, put your flute down.

?As you know, each song is a duet that requires two instruments. I'll teach you your part now, so listen closely. Then play what I just played! When you think you've got a handle on it, set down your flute for a moment.

?Um...hi. Nice to meet you. You are the keeper of this realm, aren't you? Anjean told us about you.

?Oh, hello there! So wonderful you could make it, Your Highness. And you too, young man! Call me Rael; it's my name! I am the guardian of the Sand Realm!

?The Lokomo of this realm is awfully different from Embrose, don't you think?

?That was music to my ears. Would you care to try a real performance now? Or would you like to practice more? [.]Perform![.]Practice.

?All right, let's get started. And don't let my part confuse you, young man!

?OK, let's take it from the top. I'll play your part, so pay attention!

?What was that? Didn't you see me signaling that it was your turn?

?You can't just play whatever you feel like, young man! That's called noise, not music!

?Your timing is off. Hmm... I bet you missed your cue to start playing. Wait for my sign and then play your part. You can do it!

?Improvisation is nice and all, but it won't do for this song. You must play the notes that you practiced. And don't let my part confuse you, all right?

?Hmm... That was a little scattered. If you really want to pull this off, we have to play our parts correctly.

?Ready to try it again? Or do you want to practice? [.]Try again![.]Practice![.]No.

?Let's take it from the top. I'll play your part again, so pay attention!

?Very well then. Come talk to me when your mind is clear and you're ready to try again.

?The Spirit Tracks to the Sand Temple are restored!

?...Now there is something I must tell you. In order to reach the Sand Temple, you must pass three trials. First, you will encounter the big eye that looms in the shadows. Then you will need to navigate the twisted tunnels. And finally, you will face the impenetrable temple. What awaits you there, you'll have to see with your own eyes, young man.

?Are you ready to perform now? Or do you want to practice first? [.]Perform.[.]Practice.[.]Neither.

?All right! Just remember, we each have our own parts to play! When I give you the sign, start playing the part you practiced earlier.

?All right then. I'm going to show you your part once more. Listen carefully, OK?

?I see... Well, when you're ready, come talk to me again.

?Very well. What trial would you like to know about? [.]First.[.]Second.[.]Third.

?To get to the Sand Temple, you must pass three trials. First, you will encounter the big eye that looms in the shadows. Second, you will traverse the twisted tunnels. And finally, you will face the impenetrable temple. What awaits you there, you must discover with your own eyes, young man.

?Hey, aren't you the young man from earlier? Did you make it to the temple? Well, I've got a favor to ask you. Do you know about the birds called Cuccos? They are flightless. But when cornered, they can call their friends to unleash an amazing power. I want to study this phenomenon more closely... My goal is to harness this unbelievable Cucco power for the good of mankind. And this is where you come in, young man. Would you bring me some Cuccos? The more Cuccos, the better. At the very least, I'd like five. Once you bring them to me, I'll give you something nice. Thanks!

?I see you've brought me some Cuccos. ...They are for me, right? [.]Right.[.]No.

?Oh, you're delivering them somewhere else? Well, that's a shame... I hope next time you'll give me priority. Remember, I need at least five. And, of course, I'll give you something nice for them! OK? Thank you!

?Eh? Do you have trouble counting, young man? There aren't five of them here. Well, all right. I suppose I can give you this at least!

?Next time, please bring at least five Cuccos. I'll make it worth your while. Thank you kindly!

?You've brought me so many Cuccos! Well, color this customer satisfied! Thank you!

?You can bring me Cuccos anytime. The more Cuccos, the better! Bye now!

?It's that time again... Time for more Cuccos! Will you bring me some? The more the better. I'll give you something nice. Thanks!

?Eh? So, you will be giving me the Cuccos after all? [.]Exactly.[.]No.

?Well, maybe next time you can bring me some. I'll give you something nice! Remember, I need at least five Cuccos!

?Hey, remember those Cuccos I asked you for? Well, I still need lots! You've got to bring at least five Cuccos. I'll give you something nice in return. If you think you'll forget, why don't you write it down? Thanks again!

?You know those Cuccos I'm after? Well, the more you can bring, the better! I need at least five. And don't worry about your reward--it'll be good! If you think you might forget, why not write yourself a note? Thanks!

?I see you've brought those Cuccos I was after! Who knew you were such a mind reader? Uh... Those Cuccos ARE for me, right? [.]Of course![.]No.

?Brainteaser Block Puzzle

?Braintwister Block Puzzle

?Brainmasher Block Puzzle

?I'm surprised there's a station way out here. I wonder why it's here?

?Wow, you were really amazing, [Link]! I'm no good at this sort of puzzle, so I'm really impressed with you!

?Nice job, [Link]! You cleared those puzzles right out! Hmm... The architect of this place is quite the whiz.

?All right! Let's go!

?Is that right? Did you have a sudden vision or something?

?Wow, you did it! Nice job, [Link]! Even Teacher would've been stumped by this one, and he loves puzzles. When everything finally settles down, I'd like to bring him here...

?So, would you like to get going, [Link]? [.]Yep.[.]Not yet.

?Really? Well, I don't think there's anything for us to do here...

?You did it! Nice job, [Link]! But I wonder what the three trials are going to be like. Anyway, let's get going to the Sand Temple!

?Thank you so much, Rael!

?Stay safe as you retrieve the Bow of Light.

?You completed the duet with Rael, the Lokomo of the Sand Realm! The Ocean rail map has started glowing! New tracks have appeared!

?Help, [Link]!

?Thank you for saving me!

?Shoot Malladus with the Bow of Light now!

?You have to get away, [Link]!


?Distract Malladus for me, [Link]!

?I'll be right there. Hold on!

?Now, [Link]! Give him your worst!

?We won't make it if we continue like this!

?It's almost over now, [Link]!

?Just one last push!

?Oof! Let's try it again!

?Help me...

?Don't worry! I'll save you, [Link]!

?You get Byrne while I hold him back.

?Here he comes!

?Watch out, [Link]!

?Now's our chance! I'll go grab his gauntlet, OK?

?Leave it to me, [Link]!

?Use your sword, [Link]!

?That sound...

?Let's combine my sacred power with the power of the Spirit Flute! I think we can use them to weaken Malladus!

?Thank you for protecting me! I'm ready now, [Link]!

?This is the last battle, so let's make it count!

?You distract Malladus, [Link]. When I see an opportunity, I'll shoot him in the back with the Bow of Light.

?[sfx][Link]! I'm going to concentrate on channeling my power. While I do that, please protect me from Malladus!

?This is it. Just follow along with me, [Link]!

?Are you paying attention? You're supposed to play when I give you the signal!

?Get it together! All you have to do is play the same notes I'm playing!

?Please watch me carefully. I'll signal to you when it's your turn to play! Follow me and you'll be fine.

?Now, now, no need to get so flustered. All you have to do is play the same notes I'm playing!

?Calm down and just try to do your best. All you have to do is play the same notes I'm playing!

?Let's try it once more!

?Whew, we made it! Now for the real challenge... Are you ready? [.]Of course![.]NO!

?Good! Then let's give it our all and find the Bow of Light!

?Well... I'm tired too. But we've come all this way. There's no turning back now. Come on, let's go for it!

?Shall we go? [.]Let's do it![.]Not yet.

?That's the spirit! Let's go, [Link]!

?Yes, let's explore the temple some more!

?It smells awfully dusty in here, and the air is really stagnant. It bothered me at first, but I'm kind of getting used to these dungeons... Anyway, let's go find the Bow of Light!

?What's this...stick thing? Do you think we'll need it to solve a puzzle? Anjean did say that this temple was full of tricks and traps...

?... Th-that was loud. I hope it was all right that we took that wand...

?Between one and three...is where...the key...hides...

?"Where the key hides"? Huh? Sounds promising, but I can't figure out that diagram... Any ideas?

?So this is the famous Bow of Light... I sense a strange power coming from it... But I'm awfully worried about what Malladus and Cole are up to. Let's hurry back and tell Anjean what happened!

?All right, Anjean's waiting for us in the train! Let's go tell her what happened!

?Yes? I suppose it would be good to see what Malladus and his minions are up to. Let's make this quick!

?Wait, you haven't got the Bow of Light yet! Are you sure you want to go already? [.]Yeah.[.]Not yet.

?Hey, Link!

?I know I don't look like my usual self but it's me, Zelda! How about you and I work together to get through this temple? I'll follow any orders you issue, but you'll need to take the lead.

?If you want me to move, touch at my feet and draw a line from there. I'll move along the path you draw. Now, would you kindly draw a line for me to follow?

?This is the switch icon. If we get separated, touch this icon to find me and give me new directions!

?This is the call icon. Touch this icon when you and I are on separate paths, and I'll come to you! Did you get that? Should I repeat it? [.]Got it![.]Again!

?Wonderful! Then I guess we're ready to go now. Let's get moving, Link!

?All right! I'll say this as many times as you need me to do so.

?Phantoms can walk through fire unscathed.

?You can jump on top of a Phantom from above. Use this move to cross lava.

?Those who cannot flip switches simultaneously will never be reunited.

? 3 1 2 4 You cannot flip more than one switch at a time.

?Hey, Link! If you want to get off, tap twice where you want to hop down.

?It seems that the temple sits here on the very summit of the mountain. Well, there's no time to waste. Let's restore the Spirit Tracks and return to Anjean.

?Hold on now. You haven't restored the Spirit Tracks yet. Do you need to take a rest from your work here? [.]Yes.[.]Nah.

?That's the spirit! Hang in there, [Link]!

?Well, even the greatest heroes need to rest every now and then! Come on, let's leave this place.

?I'm very worried about Anjean. Let's hurry back to the Tower of Spirits. Are you ready to go, [Link]? [.]Let's go![.]Hold on...

?What's the matter? Did you forget something back there?

?You've done it! Way to go, [Link]! You actually beat that terrifying giant of a monster! Amazing! With it defeated, all of the Spirit Tracks should be restored. Let's head back to the Tower of Spirits!

?The Fire rail map started glowing! The tracks to the Tower of Spirits have been restored!

?What's this dilapidated old thing? It looks like some kind of vehicle.

?The pitfalls here mirror those on the other side, so make note of them.

?Aim for the eye above first.

?Aim for the eye above second.

?Aim for the eye above third.

?Aim for the eye above fourth.

?Remember, the only way to open this door is with a key.

?Carry the Boss Key by cart...

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! If you're looking for the stamp station, it's upstairs. Jump in the cart and keep an arrow ready for when you find the switch.

?That big key looks like it will open the door in the center of the room. Let's take it over there!

?Oh no! We've been caught! They're going to take the key back. We've got to get away from them!

?A keyhole that big needs a big key...

?It looks like a map of this room. What are these skulls? And what does this arrow mean?

?So this is the Forest Temple... Are you ready for what's to come, [Link]? [.]Of course.[.]Uh...

?Don't talk like that! You're making me nervous!

?Good--then let's go!

?Here we are again... I guess that means we can't pass through here? Anyway, let's get out of here.

?We haven't accomplished what we came here to do, [Link]! Have you really lost your nerve? [.]Yes.[.]No way!

?OK, then let's go!

?Well, now that we're all done here, let's get going!

?Then let's go finish what we came here to do. You can do it! I just know you can!

?Oh, now that's just pathetic... But I guess it IS pretty creepy in there...

?So, did you forget something in town? Oh well, go ahead.

?Should we get going on the train? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Look at that keyhole, [Link]! I think you'll need a special key to unlock it.

?Good job, [Link]!

?The Forest rail map started glowing!

?Look, [Link]! We can return to the temple entrance from there. Let's go back!

?You got the Whirlwind! Blow into the mic to send a cyclone in the direction you're facing!

?You got the bow and arrow! Tap the Touch Screen and release to fire. Keep your stylus on the Touch Screen to aim and look around.

?You got the boomerang! This item follows the path you draw on the screen!

?You got the whip! Tap the screen to give it a crack! Tap and hold objects to latch onto them and swing from them! Tap and hold certain flying objects to hitch a ride!

?You got the Sand Wand! Tap any sandy area to raise the sand into a wall!

?You got the Bow of Light! Tap and hold to charge and fire bolts of divine light!

?You got the Song of Healing! Play it in a dungeon to restore your hearts one time. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?Do you want to take the train? [.]Yup.[.]No.

?Really? Then let's go in the Snow Temple.

?Aaaaall aboooooard!

?So this is the Snow Temple. Are you ready for this, [Link]? [.]Oh, yeah.[.]No way!

?Aw, what kind of attitude is that to have?

?Then let's go!

?Look at that bell over there. I wonder if there's some sort of trick to it...

?Great job, [Link]! Let's get back to the Tower of Spirits and tell Anjean the good news!

?I don't really think there's anything here worth checking out anymore...

?But we haven't restored the energy from this temple yet, [Link]. Are we just going out for a little bit? [.]Right.[.]No.

?You did it! You could have been frozen stiff or burned to a crisp, but you avoided both! Sorry I couldn't, um, be more help when you were risking your life out there.

?The Snow rail map started glowing! The tracks to the Tower of Spirits have been restored!

?Step into the blue light to return to the temple entrance.

?It's awfully dark here. And it's kind of damp too. Is this really the way to the tower? Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking out loud. Come on, [Link]! Let's go!

?That rock is blocking the stairway, [Link]! It looks like we can't get to the Tower of Spirits this way... But since we have a train now, we don't need to walk around anymore, right? Let's get back to the train! Oh dear... It looks like those horrid beasts might be lurking around.


?Oh, how horrible!

?Do you hear...squeaking, [Link]?

?Help me, [Link]!

?Wait! Don't get too far ahead of me!

?Are you just going to leave me here, [Link]?!

?Th-thank you... Those beasts were just terrifying! I never want to see them again...

?The door won't open if you just hit the switches in a circle.

?The switch after the bottom switch is the left one.

?Before you hit the bottom switch, hit the top one.

?Hit the right switch before the top switch.

?Tap a block to grab it, then tap the arrow icon to push or pull it around.

?So here we are at the Ocean Temple... You're ready to go on in, right, [Link]? [.]Oh, yeah.[.]Not yet.

?OK then! Onward!

?Tsk! Isn't this your third temple? You'd think you'd be better at planning by now!

?Do you want to ride the train? [.]Yep.[.]Not now.

?All right. Then let's go!

?Gotcha. If that's the case, let's get back to the Ocean Temple, shall we?

?You haven't accomplished what you came here to do, [Link]. What's the matter? Did you get spooked? [.]Not at all.[.]Y-yeah.

?Of course you didn't. So, do you want to ride the train now? [.]Yes.[.]Nope.

?All right then... How about we ride out now and come back later? [.]Sure.[.]Let's stay.

?Way to go! You did it, [Link]!

?The Ocean rail map started glowing! The tracks to the Tower of Spirits have been restored!

?Come on--let's go back to the Tower of Spirits, [Link]!

?Astonishing! Stupendous! Utterly mind blowing! Thank you for bringing me on this most stupefying of journeys! I never thought that one day I'd travel to the bottom of the sea by train! It's beyond my wildest dreams, I tell you!

?As a token of my gratitude which, by the way, is ginormous, please take this!

?I'd like to stay here awhile and study this marvel of a station with my own eyes.

?Oh, and just look at this incredible station! I'm getting a little teary, to be honest.

?Fascinating! Utterly fascinating... Without your help, I would have gone my whole life without seeing this. Thanks a million!

?Ahh, so this is the great train station of the Ocean Temple. Look at this design. Modern stations just don't have lines like this. I need to study this area some more. Leave me here for now, will you?

?Three handles sit before you. Pull only the one farthest from your grasp.

?Three blades sit in a row. Retrieve them all, and the path may open.

?Remember the placement of the blades. That knowledge will be useful in another, similar room.

?The first is above here.

?The second is above here.

?The third is above here.

?The fourth one is above here.

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?I'm returning home to Castle Town. I've been away far too long. Perhaps in my absence, the princess has returned too.

?I'm heading to Aboda Village. I can only hope that she's there!

?I'd like to go to Anouki Village. Perhaps I'll find her there.

?Please take me to Papuchia Village! Perhaps I'll uncover some clues there.

?I'll try looking in Goron Village. Perhaps there will be a hint there.

?Ah, so we meet again! I hope you're doing well. Could I bother you for a ride on your train? [.]Sure.[.]Sorry.

?...You again. I don't really want to ride on your train again... But it doesn't look like there are any others coming. So... Could I trouble you for a ride? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?Let's see... Where should I go next? Ah, yes! I've got it!

?So we meet again, young engineer. I'd like to go for a ride on your train. Is it possible? [.]Sure.[.]Sorry.

?I see. So you've decided to refuse a poor old man...

?What's this?! You're refusing a poor, helpless old man?

?So you've decided to give me a ride after all? [.]Yep.[.]Nope.

?You shouldn't talk to someone unless you have something to say!

?No, it's all right. I'll just wait for the next train.

?Oh, I hope this works! I simply must find her!

?No, no, I'll just wait for the next train.

?It seems you're already transporting a passenger on your vehicle. Well, you'll just have to kick out your current fare and take me instead! A bit rude, perhaps, but it's--ahem--a matter of national security.

?You lost a few of your passengers to kidnappers, did you not? Yes, our kingdom has many informants keeping me abreast of these matters!

?Oh, no I couldn't possibly. Go ahead and save those poor people first.

?You must go help those poor abductees as soon as possible!

?Finish transporting your passenger, would you?

?Oh, go ahead and finish transporting your current passenger first.

?Excellent work! You have what it takes to be the princess's personal driver. And here's your fee-- [var] . See you next time, young man.

?You're a very competent driver. Your future's bright, young man. And now, here's your fee-- [var] . I'll see you next time I need a ride!

?Not bad, young man. And here's your fee for the ride: [var] . Keep working on those driving skills!

?That was a bit bumpy, but you'll be fine with just a little more effort. And now for your fee-- [var] should be enough, shouldn't it?

?Are you really an engineer? If so, you must've forgotten many of the basics. But I suppose I should still give you something for your trouble. Here's [var] . But you should really think about finding a new career.

?That monster ate your shield!

?I wonder what he meant by something "cold"... I have never seen anything like that before.

?Your face is unfamiliar to me, stranger. Have you come to visit our village? [.]Yes.[.]No...

?Well, either way, you cannot get there, stranger! You see, the lava from the last eruption has destroyed the way into the village... If you have important business here, you must talk to Kagoron. Follow that road up, and you will find him. [.]Kagoron?[.]Got it.

?Kagoron is the mountain goddess's messenger. He is praying at her altar for a stop to the volcano's outbursts.

?But because of the eruptions, the path to the altar is very dangerous! Go with caution!

?If you decide to go to the altar, be very careful. Because of the eruptions, the path there is paved with danger!

?If you have important business, bring it to Kagoron. He is at the altar up ahead. But be careful, stranger. The path to the altar is within the eruptions' striking zone.

?Hmmm? Who is this strange face before me? This is a sacred place of the Gorons! You cannot just come here on a whim! Hmm... I see you are still a child. Tell me, did you travel here by yourself? ...I must salute your bravery, young stranger.

?Tell me, is there something you wish to discuss? [.]Actually...[.]No.

?If you have nothing to discuss, then go home. This place is forbidden to outsiders.

?You are still here?

?I will tell you more once you descend the mountain. I have preparations to make, so you go ahead before me. Make sure your train is in good repair!

?Oh, it is you! How is that freight car holding up? Well, practice makes perfect. Take good care of it now!

?This train of yours is a gift from the spirits of good. You must not go around driving it like a madman!

?I used to work at the Dark Ore mine... I can tell you this--there is some strange energy that sleeps there. Maybe that is the reason why I now speak for the goddess.

?You wish to hear about the Fire Sanctuary? Unfortunately, the way there is hidden to us. Only the elder would be able to tell you that secret. Do you wish to meet him? [.]Yes![.]Nope.

?What?! Then why do you insist on asking all these questions? Move along!

?Good, good! Nice to see young people with some spine! The elder is in the village, and there is a way to get there. But first... You are an engineer, are you not? [.]Why?[.]Uh, no.

?Those who drive trains have a special aura about them. I can see it on you!

?Kagoron does not tolerate fibbing! I am the mountain goddess's messenger. I am untrickable! All you engineers have the same look in your eyes! I can see it in yours.

?Only the village elder knows where the sanctuary is. Do you want to meet the elder? [.]Yes.[.]Not really.

?...But moving on! Your train may come in handy. But let us descend the mountain so we can speak in peace. I have some work to do first, so I will meet you down there. You go ahead and get your train ready!

?Kagoron! Why have you left the altar?

?I was thinking of giving a freight car to this child, and I need your help.

?If you say so, Kagoron, then I have no complaint!

?This is the favor I require of you, young stranger. Use the freight car to bring back something cold enough to cool the lava. Go talk to the merchants in the various villages. They may be able to help you.

?Goron-brand iron makes the world go around. It's heat resistant and super tough! If you have the money, you should buy some!

?Hrm? Well... I guess that is fine. Come back when you need some.

?...Play-shopping is only fun for you. Please bring the money next time.

?May I toss what you already have here? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?Iron is really handy, especially Goron-brand iron. You are going to wish you bought some...

?You can boil it! Smash it! You made a good buy today.

?All iron has a shelf life, you know, even Goron- brand iron. Use it up soon.

?Our iron is 100 Rupees. Want to buy some? [.]Yeah![.]Nope.

?Oh ho ho! so you are interested, are you?

?The Goron iron we mine here in this village is famous for its strength! But it does have one weakness. Lava!

?This is the first time you have shopped here, yes? The iron we sell here is Goron brand, our local speciality! Kagoron let you borrow a freight car, did he not, customer? You can use it to carry iron and share it with the world!

?Is that your train?! It is looking good!

?That eruption was so loud it hurt my ears! I hope Gramps is OK! I need to get to the village so I can check on him.

?I live with my gramps in the most northerly house in this village! If you are looking for Gramps, you will find him there!

?My gramps always said the mountains were dangerous, even for adults... Be careful out there!

?Your train looks safe enough to handle the mountains!

?I hope Gramps is OK... He is the oldest Goron in our whole village! Everyone calls him the Goron Elder.

?I hope Gramps is OK...

?Hey! If you are going to see my gramps, go to the most northerly house! I will check with the other Gorons and go up after you! Tell him I am OK!

?Even we Gorons cannot defeat the lava. I am afraid we are not much use...

?Greetings, stranger. The last eruption blocked the way into the village. I fear the mountain goddess must be very angry...

?When you have lived as long as I have, you witness a lot of strange things... I never thought anyone could stop a volcano from erupting. It must be the will of the goddess.

?Oh, it is you again! I must thank you. The volcano has become a much more pleasant neighbor. We Gorons are so happy, we are actually going outside to play!

?Since you like traveling so much, you should take a trip around the mountain.

?There are three keys to the Fire Temple in all. If you do not get them all back from the monsters, the door will not open. Be sure to ask the villagers about the monsters, though. They can give you some tips on how to defeat them!

?Oh! It appears everything went well! You must be quite the musician. Will you go directly to the Fire Temple now? [.]Of course![.]Not sure.

?Well then, just remember this much.

?Hmmm...I see. Well, at least try to remember this.

?There is a gate to the Fire Temple that is protected by three locks. But some mischievous monsters stole all the keys! Without getting all the keys back from the monsters, you can't open the doors! Did you write all that down? [.]Yes.[.]No need.

?The people of the mountain village know a lot about the monsters. Go ask them for advice.

?You should take this very seriously! Hmph! Well, even though you're acting flippant, I will share this with you. The people of the mountain village know a lot about the monsters nearby. It would be wise of you to ask them for advice!

?The sanctuary is farther on. You can go in now.

?Hoo! So you are the human Kagoron spoke of. I am the elder of this village! Thank you for your help. Now you are like a Goron to us all. I have heard why you want to see me. You want the secret that has been entrusted only to the Goron elders, yes? Well, on this special occasion, I will allow you to pass.

?No one has been this way in a while, so be careful.

?Hrrm? Who are you?

?The Elder certainly is imposing, isn't he? If we want him to help us, you'd better make a good impression!

?Gramps! Gramps!

?Oho! My grandchild! Are you all right? We were all so worried about you!

?This boy fixed the path to the village, Gramps! That is how I could make it back home!

?Is that so?!

?Did you happen to see my grandson out there? Lately he has been talking about how he would like to go to the city... He always was such an inquisitive boy. I am sure he would be fascinated by your train. Though other places can be nice, we Gorons know our village is paradise. But my grandson is still too young to understand that fully...

?Perhaps he must visit the city once to figure that out for himself...

?Ah, so you have returned. Thank you for taking care of my grandson. I think that being in the city will open his eyes. He will finally see how blessed our Goron Village really is.

?I will be counting the days until my grandson is ready to come home. I wonder when it will be? Please bring him back here when he is ready.

?What is it, young stranger? [.]I have it.[.]Nothing.

?What did you bring? We asked for something to cool down the lava.

?Oh! Wonderful! We can use it to chill the lava that is separating us from the village.

?Come on, everybody! Come help me move this off the train!

?Thank you! Now you should go meet the elder. His house is at the most northern part of the village.

?To get to the other side, we need something to cool down and harden the lava.

?Use that freight car to bring something that can cool down the lava. Try visiting the different towns and talking with the merchants.

?I hear that monsters on that mountain do not like big noises. I am not sure what noise, though. Maybe you should imitate animals they don't like.

?The monsters on the mountain don't like a certain noise. The noise goes like this: one short noise, then one long noise. Like "gon-gorooooooon." I don't know what sound that is, but it works. Just don't forget now: gon-goroooooooon!

?Actually, I tried to get rid of the monsters on that mountain myself. But they are all big cowards! They are only fast when they run away! Do not do anything fancy like try to get behind them. Just hit them straight on!

?Are you going to the mountain? The monsters there are strangely powerful. Once you retrieve three keys, just return here as fast as you can!

?The elder's house is at the top of this mountain.

?Ahhhh... It is good to be home!

?That explosion earlier was too scary. That is why I am hiding at home.

?The sky is raining dangerous objects. Please be careful.

?Such nice weather! The goddess must be feeling better.

?I wonder if it's safe to leave my house now.

?Is there still lava flowing everywhere outside? Staying inside all day turns you into a rock!

?What good weather! I have been in my house so long, I was getting moldy! I decided to take a walk and dry out.

?Ah! You are alive and well, I see. You are luckier than a four-leaf rabbit foot! Maybe I should head off on my own adventure one of these days...

?Maybe I should go outside sometime...

?Ahhhh... It is so nice being outside! I guess you cannot stay indoors forever! Right? [.]Right.[.]Wrong!

?Hmmmm... That is what my friend said, too. Outside your skin dries out, but inside you get no sun.

?My neighbor says he gets dry skin outside, so he never leaves his house. He is probably a moldy hunk of rock by now.

?My neighbor told me he is leaving the village! He said you showed him that cold stuff you brought. Once he gets an idea in his head, no one can stop him. He is probably waiting for you at the station. Please give him a ride!

?He must be waiting for you at the station. Please let him on your train!

?My neighbor just left the village. He said he was tired of the dry, dry air and wanted to visit someplace humid. I hope he does not get too moldy...

?! Path to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess

?Goron Country Store Up Ahead ’!

?Shortcut Back Down the Mountain ’!

?As soon as the path to the village was restored, everyone went home! Boo on them! You see, there is one place left that is blocked off! One very IMPORTANT place! Waaaaaaah! I want to go home too! Will you please bring more of the cold stuff? [.]Sure.[.]I'm busy.

?Oh! I just noticed that your train is different! Does that mean I should be calling you "Captain" from now on? Well, like I was saying, there is still lava here, Captain [Link]. So we will need 10 blocks of the cold stuff! Can you do it? [.]You bet![.]I can't.

?I knew you would do it! I can tell that you have a soft spot for us Gorons.

?OK then, Captain! Please bring us 10 blocks of the cold stuff! Thank you!

?Gah! All I want to do is go home!

?What is it? You heard the amount, and suddenly you cannot do it? Well, OK. When you are ready, just come tell me.

?Aha! You are back! I knew you would never abandon us when we need you! Let's cool down the lava in front of this house! [.]OK.[.]Not yet.

?How about it? Will you help us? [.]Sure![.]Wait.

?Ah, home, sweet home. I love it so much, I might never go outside again!

?We need at least 10 blocks of ice to cool down this lava, Captain! We can count on you, right?

?Is something the matter? [.]Got it![.]Amount?[.]Nothing.

?I just want to get into my house and relax...

?We need at least 10 blocks. Please hurry!

?What did you bring? We need something cold to cool down the lava.

?Um, Captain? This is not enough. There is more lava here than there was at the village gate. That is why we need at least 10 blocks of the cold stuff this time. Can you bring us some more? Thank you!

?What a go-getter!

?What a go-getter!

?Good work, Captain! I am a big fan of yours! And now I am all full of grateful feelings...

?Great! I cannot wait to start loafing around at home!

?We Gorons heard about this stuff called snow that you can find in Anouki Village. It could be a rumor, but we hear it is cold, fluffy, pure white, and oh so nice. Have you ever seen this stuff before? [.]Of course.[.]No.

?Oh, wow. I wanted to roll around in this "snow." Ahh, I bet it is so fluffy!

?Well, I bet it must feel nice to roll around in something that white and fluffy.

?Would you please take me to Anouki Village? [.]Sure.[.]Sorry.

?Oh, joy! My first-ever trip!


?I never would have guessed what a terrible driver you are. I hate bumpy rides! But I do not give up so easily. I am going to roll around in that snow! And I am going to say "Wheeeeee!"

?Oh, what was that? So you will take me to Anouki Village after all? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Maybe you should practice driving some more...

?Drive better next time so I do not get trainsick!

?Next time you have a spot on the train, please give me a ride.

?I do want to go see the snow someday... But I am not getting on your little kidnapping train!

?Drive safely this time, and take me to Anouki Village! [.]OK.[.]Can't.

?Next time there is a spot on the train, I am going to give it another shot!

?...But your train gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I am not getting on. I heard the rumors, you know, and I just do not feel like being kidnapped!

?Heeeeeeey! Engineer kid!

?This may seem a little random, but I have made up my mind. I am tired of living in the sticks, so I am moving to the big city. I will not change my mind, so do not try to stop me! [.]Oh?[.]I won't.

?You are so aloof. A cold cucumber--that is what you are.

?You are just like my Gramps! He is always telling me, "The city is full of bad, scary guys and Goron Village is best!" Hah!

?The city is where the castle is. And the castle is where the princess lives. See what I am getting at?

?I am off to follow my dream! Woo!

?I do not want to spend my whole life here...

?Hey, engineer fellow! Will you please take me to Castle Town? All you have to do is take me. The rest I will do all by myself!

?Yesss! You came back! I still have not given up on my dream of life in the big city.

?Hey, it is the fellow who cannot drive. You are back! Last time I was too scaredy scared, but this time, I am sure I can handle it!

?It is not that I have given up my dream...

?I have to get used to riding the train without getting all queasy-queasy...

?I am going to try my hardest not to get sick this time around.

?One one-way ticket to the big city, please! [.]Sure.[.]No.

?When you are free later and have no passengers, please take me to the city!

?But... Your train has a bad reputation. I do not want to be kidnapped.

?Take me to the place where the pretty princesses live. [.]Sure![.]Can't.

?I hope you will take me sometime when you are free. Please!

?But... I will not climb aboard YOUR train. I heard the pirates have their eyes on it!

?Hello there!

?WHEEEEEEW! It's like a sauna here! Oh, and your driving was pretty decent. Thanks for the ride, guy.

?Hey! Guy! So, listen, I've decided to make this my new home. What's that? Ya say it's too hot? Pfft! The fellas back home are always worried about their electric bill. So who's laughing now? ME, that's who! Ha ha ha!

?The locals come out to say hi because I'm a rare breed in these parts. I guess they like my thick, luxurious fur. But who can blame 'em?

?We have a strange visitor.

?He must be roasting under that fur coat...

?I heard from the fellow who was visiting here. He is living in the cold place. And he is doing just fine. I am so happy to hear he is good!

?He always wanted to visit somewhere cold, and now something cold has come. Too bad he is not here to see this.

?You may be small, but your attitude is BIG. ...Are you a child or just a very small human?

?Now, I kind of want to visit someplace outside the village too...

?Whew, it sure is hot here...

?And who are you? Ah, yes, the engineer. What was that? You're looking for me--er, this teacher fellow? Well, I can assure you, I don't have any idea who you're talking about.

?Oh, poor Teacher!

?I'm sorry Teacher's acting so strangely. Usually, he's very sweet. He's just anxious because he's looking for me. [.]It's OK.[.]Oh...

?Thanks for being so understanding. Once I have my body back, I'll have to start school again!

?Well... Thank you for being understanding.

?This village looks like it's seen better days. I wonder if there's anything we can do to help... But first things first. Someone must know where this realm's Lokomo is. Why don't we chat with the villagers, [Link]?

?Whew! Looks like we made it somehow. Why are we doing such-- No no, that's not princess- like to say! Come on, let's find Kagoron and tell him about the ice, [Link]!

?We still don't know anything about the Lokomo who protects this realm... Are you sure you want to go, [Link]? [.]Definitely.[.]No.

?Great! Then let's do a little more asking around.

?Hmmm... Well, OK. Do you have a new idea?

?Something cold? Hmm... Oh, right! I know where to get something cold! [.]Right![.]Hold on.

?It might take a little practice to get the hang of driving with a freight car!

?Please drive safely!

?We haven't restored the tracks to the temple in this realm. Are you sure you want to go? [.]Let's go![.]Wait.

?OK, then let's stay here for a little longer.

?Well, I guess if something is on your mind, we should go take care of it first!

?So the Fire Temple is up the mountain. Shall we go? [.]Let's![.]Hold on.

?I feel a battle brewing! It's important that we prepare for it!

?OK, but let's be careful!

?Shall we go? [.]Yes.[.]Not yet.

?My skin would definitely dry out in a place this arid. If I had skin, that is.

?Aaaallll aaabooooard!

?This is the Goron Dark Ore mine, for those shoppers in the know. Is this your first time here, dear shopper? [.]Yep.[.]Nope.

?Playing it cool is not cool when you are passing up a real opportunity.

?Since you are new here, let me explain. The Dark Ore we mine here disappears when exposed to sunlight. So we work all day in the dark like this. I so need to go out and get some sun!

?Welcome! We have some Dark Ore today. It is stronger than iron and fresh from the mine!

?Dark Ore is 200 Rupees. Want to buy some? [.]Oh, yes![.]Nah.

?Oh ho ho! You are interested, yes?

?Dark Ore is very precious. If you are unsure about it, do not buy any just yet.

?...I do not appreciate this play-shopping. Have some money next time.

?May I throw out what you already have in there? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?You can only get it here...

?Dark Ore melts and then eventually disappears when exposed to light. So use it quickly!

?Dark Ore melts when exposed to sunlight, so transport it carefully.

?Welcome! This is the Goron Target Range! As you can see, it is a special place. It is special because we built it all by hand! But it has been a long time since we had a human challenger... Would you like to try it? It costs 20 Rupees. [.]Sure![.]Nope.

?Hope to see you again soon!

?Oh, back for more target practice? You must be hooked! Well, each session costs 20 Rupees. Are you in or out? [.]In![.]Out.

?Welcome to the Goron Target Range. It costs 20 Rupees to play. Care to give it a shot? [.]Sure![.]Nah.

?Choose one--either the big treasure chest or the little one.

?A customer? So sorry, but we are closed at the moment. After the eruptions, the customers stopped coming, so we are redecorating. Once things settle down at the village, we will reopen. Come back then!

?It doesn't look like they're open now. Let's try again later.

?This here is my bread and butter, you know... Next time, be sure to bring 20 Rupees, OK?

?We are not ready for business yet... We will reopen when the village has returned to normal. Come visit us then!

?You broke your previous record! Nice work!

?Do you want the big treasure chest or the little one?

?You are really something! You got [var] , enough for the Goro-prize! It is a record for the ages! You belong in the pantheon of Goro-heroes!

?Congratulations! You got [var] , so you get a Goro-prize! Any Goron you show this to will be oh so jealous!

?Uh-huh, yes, [var] , yes? That's enough for a prize!

?You only got [var] . Here is something small for your efforts.

?You are quitting now? Well, OK, I suppose.

?Your [var] gets you...a consolation prize. Oh well. There is always next time.

?All right then. Want to try again? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Well, see you later.

?I can tell you the rules again, if you need me to. [.]Nah.[.]Please!

?The record right now is [var] . Try to beat it!

?There are three kinds of target. Each kind has a different point value! But be careful not to shoot any Goron faces! If you do, you will get a big, scary lecture. Depending on your score, you might win a fabulous prize!

?Since this is your first time, I will explain the rules. There are three kinds of target. Each kind has a different point value! But be careful not to shoot any Goron faces! If you do, you will get a big, scary lecture. Depending on your score, you might win a fabulous prize!

?All right, good luck!

?You already got [var] . You are probably thinking that this game is now far too easy. But if you think that, I assure you, you are missing out! Because, you see... I have extended the course just for you. Now go and try to beat your high score!

?Ready to go? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?OK, all aboooard!

?So you are going to try again...

?I see...

?It looks like it's going to be busy here for a while...

?Do you think it's OK for us to be here? It looks pretty deserted...

?So you've arrived at last, boy! And you too, Zelda of Hyrule! My name is Embrose, and I am indeed this realm's guardian. On behalf of the Fire Realm, let me extend a hearty, hearty welcome!

?Good answer! And good posture and volume! You remind me of myself, boy! And I'm very impressed with the courage it took to make it here! Now...in order to restore the lost Spirit Tracks, I need your help. Do you know about the Lokomos' songs? [.]Of course![.]I forget...

?What's that? Was my intuition mistaken?

?So... Have you really come to restore the Spirit Tracks? Look me in the eyes and answer honestly! [.]I have![.]Um...no.

?Each realm has a special song that restores the Spirit Tracks within it. The song is made up of two parts, each played by a different instrument. First, I will teach you your part, so listen well and try to do the same thing! Once you have it, put down your flute.

?As you know, each song requires two instruments to play it correctly. Now listen--I will play your part first, so try to do what I do! When you think you have it, put down your flute.

?Excuse me, are you the guardian of this realm? Anjean told us about you.

?Wow, he certainly is peppy, isn't he? You know, the Lokomos are pretty unique people. And Embrose is no exception...

?You need to make the other person FEEL what you're saying! But I digress. In case you're wondering, yes, I know who you are. You're here to restore the Spirit Tracks, right? [.]Yep.[.]Nope.

?Oh! I-I'm sorry!

?You should look people in the eye when you're talking to them!

?Good! Then are you ready for the real thing? [.]Let's do it![.]Practice!

?Now, don't be confused by my part!

?OK, let me show you your part again. Concentrate this time!

?What's the matter? When I give the signal, that means it's your turn! You can take a break when we're done!

?No, no, you've got to get the basics down. Come on, we practiced this. You play your part, and I'll play mine. If we do it right, we'll create a harmony!

?This isn't about your spin on things--it's MY spin that's important! Start in with the Spirit Flute after you see me spin around to you. All right?

?I don't mind a little improv, but I think you might be overdoing it. Just follow the score and don't get confused by what I'm playing!

?In general, things feel a little too loose. And do you know why? It's because our hearts aren't communicating!

?Should we try again? Or do you want to practice? [.]Try again.[.]Practice.[.]Quit.

?OK, let's try it again. I'll show you how to do it, so listen up!

?OK... Come back when you're ready to play!

?I can't believe we were able to restore those tracks! Let this be a lesson to always do things with FEELING, boy!

?That was inspirational! Now, off to the Fire Temple with you! Take care!

?Oh? You're ready for the real thing? Or do you want to practice first? [.]I'm ready![.]Practice![.]No.

?OK--don't forget now! We've got to play the song with our hearts! When I give you the signal, you play exactly like we just practiced!

?OK! I'll teach you the tune one more time! Listen, and remember it!

?OK... When you're ready to try again, come and get me.

?You did it! That was the best performance yet, [Link]! Come on, let's make our way to the Fire Temple!

?Thank you so much, Embrose!

?Well done indeed! Just one thing before you go. The mountain's rife with danger, so talk to people at the village before you go!

?Opening the Door of Friendship Once upon a time, two men fell in love with a beautiful woman. One man was popular and always the center of attention. But all he cared about was the beautiful woman he had fallen in love with. Unfortunately for him, the woman only had eyes for the other man. The battle for the woman's love grew and sent sparks hot enough to melt stone. But eventually, friendship shone between the men like a light, uniting the pair. It was as if a door had been unlocked.

?What's up, kid? Lost your way? [.]Yeah.[.]No!

?That place is full of monsters. Better go in prepared.

?This cave is basically one big maze. But there's a riddle that tells you the way to the treasure. From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and north... There in the north lies the treasure, waiting to be discovered. Got all of that? [.]Yep![.]Uh, again?

?I don't know if I should say this, but your memory isn't the greatest, is it?

?You can have the treasure. I don't mind. Just let me know if you find out anything about my friend, OK?

?Hmm, what to do... Oh, you're a recruit from Hyrule Castle, aren't you? What are you doing out here? [.]Me?[.]Nothing.

?Oh, what a pathetic story. It's hard to believe that someone this cowardly is a guard from Hyrule Castle.

?Nothing, eh? You must have a pretty low opinion of me if you think I'll be fooled by that. But I guess I deserve it... After all, abandoning a friend is about as low as a person can get.

?Oh, me. Right...

?What could have happened to my buddy? I guess he's still lost...

?Listen, you'd better just take notes. From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and north... There in the north lies the treasure, waiting to be discovered. Got all of that? [.]Yep.[.]Uh, again?

?See, I came here with my friend to uncover a golden treasure. Oh, uh... I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't spread that to the other soldiers, OK? We got halfway in, but then some big plant monster showed up! I was terrified, so I hightailed it out of there on my own.

?From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and north... There in the north lies the treasure, waiting to be discovered. Sounds pretty tricky. But we should do it for the sake of that guard.

?Hey, you have a sword. How about doing a bit of recon inside for me? I'm honestly too freaked out to set foot in there... [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?Now that's the spirit! You do the Hyrule guard proud! Good on you, kid! Though I don't know how much that means coming from someone like me...

?Come on! Don't be like that! I'll tell you what! You can keep whatever treasure you find. I promise. I just want to see my friend return safely.

?Now remember, this place is a real maze, so you'd better not get lost. If you do, you might never see the light of day again. But don't worry! I know a way to get to the treasure! ...I think.

?Then off you go!

?What a pain...

?So that is what he was thinking in his last moments... And he wasn't angry at me, even though... This means so much to me. I feel like a great weight's been lifted off my shoulders. I'll live on, for his sake. Thank you for your help. Here, have this.

?What? You found the treasure?! And did you find my partner?! [.]...[.]Well...

?...Let's leave him be. Come on, [Link]. We should go.

?I see... You don't need to say anything. I know. No sign of him, right? How could I just abandon him? What was I thinking? I did the worst thing a person can do! But the fact that he's not here still gives me hope that he's not...not... Anyway, I'll go take a look myself. Thanks for everything!

?What? You found a message from my friend?

?I see... So you have no idea what happened to him... How could I just abandon him? What was I thinking? But the fact that he's not here still gives me hope that he's not...not... Anyway, I'll go take a look myself. Thanks for everything!

?From now on, I'm not just living for one person. I'm living for two! This is the first day for a whole new me!

?I think I'll stay here and wait for my friend for a while.

?Well, this place is pretty gloomy...

?Did you hear that? I thought I heard something from that cave... Maybe they have some sort of excavation going on in there?

?You want to go already? [.]Yep.[.]Nah.

?Good, because I want to look around here too!

?Oh well, I guess you're in a hurry.

?All right, [Link]! Let's get going before all the Dark Ore melts! Are you ready? [.]Yep.[.]Hold on.

?You're going without buying anything? [.]Yep.[.]Hold on.

?Hurry up!

?Choo choo!

?Seeing that soldier made me miss the castle a bit. Well, anyway, let's get going, [Link]! [.]Right.[.]Wait.

?All right, let's get going, [Link]! [.]Right![.]Hang on.

?Well, when you're ready to go, just say so.

?Full steam ahead!

?Really? It doesn't seem like there's much left for us to do here.

?Greetings, customer. If you want to buy our ore, talk to the Goron next to me!

?Where is your helmet?

?You are in the way.

?I have not seen you before. Children should not be in a mine. Too dangerous.

?Do not go wandering. This mine is pitch black, and you may become lost.

?Have you been to our Goron Village? [.]Yeah.[.]Nope.

?Kagoron originally came from this mine. He has been training here since he was young. Is he not amazing?

?You should visit. The sun shines down brightly on our village. Unlike here.

?To leave, just go straight north and then take a right.

?To my eternal friend and treasure-hunting partner, I can't seem to find the way out. I believe I am hopelessly lost. I don't think I have much longer left, so I want to apologize to you. I had originally intended to claim the treasure for myself... Even though you always looked out for me. When you ran off, I thought nothing of it and went on to find the treasure. I was a fool. I want you to know that you shouldn't waste any worry on me. Just move on with your life and please, think of me every once in a while. You are, were, and will always be my dearest friend. Farewell.

?To leave the caves, go out the southern exit.

?These stations really are everywhere, aren't they? It seems awfully deserted here, though...

?Hold on a second! Is that...a soldier from Hyrule Castle?

?What's he doing all the way out here?

?Is that the treasure the soldier was talking about? How did you manage to find it so easily? Or did you just get lucky? Well, it doesn't really matter. Let's get going! ...Uh, which way is the way out?

?You completed the duet with Embrose, the Lokomo of the Fire Realm! The Fire rail map has started glowing! New tracks have appeared!

?Oh, do you want to take the train out of here? [.]Yeah![.]No.

?OK, let's go!

?Well, fine. But I really think we should go soon.

?Let's head to the Lost Woods, [Link]. [.]Sure.[.]Hold on...

?But we don't know the way to the Forest Sanctuary yet, [Link]. Have you asked the villagers how to get there? [.]Yep.[.]Not yet.

?I've been with you this whole time, so please don't lie to me.

?The villagers here may have valuable information to share. Let's see what they know.

?Or do you want to take the train out of here? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Didn't the village chief say you should speak with everyone? Should we really go to the Lost Woods first? [.]It'll be OK.[.]Nah.

?Oh, but before we go into the Lost Woods... Have the villagers told us what we need to know? [.]No.[.]Yes.

?Got it.

?Shall we get going then? [.]Yep.[.]Wait!

?If that's the case, do you really want to go now? [.]Yeah![.]Hold on.

?I hope you're ready. Let's head to the Forest Temple! [.]OK.[.]Wait!

?We have to let Anjean know that the Forest Realm Spirit Tracks are back! Let's hurry back to the Tower of Spirits! [.]OK.[.]Hold on.

?Let's head to the Snow Realm, [Link]! [.]OK.[.]Hold on.

?Anjean is waiting for us. Let's go to the Tower of Spirits! [.]All right.[.]Wait...

?Let's head to the Snow Realm, [Link]! [.]OK.[.]Wait.

?Howdy. I'm the chief of this here village. Word is that you brought back part of the lost Spirit Tracks. We were in a real bind here, so we're much obliged to you, young fellow.

?Did you get a chance to chat with some of the locals? Then you should probably make your way to the sanctuary to see Gage.

?I'm glad to hear you were able to meet Gage. Anytime you need anything, come back and see me, you hear? I can tell you just about anything you want to know about the forest.

?The only thing our village is missing is some nice ladyfolk. Yep, we're all bachelors 'round here. It has its perks, but it can get lonely. Say, do you happen to know any nice single ladies?

?No one knows more about the forest than the people here. You should definitely listen to what they have to say.

?I actually used to live in the city back in the day. But when the old village chief passed away, there was nobody to replace him. So they called me back here to take over for him. That was decades ago...

?So you want to get to the Forest Sanctuary, do you? There's a path we locals usually take. Just go west of this village to find it.

?Gage, the forest guardian, lives in those parts. He'll be able to help you, no doubt about it. But listen, young fellow-- it's called the Lost Woods for a good reason. One wrong step, and boom! You go right back to the entrance. Talk to the locals here.[.] They can tell you what you need to know.[.]

?What? You went into the forest? Heh heh! It's not called the Lost Woods for nothing! If you take the wrong route, you end up back outside. But once you do make it through, you'll find the forest's guardian, Gage. Ask the villagers about the forest. They're the ones who know it best.

?You drive like a maniac! How did you pass your engineer's test? Cheat? Please drive more carefully from now on. Now can we go meet the lady of my dreams? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Hey, how about this guy, [Link]? Think he'd be good for the woman in Papuchia? He's pretty old, but he's definitely rugged.

?A wife, you say? At my age? Hmm... Perhaps it would be better to ask one of the other villagers. Then again, fate reveals itself in strange ways. OK, I'll go with you. Are we leaving now? [.]Yep.[.]Nope.

?You were the one who asked me to go. Well, another time, perhaps.

?Then I'll go wait for you at the station.

?I see you have another passenger waiting. I will wait for you to complete your errand first.

?Wasn't one of your passengers kidnapped by pirates? I don't think I want to ride on a train that dangerous.

?I enjoyed my time living in the city...

?Oh, so you're going into the Lost Woods? Well, here's a little advice. The forest will tell you which way to go. Just pay attention to the tree branches.

?Oh, you made it through the Lost Woods and met Gage? Good to hear! I'm glad my advice came in handy.

?If you need something, just go talk to the chief. His house is right behind here!

?I sure wish I could meet a nice, pretty lady...

?The village chief went on a date with the Papuchia woman? And they're very happy? Oh... Why didn't she pick me? What did I do wrong? ...It's not my looks, is it? Do I look that bad? Oh, this is terrible...

?I heard the village chief fell in love and got married. I also heard that his wife is a real looker. ...You can't tell just by looking at me, but I'm burning with jealousy.

?What do you think about this guy, [Link]? Think he's good for the woman in Papuchia? His hair is kind of weird, though...

?I guess I'll never get another chance with a pretty lady... What's wrong with me? Is it my looks? No, it can't be that...

?I'm finally going to meet a lady! It's been so long! I mean... I am calm. I am composed. I'll meet you at the station.

?Hey, you know that someone else is already on your train, right? Come get me again when you've dropped off your other passenger. I can't wait to meet that lady in Papuchia, so could you kind of step on it?

?Wait, wasn't your last passenger kidnapped by pirates? Sorry, but I don't want to get a lift from a pirate magnet.

?What? You found someone who wants to marry me? Me? Wait, is she pretty? Then I'm all for it! When do we leave? [.]Now.[.]Never.

?Whoa, whoa, do you really have an engineer certificate? That driving was absolutely terrible! I've never been on such a bumpy ride! No use meeting that lady if I don't get there in one piece! Can you take me again, but be a little less psycho? [.]Sure.[.]No.

?What?! You tell me you're bringing me to see a woman and then--nothing? Are you trying to make me mad? I can be as mean as I look, you know!

?You've been through the Lost Woods? Nice job not getting lost!

?I may look mean, but I'm an old softie around the ladies.

?We don't have any women in Whittleton, so everyone is really lonely...

?You're going to the Lost Woods? Then here's a little advice for you. To avoid getting all turned around, listen to the trees, 'cause they talk a lot. Just don't listen to that fourth tree. It has no sense of direction.

?Ah, you made it through the Lost Woods? I guess my advice really paid off, huh?

?You know, living out in the sticks is getting old.

?So I was thinking of setting up shop in the forest behind the village. It's still in the planning stages, though!

?I want to save up so I can live in the lap of luxury.

?Hey, there's a games area behind the village!

?You made it through the Lost Woods? Good job on not getting lost in there.

?We made it in one piece, [Link]! Look at all the trees in this village... I bet it's crawling with bugs here! [.]Nah.[.]Maybe.

?Really? Well, good, because I hate bugs!

?EW! I can't stand bugs!

?Well, let's go walk around.

?You'll have to go on without me. I'll wait for you here, [Link]. Just me and the bugs... ...On second thought, I think I'll come with you.

?Oh, I almost forgot to remind you... When you want to get on the train, just tap me! I'll pop up like this whenever you come near the train, just in case!

?Welcome to Whittleton, the village we forest people call home. You're the one who fixed the rails for us, right? Let me tell you, we were in a real bind before you stepped in.

?We've been having a little monster problem in the forest behind the village. I'd watch my step around there if I were you.

?Everyone in this village respects the forest for what it gives us. That's why we give back by planting new trees.

?We make a living selling trees and lumber. Let me tell you, we were in a rough spot without those Spirit Tracks.

?The forest provides for us, so for every tree we cut, we plant a new one.

?There's one spot deep in the forest where we locals like to kick back and relax.

?The only thing this village is missing is eligible bachelorettes.

?Hey, how about this guy, [Link]? Think he'd be good for the woman in Papuchia?

?I'm finished with marriage. I'm sticking to the single life from now on!

?I can't believe the chief would marry an outsider! But they seem to be happy, so I can't help but wish them the best. But if he's going to live with her, what's going to happen to our village?

?The chief and an outsider! Who would've thunk it? Then again, they seem to be incredibly happy together. Still, what happens to us now? He's gone and left the whole village behind!

?Let's go, let's go! Meet you at the station!

?Um, there's actually someone else on your train already. Guess I have to wait my turn, huh?

?Wasn't your last passenger kidnapped by pirates? Sorry to say it, but I really don't want to travel with someone that dangerous.

?Someone's looking for a man to settle down with? Well, I was just thinking about how I'd like to meet a nice lady. OK, you win. Take me to her! [.]Sure.[.]Psyche!

?Who taught you to drive, a monkey? Still, I guess it's worth it if I catch myself a lady... Never mind me. Should we head out? [.]Sure.[.]Never.

?What? Why are you messing with my head?

?I sell the lumber that the villagers cut. You won't find better quality wood anywhere.

?This here is genuine Whittleton lumber. Build a house with this stuff, and it'll be around for 1,000 years. It's 20 logs for 100 Rupees. Whaddaya say? [.]Sure![.]Not now.

?Aw, what a shame. But come back anytime!

?You don't have enough money! Come back when you do.

?Your freight car is already loaded with something else. There's no room for lumber. Should I unload it and put the lumber in there? [.]Sure.[.]No.

?Thanks, little man. Come back anytime for more.

?That's too bad. Come back when you've got some room in your freight car.

?Your freight car is still loaded with the lumber you bought last time. The new lumber won't fit. You have to get rid of the old stuff first. Do you want to do that? [.]Please![.]Nah.

?Of course! Would've been pointless to do that.

?So this is your first time purchasing wood from us? Then here's a little pro tip. As you know, there are lots of monsters in these parts... Be careful not to drop any of your lumber.

?Got it. Then let me give you some fresh lumber. I'll take the old stuff off your hands. I can use it, so it won't go to waste.

?So you haven't brought me that iron I asked for yet? I need it soon, so hurry it up, would you?

?Is that the iron I asked for? Oh, happy day! I'm so overjoyed, I'm speechless...

?Let me show you my thanks by giving you this.

?You can come shop here anytime you like.

?Hey, is that iron that you're carrying on your train?

?My ax is getting all dull and rusty, which is a big no-no in this line of work. To make a new blade, first I need some iron. Could you get me some iron from the Fire Realm? [.]OK.[.]Sorry.

?Hmm... Thanks for thinking of me, but I'm going to need more iron.

?My ax is getting all dull and rusty, which is a big no-no in this line of work. I see that you've got some iron... Think I could have some so I can forge a new blade? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Really? Thanks a ton! Five beams or so should be enough to make myself a shiny new blade.

?Aw, now I'm all bummed out. But enough about me. You need some lumber or something?

?Aw, now I'm all bummed out. But enough about me. You need some lumber or something?

?Thanks a bunch, young man. You've made me very happy!

?So you've brought the iron I asked for? Thanks! But the thing is, I need five beams. What you have isn't enough.

?You want to buy the best tree in the whole forest? Hmmm... But even if you were to buy it, it would be too heavy for you to transport!

?Sigh... I was hoping I'd catch a woman who would help me with my work...

?Who trained you? You couldn't drive your way out of a paper bag! I'm too queasy to work now... Can you just take me to see this Papuchia woman? [.]OK.[.]Never.

?Hey, how about this guy, [Link]? Think he'd be good for the woman in Papuchia? He seems like a nice guy.

?What? Marriage? Me? Who? Where? Well, I'm very busy with my lumber business. It's just me running it, you see. Then again, if I had a wife to help me... Right, let's do it. When do we leave? [.]Now.[.]Never!

?Well, fine, it was your idea to begin with. Anyway, moving on...

?Wait... Wasn't it your train that got that one passenger kidnapped? Sorry, but I'd rather work than ride on that death trap.

?There's already someone in your train! Go on, take that person to their destination and come get me!

?I hope she's a good worker. I'll meet you at the station!

?I can't believe the chief ran off for someone like that... I should be happy for him, but going to live off in Papuchia? What am I supposed to do with my lumber business? I don't have a good feeling about this.

?So the chief isn't coming back? At all? But what about our lumber business? I guess it's up to me to carry the torch...

?Hey, over here!

?Whittleton Chief's House

?Try your hand at a whip race? It's just 50 Rupees! [.]Sure.[.]Nah.

?OK, off you go!

?Anytime you want to try a whip race, come back and see me!

?I've got no patience for punks with no money. So beat it!

?Good of you to come by, [Link]!

?I'm glad you found us all the way back here! This is the ultimate place for thrill seekers and locals who like to "hang out." A har har har har!

?Wow, the legend is back! Just so you know, we're all counting on you to break the record again!

?You're playing, right? Then it'll cost you 25 Rupees. [.]OK.[.]No way!

?What, you're short on money? Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to let you in for free. But your score better knock our socks off!

?Do you want to hear how to play? [.]No.[.]Yes.

?There's only one rule. Use your whip to swing across to the finish line. If you get a good time, you receive a prize!

?Listen up! I'm going to explain how to play!

?I don't care what people are saying. I fully support the happy couple. They are a good match, aren't they?

?Don't tell anyone else, but I'm happy for the chief. Why not follow your heart? But anyway...

?Pfft, that woman doesn't even have 10,000 Rupees in her purse. In the end, it's probably a good thing it didn't work out between us.

?Hey, kid. Did a clown teach you to drive? You're two inches from going off the rails! Drive more carefully! Now, shall we continue? [.]Right.[.]Never.

?Hey, how about this guy, [Link]? Think he'd be good for the woman in Papuchia? He's young and seems to dress decently. Sure, he's on the skinny side, but...

?What? You've found me a potential wife? Oh, but I'm kind of committed to the single life. ...Unless she's filthy rich. Then I could probably break that commitment. You don't know if she's rich? Well, let's go find out! [.]Right.[.]Forget it.

?Well, it's no skin off of my back. It was your idea, after all. Anyway, moving on...

?Great! Then I'll wait for you at the station. I hope she has her own mansion...

?Look here, there's already someone on your train! Unacceptable! I'll wait here for you to finish running your errand. Don't be long.

?Wasn't your train the one where a passenger was kidnapped by pirates? Then I'm afraid I can't go with you. I will only accept a first-class journey.

?I guess it's time to get down to business!

?Your time was [file]:[var].[var]!

?That was...underwhelming.

?Don't feel bad, and be sure to come back again, OK?

?Oh, you broke your record! Niiiiiice!

?Hmm... You need more practice. But here's a prize for your trouble.

?A passable effort... You should keep practicing.

?That's a pretty good time! I'll give you this for your effort.

?That was lightning fast! You even broke my record! Please take this as your prize. It is one of my most treasured keepsakes.

?Come by again!

?I'll give you a 50 percent discount next time. So come "hang out" with us again! A har har har!

?I'm no match for you! Here, take this!

?Come back anytime you want to hang out with us.

?Sorry, time's up. Go on, try again!

?You crossed the finish line for the first time! Good job!

?Nice work!

?Wow! You beat the average!

?Not a single miss! Wow!

?What? You're giving up? Shameful.

?Connect the two stone statues that face each other.

?Forest Sanctuary Ahead

?Did you hear anything coming from that stone there?

?Would you like to take the train out of here? [.]Sure.[.]No.

?All right--let's go!

?All right... Then let's go back.

?We finally made it out of there! The forest was so creepy, I thought a ghost might pop out. Scary! Anjean says that a Lokomo by the name of Gage lives here. Let's find him.

?One of the Lokomos should be somewhere around here. Let's search a little more.

?It's not good to quit partway into things. Let's go back and try again!

?The tracks to the Forest Temple have been restored. Let's go!

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! That song just now... Was that you who played it?! Then I'll give you this valuable piece of information. Listen well. That song you just played is called the Song of Awakening. Guys like me are scattered all over the place. If you play us that song, we'll tell you valuable information... Oh, and you can also check out that song on the Collection screen. That way, you can practice it whenever you want... And that's it! See you!

?Oh... Well, let me know when you're ready.

?All right! Let's practice a bit before we launch into the real thing. This song has two parts, each of which is played by a different instrument. For now, just follow my lead.

?So, shall we try to play the song? [.]Let's![.]Not yet.

?I'm going to start by teaching you how to play the Spirit Flute.

?Slide the Spirit Flute so the note you want to play is in the middle of the screen. Then blow into the microphone to play the note.

?Good! Now I'll teach you your part. For this song I'm about to play... Imitate me as closely as you can. Pay attention to the timing.

?Just match the color of the musical note to the color of the pipe you want to play. When you've had enough practice, tap the arrow to rest a bit.

?For the real performance, you'll play that part after I play my part. It goes me, you, me, you, in that order. And don't mess up the timing, you hear?

?So, are you ready for the real thing? [.]Yes![.]Practice.

?I'll show you how to play it one more time. Listen carefully, and do what I do.

?Don't let my part confuse you!

?What's the matter? When I give you the signal, it's your turn to play.

?Hmm... That performance was very, er, rough. I want you to play the song we just practiced.

?Oh, no, no, no. That won't do. You aren't even looking at me. You have to watch me for your cue to begin playing your part. Trust me!

?Oh, no, no, no. Don't get distracted by my part. Just play that song you were practicing a second ago!

?Oh, no, no, no. Your timing is all wrong!

?Would you like to try it again? [.]Yes![.]Practice.[.]No.

?I'll show you one more time. Listen carefully, and learn it well...

?I understand. Come talk to me when you feel you're ready.

?Wonderful, wonderful!! The tracks to the Forest Temple have been restored!

?Nicely done! The Forest Temple is just up ahead. Take care!

?I have nothing left to tell you... So you'd best be on your way!

?Would you like to give the real thing a shot? [.]Yes![.]Practice.[.]No.

?OK! Remember, you and I will be playing different parts. When I give you the signal, you play the song that you practiced earlier.

?I'm going to show you how to play your part just one more time. Listen carefully, and learn it well.

?I understand. Come back to see me when you feel you are ready.

?Are you Gage? Gage of the Lokomos?

?Why, yes! I'm Gage!

?Oh! He seems quite a bit more informal than Anjean, doesn't he?

?What was that now?! If you've something to say, I'd like to hear it!

?Oh, I'm sorry! I meant no offense. Actually, Anjean sent us to speak with you.

?Oh, yes, of course! You're the youngsters with that wonderful flute! And you're here to restore the Spirit Tracks to the Forest Temple, yes?

?Um... I mean, yes! Yes, of course! We need to recharge the Tower of Spirits with the energy of the forest.

?Yes, that rail map of yours can't do it alone. You need more Spirit Tracks! Well, there is a way! Would you like to hear it? [.]Yes![.]Nah.

?We'll never make it to the Forest Temple like this, [Link]! Let's listen to what he has to say!

?To restore the tracks that disappeared, you need to know a special song. This Lokomo Song is a duet that requires two sacred instruments. My cello and your Spirit Flute should do the trick! With both instruments playing the song... We can restore the rail map's energy! So? Shall we try it? [.]Yes![.]Not sure...

?It's normal to be unsure of something the first time you do it. And I know I should really be the one playing, but I can't in this condition. Just give it your best try. I know you can do it, [Link]!

?Best of luck to you, [Link]! I should really be the one playing the Spirit Flute, but I can't do it in this state. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job though!

?You're a natural at that, [Link]! And you sounded really good, too! Now, let's head to the Forest Temple!

?Thank you so much, Gage!

?Good luck! But be careful-- the Forest Temple can be very dangerous.

?You completed the duet with Gage, the Lokomo of the Forest Realm! The Forest rail map has started glowing! New tracks have appeared!

?You got the Song of Awakening! Play it to wake up anything that's asleep. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?Oh, no! Pirates! Dastardly, kidnapping pirates! You must protect me from them, [Link]!

?YEEEARGH! Pirates heading this way! Someone help!

?Pirates?! It can't be! We gotta get outta this mess!

?These pirates are going to get me! I want my mom!

?These pirates are out to get me, guy! Ya gotta help me out here!

?Oh no! Pirates! They are going to take me away! Please protect me, [Link]!

?Don't let the pirates take me away!

?Eeek! Pirates! They're coming to take me away!

?I mustn't be kidnapped! Somebody stop those ruffians!

?Uh-oh! Those pirates are going to take me away!

?No, not pirates! They'll take me away in chains!

?I won't let those louts take me without a fight... Help!

?Thank you! You really saved my hide there, [Link]! Well, now that that bit of unpleasantness is over, let's get to the sanctuary!

?Whew, that was freaky. Thanks for holding it together!

?Hmph! Those pirates are so tough! Right, kid?

?Hey, [Link], you're pretty good at this. I'm impressed!

?Whew! That was a close one! Thanks, guy! I owe ya one!

?Aiiyee! That gave me such a fright. My thanks, Mr. Hero.

?Whew, I thought I was done for. You really saved my bacon there.

?Boy, I thought it was game over for me. You're really something else!

?I thought I was getting kidnapped for sure! Good job there, kid.

?I was positive the pirates were going to take me again! Thanks, lad!

?Any ride where I don't get kidnapped is a good one in my book! You're the best!

?For a moment, I feared I'd never see our beloved princess again! You have done me and this kingdom a great service! Thank you, young man!

?Help! They're closing in on me!

?HEEEEELP MEEEEEEEE! I'm being kidnapped!

?Hurry up and help him, or he'll be captured!

?Help! They're trying to take me away!

?Please help me!

?Help! Help! They've got me!

?I don't want to be kidnapped!

?Somebody save me!

?Oh, goodness me! Somebody! Please help me!

?Somebody! Anybody! Help!

?Please help me!

?I need some help here!

?Help me! They're after me!

?Can anyone help me?!

?Can I get a little help here?

?Help! The pirates want to take me away!

?Soooo! We meet again! I heard the ocean Spirit Tracks had returned, so I came to see for myself. It's just a rumor, but I hear there are even tracks that run under the water... Oh, and guess what else? Just guess! They say there are sculptures that react to big noises out there too!

?If you find the undersea entrance, will you take me with you? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?What's that? You've already been down under the water? Amazing! Stupendous! Oh, if only I could've seen it for myself! Would you mind taking me there with you? [.]OK.[.]I'm busy.

?Whooooo! Sounds choorific! After you take me there, I'll even give you something from my collection!

?... FINE!

?Really?! I'm all steamed up!

?And after I gave you all that advice! You're just full of hot air!

?I heard there are big rocks in the ocean that react to big, big noises! Now, that sounds like a blast!

?Hey, guy! So, about that slick little freight car ya got... Why not load it up with some of our fine, local Mega Ice? How 'bout it? The ladies go wild for it, and I'll even cut ya a special deal. How does 25 Rupees sound to ya? [.]Sure![.]Too steep.

?Pleasure doin' business with ya! Lemme know if ya ever need more! Oh, and I'll even load up your freight car for ya. How's that for service?

?Hey, what gives, pal? Ya don't have enough Rupees! Come back when ya do!

?Ex-CUSE me? Did I just hear what I thought I did? [.]Um, no.[.]Cheaper!

?Now we're talkin'! Will ya buy our fine, fine Mega Ice for 25 Rupees? [.]Yes![.]I'll pass.

?Oh, I get it! You're sharp, pal. I like that, so I'll cut ya a deal. How about just 25 Rupees then? Do we have a deal? [.]Yep.[.]Um...

?Now's a good time to let ya know some things about handlin' the product. First, don't hit anything or let the train sway when the ice is loaded on. If ya do, the ice'll spill everywhere. Also, watch out for monster attacks. Second, you're carryin' ice, pal, so naturally it's gonna melt, yeah? In nice, chilly places like this, ya won't have to worry, though. But once ya travel to warmer places, it'll start meltin' before long! Get to where you're goin' before all the ice runs out. If ya don't, be prepared to say bye-bye to all the ice!

?Don't forget all those things I was tellin' ya about the ice, OK? The ice is fine until ya get to warmer areas. Then ya gotta look out! If ya putter around too long in the grass, all that sweet cargo's gonna melt.

?I get it, I get it. Well, if ya have a need for Mega Ice, ya know who to look for.

?...Whazzat? Ya sayin' I didn't make it any cheaper? Guess ya caught me there. ...OK, you're puttin' the screws on me, but how about 10 Rupees? That's a steal, I tell ya! NOW can we seal the deal? [.]Deal.[.]Cheaper!

?WHAT? I wouldn't even cut a deal like that for my own grandma! ...The price is 10 Rupees. We goin' to do this? [.]Fine.[.]Nah.

?Sheesh, ya really know how to twist a guy's flipper. Tell you what--THIS time, the ice is free. Heck, I'll even load it on your train for ya. Yes, for free. Sheesh. Happy now?

?Hey! Guy! Did ya bring enough Rupees to do a little shoppin' this time? This is the only place selling Mega Ice, and it can be yours for 25 Rupees! What do ya say? Can I put ya down for some? [.]Oh, yeah![.]Cheaper!

?Hey there, kid. Did ya bring enough Rupees to do a little shoppin' this time? This is the only place selling Mega Ice, and it can be yours for 25 Rupees! ...Whazzat? I sold it to ya for 10 Rupees a load earlier? Really? Hmph, fine. Then the price is 10 Rupees. Now buy it, would ya? [.]Thanks![.]Cheaper!

?Oh, back for more of this premium Mega Ice? It's gonna run you a full 100 Rupees. You in? [.]Sure am![.]Cheaper!

?What what? I musta heard ya wrong. This primo Mega Ice costs 100 Rupees. Ya interested? [.]Sure am![.]Cheaper!

?What was that you said? "Steeper"? You want it steeper? Aw, I couldn't do that to ya, guy! You're a pal, so this Mega Ice can be yours for the low price of 100 Rupees. Whaddaya say, guy? Ya in? [.]I'm in.[.]Cheaper!

?...All right, all right, I get the message. You want it cheaper, I'll go cheaper. Fifty Rupees. That's pocket change, and you know it. NOW will you buy it? [.]Sure will.[.]Forget it.

?Hey! Guy! Look who's back for more Mega Ice! Yeah, yeah, the price is 50 Rupees. You in? [.]Sure.[.]Forget it.

?Hey, what gives? You don't have enough Rupees, guy.

?Oops, you've already got cargo. Wanna toss it? [.]OK.[.]No way!

?Hey, guy, ya already got some ice aboard! Sure, I'll load a new batch for ya... But I gotta throw the old stuff away first, OK? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Ya sayin' that whatcha got there is more important than my Mega Ice? HMPH!

?Yeah, it's kind of a waste. You're a real smart shopper, guy! Come back when ya want some more!

?Pleasure doin' business with ya! Lemme know if ya ever need more! Oh, and here, I'll even load up your freight car for ya. How's that for service?

?Hey, it's my pal green guy! Thanks for all your help before. Listen, I've started selling Mega Ice, a great local product. Say, you're an engineer, yeah? Does that train of yours got a freight car? If so, buy some Mega Ice, and I'll load it on the train for ya. Whaddaya say? Ya wanna buy some? [.]Nope.[.]I can't.

?What's with the sad look? If ya need Mega Ice, just come back later!

?Booya! Is this a prime spot for makin' Mega Ice or what?! Yep, this is it. I'm gonna start up the business right here, guy!

?OK, it's time to make the Mega Ice! Sorry, but could ya come back in a little bit? There are certain company secrets I don't want revealed to the public!

?Hey, thanks for helpin' me out, guy! I've actually decided to start a Mega Ice franchise here. Since you're an engineer, ya could deliver my ice if ya had a freight car. So, what do ya say? Want some primo Mega Ice? [.]No.[.]Can't.

?Ohhh, welcome, valued customer! Whatever you need, we've got it!

?So sorry!

?Here you go! A Freebie Card just for you!

?Here's a Quintuple Points Card for you!

?Today's special sale happens just once every five days, so buy, buy, buy!

?Ohhh, I see you have a Freebie Card. Would you like to use it? [.]Yes.[.]Save it.

?Ohhh, valued customer! We have everything you need at Beedle's Air Shop!

?You've earned [var] , which means you're a Silver Member. And I'm pretty sure I sent you a Silver Card, didn't I? But since you don't have it with you, you'll get the regular member price today. Be sure to pick up your new card, or you'll miss out on your special discounts.

?You have [var] , valued customer. Rack up more points for a Silver Card and even better rewards!

?Ohhhh... WOW! You've collected the maximum number of points.

?You've earned [var] , which means you're a Gold Member. And I'm pretty sure I sent you a Gold Card, didn't I? But since you don't have it with you, you'll get the Silver Member price today. Be sure to pick up your new card, or you'll miss out on your special discounts.

?You have [var] , valued customer. Rack up more points for a Gold Card and even better rewards!

?You've earned [var] , which means you're a Platinum Member. And I'm pretty sure I sent you a Platinum Card, didn't I? But since you don't have it with you, you'll get the Gold Member price today. Be sure to pick up your new card, or you'll miss out on your special discounts.

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?You have [var] , valued customer. Rack up more points for a Diamond Card and even better rewards!

?I see. Oh, well...

?You have a Quintuple Points Card. Would you like to use it? [.]Yes.[.]Save it.

?Huh? I sent you a Beedle's Club Membership Card in the mail... But since you don't have it with you, I can't give you your points today. Be sure to pick up your new card, or you will so miss out.

?What can I interest you in? Just tap whatever catches your eye.

?Bomb Bag: [var] Rupees Carry more bombs. So handy...and the last one!

?That will be [var] Rupees for those 10 bombs.

?Treasure: [player] [var] Rupees You can't beat that price!

?Heart Container: [var] Rupees. It's the last one! Get it before it's gone!

?Red Potion: [var] Rupees. Restores up to six hearts. What a deal!

?Purple Potion: [var] Rupees. Restores eight hearts when you fall!

?Thank you! Can I interest you in anything else?

?Bye! Please come again!

?Oh, I see you haven't yet joined Beedle Member's Club! There are lots of great benefits to joining Beedle Member's Club. And it's just 100 Rupees to join! How about it? [.]Sure.[.]No.

?Ohhhh... You don't have 100 Rupees. How sad for both of us...

?I'll be sending you a Club Card in the mail, so look out for it. The more you buy, the more points you earn. And more points mean more rewards! No other shop offers such luxurious rewards, you know!

?And that's that. I'll be around whenever you need something!

?Your point total has climbed to [var] ! Rack up 200 points to become a Silver Member!

?Ohhh! You have [var] ! You're now an official Silver Member! That means you get 10% off all merchandise AND a lovely prize!

?This puts you at [var] . Earn 500 points, and you'll get the Gold Card!

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?Your point total has climbed to [var] ! Rack up 1,000 points to earn yourself a Platinum Card!

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?Your point total has climbed to [var] ! Rack up 2,000 points to earn yourself a Diamond Card!

?Ohhh! You have [var] ! You're now an official Diamond Member! That means you get 50% off all merchandise AND a lovely prize!

?I'll send your Silver Card tomorrow, so be sure to check your mail. And shoot for the Gold Membership next!

?I'll send your Gold Card tomorrow, so be sure to check your mail. Keep earning those points, because the next level is Platinum!

?I'll send your Platinum Card tomorrow, so be sure to check your mail. Keep earning those points, because the next level is Diamond!

?I'll send your Diamond Card tomorrow, so be sure to check your mail. Though you can't earn any more points... I do hope you'll think of Beedle's Air Shop for all of your future needs. Thanks so much for the business, valued customer!

?Ohhh, we don't have any more discounts, but keep shopping with us!

?You didn't bring your membership card, so I can't add your points! I know I sent it to you, so be sure to check your mail at the nearest mailbox.

?Thank you so much for joining, valued customer! Please continue shopping at Beedle's Air Shop!

?But you don't have enough Rupees! This joke is not funny, valued customer!

?Ohhh! But you have no bomb bag. I can't sell you bombs unless you have one.

?Ohhh, so sorry... You can't buy any more of those!

?Ohhh, so sorry. We're sold out of those. You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

?What in the world? Where are we, [Link]? Can this thing...fly? Are we going to fly?! This is just amazing, [Link]!

?And who's the funny- looking guy over there?

?No! No, no! I am not funny, and neither is your joke! What's more, Beedle is actually quite the ladies' man! So there!

?There's something a little weird about him, don't you think? Oh, well, whatever... Thank you for bringing me here, [Link]!

?What? What is it? Why are you smiling like that?

?OK, funny guy, let's fly!

?Really, stop it with the teasing business...

?Heh heh! Soon I'll be flying high above the clouds! I can't wait!

?I flew, [Link]! It was AMAZING! The people below looked like little ants! Ohhh, but it was scary, too. My body felt all floaty and cold up there.

?Are you ready to leave? [.]Yes.[.]Not yet.

?Then let's go buy some ice!

?Let's go, [Link]!

?All right... We'll hold off on leaving for now.

?Let's try to keep a level head this time. So, shall we leave now? [.]Yes.[.]Wait.

?I'm surprised that anyone lives all the way out here. It's awfully remote. Anyway, did you want to get going? [.]Sure.[.]Not yet.

?It's awfully quiet here. I guess Ferrus must be out snapping train photos, as usual. Well, should we get going? [.]Yes, let's.[.]Hold on.

?I hope Ferrus made it home all right from the Ocean Temple. Anyway, should we move on now? [.]Sure.[.]Wait.

?It looks like Ferrus isn't here. He's probably still in shock over Alfonzo... Want to get going? [.]Yes.[.]Hold on.

?This spring is absolutely beautiful...

?Oho! That looks like a nice place for Mega Ice over there!

?OH MY GOSH, you stopped! Uh... So, how's it rolling? When I first saw you driving THE Spirit Train, I freaked! I was all like, "HOLY COW, it's THE Spirit Train!" Say, you're that guy who just became an engineer. [sfx][Link], was it? I'm Ferrus. When it comes to trains, I'm kind of an expert. You know, everyone else is too spooked to take their trains anywhere right now. But here you are, driving away. Very interesting... You just GOTTA tell me where you're headed! [.]Temple.[.]Nowhere.

?What's going on here?! You've already got a passenger on board! Aw... Guess the autograph is gonna have to wait. Well, come by later, OK? I'll just be here snapping some hot steam-engine pics! Write it down so you don't forget! Later, pal.

?Oh, hey. I, um, heard that one of your PASSENGERS GOT KIDNAPPED! I know everything. You can't hide this kind of news from me! So, don't worry about me right now. You really should go rescue him ASAP! He's probably freaking out now, so come back for me later. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?

?Oh, and I definitely want to evaluate your driving skills! I can't believe I get to ride with the apprentice of the legendary Alfonzo! This is the greatest day of my life. Anyway, I'm ready when you are!

?Oh, listen to this! I just figured something out... There are two types of trains that explode when you touch them. The blue ones will slow down a lot if you blast it five times. But the other type has this armor on it, so it doesn't slow down. I've been here trying to snap a shot of the armored type for my collection. But they never seem to drive by. Bummer.

?So we meet again! Excellent! I've been trying to snap some glamour shots of an armored exploding train. They never seem to come my way, though. It's such a bummer. But on another note, aren't you the apprentice of the legendary Alfonzo? He's my all-time favorite engineer! My hero. LOVE THAT GUY. Oh, I just had a sudden brainflash! You could introduce me to him! I carry a pen and paper on me at all times just for situations like these. So, please please please take me to get my hero's autograph. You'll do it, won't you? [.]Fine.[.]Sorry.

?Aw, come on! A small side trip for you could make my life's dream come true! Please... OK, fine, I can see that you're not going to budge right now. I'll be here for a while snapping trains. If you change your mind at any time, PLEASE come get me! Write this all down so you don't forget, OK?

?Oh em gee! Yessss! Then let's go!

?Y-you'll really take me to get THE Alfonzo's autograph? You're not pulling my leg, are you? [.]Hop in.[.]Psyche!

?Um, no offense, but that was terrible. If you ask me, your driving gets one star. I expected more from the top student of THE Alfonzo. You must not have been giving it your all. Do you want to try again? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Uh, you're all bent out of shape by what I just said, are you? Come ON. Don't be so sensitive. I didn't mean it in a bad way, honest. Will you please take me one more time? [.]Hop in.[.]No.

?OK, I get it. If you ever change your mind, please give me another chance!

?Then pull yourself together and let's go!

?Wait, but there's already someone else on the train. You should probably finish this job first. You can come back for me later. I'll be here for a while. Just please don't forget about me! I'll be waiting!

?Are you serious? You're free to take me now? All riiiight! Let's go to Alfonzo's! [.]Let's go.[.]Nah.

?You really should go rescue your kidnapped passenger STAT! He's probably freaking out now, so come back for me later. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?

?You should probably finish this job first. You can come back for me later... I'll be here for a while. Just please don't forget to come back for me!

?Man, talk about rotten luck. You become an engineer, and then this whole thing with the tracks happens... Trust me, I know what it's like to yearn for some time on the rails. I really do. Still, you should give up on driving for now. Where are you trying to go, anyhow? [.]The temple.[.]Nowhere...

?OK then, you be extra careful out there. Come see me if you need anything!

?Really?! You're heading to the Snow Temple? Chugga- chugga-wow! That place is impossible to get to, what with the blizzard and all... But I hear that the tracks linking the Tower of Spirits to the temple are safe! As in, they're protected from the storms! HOW COOL IS THAT? Say, maybe if you took those tracks, you might be able to reach the temple! OH! I just remembered I have an old map of the tracks around that area. Some parts are out of date, but the Spirit Tracks you're looking for are there...

?Need to get good shots of these hot new trains. I'll try these spots today.

?Well, if you ever wanna look at my map again, just stop by. For now, I'll be here trying to catch some killer pics of locomotives in action!

?Oh, really? Well, if there's dust on it, just blow it off. But be gentle! It's vintage! Wanna take another look? [.]Sure.[.]Nah.

?Heya! You craving another look at my sweet vintage map?

?If the map's a little dusty, just blow on it to clear the schmutz off!

?You just can't tear yourself away from my map, huh? I know the feeling! Here!

?Oh? It's an old map, and the lines from back then are much more complicated. You wanna take another look? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Well, look who it is! You know, Alfonzo totally wasn't what I was expecting. I guess I thought his life would be more glamorous. Anyway, how about you take me somewhere awesome now? Like maybe...the ocean- floor rails? [.]Sure.[.]What?

?Hey, quit playing dumb! That routine hurts my feelings, you know. To make it up to me, you should take me on a ride. It's the least you can do! [.]Hop in.[.]No.

?Uh, what's the big rush? Where are you going? Well, whatever. I'll be here snapping some hot, hot train pics. Come back for me when you've got some time. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?!

?YESSS! SWEET! Then let's get going!

?Oh, hey. I, um, heard that one of your PASSENGERS GOT KIDNAPPED! I know everything. You can't hide this kind of news from me! So, don't worry about me right now. You really should go rescue him ASAP! He's probably freaking out now, so come back for me later. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?

?Um, there's already someone on the train. I guess that means the ocean floor will just have to wait. Dang. Well, that's OK. I'll be here snapping some hot train pics. But promise me you'll come back for me, OK? Write it down so you don't forget! All right, see you later!

?Oh, yeah. Will you let me off at the Ocean Temple? I've always wanted to go. It's one of the top 100 most beautiful, supersecret landmarks ever. So, you got that? Thanks!

?You're going to give me a ride? AWESOME! Seeing the ocean rails is a dream come true! I'm so excited, I could scream! ...Um, waiting here all day is cool and all, but let's go! [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Um, that was terrible. If you ask me, your driving gets one star. Well, I guess there's no way around your rotten driving. After all, your teacher is legendary SWORDSMAN Alfonzo. Will you please try it again? And do it right! [.]OK.[.]No.

?Oh, are you free now? Excellent! Well, shall we make our way to the Ocean Temple? [.]Let's go![.]No.

?Oh, don't give me that look. I'm sorry if I offended you with what I said. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. What I mean to say is... Will you try again to take me to the Ocean Temple? [.]Hop in.[.]Uh...

?What's wrong? Do you have a bellyache or something? Take care of yourself, man! A good engineer knows better than that. Come back when you're feeling better!

?OK, pull yourself together and let's go!

?Oh, hey. I, um, heard that one of your PASSENGERS GOT KIDNAPPED! I know everything. You can't hide this kind of news from me! So, don't worry about me right now. You really should go rescue him ASAP! He's probably freaking out now, so come back for me later. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?

?Wait, there's already someone on your train. You can come back for me later. Just take them where they need to go first. I'll be here for a while, but don't forget about me! I'll be waiting for you!

?You really should go rescue your kidnapped passenger STAT! He's probably freaking out now, so come back for me later. Write it down so you don't forget, OK?

?You should probably finish this job first. You can come back for me later... I'll be here for a while. Just please don't forget to come back for me!

?Oh, look. There's a note on top of the desk.

?How'd it go? Were you able to decipher your path? [.]No sweat.[.]Nope.

?A lot of the map is outdated, but the Spirit Tracks are the same! Here you go!

?Greetings, [Link]!

?How'd it go? Did you figure out where to go?

?How'd it go? Did you figure out where to go?

?Locomotive Musings by Ferrus You know those archway- gate things you see on the rails sometimes? Who MADE them? WHEN? And WHYYYY? I was up all night pondering these questions, but I worked out a hypothesis. I think you can use them to break the space-time continuum! Cool, huh! There seem to be two types of these space-time gates. I'm pretty sure you can use both of them to warp to and from places. One type has a triangle at the top of the arch, and the other doesn't. I think they work in pairs and that hitting the triangle does something. I tried throwing rocks at a gate triangle to the south of Anouki Village... But bummer of all bummers, I couldn't reach it. I guess my arm is too weak. That's why I'm starting a new push-up regimen until I can hit the darn thing!

?Rule One of the Rails If you see a whistle sign, pull your train whistle before you pass the sign. And put some real feeling into it!

?Rule Two of the Rails When you see a slow-down sign, check your speed and drive in the lower gear. When you've passed the slow-down sign, shift back into high gear as before. Do this smoothly. It should be like second nature.

?Rule Three of the Rails When pulling into a station, don't stop beyond the stop zone. You don't want your passengers to panic and think you forgot their stop. That would be inexcusable! Give them a first-class experience.

?Rule Four of the Rails You'll scare and endanger your passengers if you reverse suddenly. Transport them delicately, as if they were glasses of water filled to the brim... Because what is done cannot be undone.

?I guess this means you got my letter! Surprised you found the place, though. Anyway, here! I want you to have this!

?Isn't this treasure the most brain-explodingly awesome thing you've ever seen? I got it when you took me to the Ocean Temple. I think it's pretty valuable. But, man, arrows were flying at me and huge boulders were rolling at me. Shoot, I put my life on the line to get this. Would it kill you to show me a little appreciation? [.]Thanks![.]Whatever.

?Aww, coming from you, that means a lot.

?Um, OK, I guess you can be like that if you want. Well, I hope you know that a real engineer should always be gracious! You're going to get into a huge accident someday with a cruddy attitude like that.

?Well, good luck with the engineer thing!

?I'm sorry, but I don't have anything more to give you. Take care and enjoy the rest of your journey!

?Hey! Good to see you. What's shakin'? As for me, I'm gonna hole up at home for a while to work on a report. It's about those mysterious trains that have recently appeared. Yep, all this time, I haven't just been hanging out. I've been doing serious research! So anyway, I think I'm gonna get started on that report tomorrow!

?OK, I'm gonna get started on that report tomorrow! The only way to stay sharp is through hard work. Don't ever forget that.

?Oh, hey there. No, I'm not making much progress on the report. See, I got the sudden urge to reorganize my entire photo collection. You know how it is with procrastination. It always sneaks up on you just when you're trying to start something big. Anyway, I'm definitely gonna get working on that report...starting tomorrow!

?Let's go find the Sand Temple and the Bow of Light now! But do the Spirit Tracks even go to the desert?

?This Force Gem will serve that very purpose. It will open tracks into the desert.

?What? Anjean...

?As I am sure you know, happiness and gratitude create energy. Well, I am deeply grateful to both of you for all of your help. I cannot help you directly, but I can at least give you this Force Gem.

?OK, thank you, Anjean!

?Let's head for the Ocean Realm, and from there, to the desert!

?View Train

?The chest is empty.

?You got a shield! Defend yourself from minor attacks just by holding it!

?You got bombs! They come with a bomb bag that can hold up to 10 bombs. Tap a spot to throw a bomb there.

?You got a small key! Use this key to open locked doors! Touch a door to open it. You can only use the key once.

?You got a green Rupee! It's worth 1 Rupee! Once you have enough, you can go shopping!

?You got a blue Rupee! It's worth 5 Rupees! Get a bunch together and buy something nice!

?You got a red Rupee! It's worth 20 Rupees! Just a few of these will buy you something at the store!

?You got a big green Rupee! It's worth 100 Rupees!

?You got a big red Rupee! It's worth 200 Rupees!

?You got a big gold Rupee! It's worth 300 Rupees!

?You got a Force Gem! The Ocean rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Ocean rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Fire rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?The Forest rail map has started to glow ominously. The Compass of Light has revealed a track leading into the darkness!

?You got a Force Gem! The Fire rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Snow rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Fire rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a letter from the postman! Go to the Collection screen to read it!

?You got a Heart Container! You increased your life by one and refilled your hearts!

?You got the quiver! Now you can hold more arrows. Check the Collection screen.

?You got the medium bomb bag! Now you can carry more bombs!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Fire rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Forest rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Snow rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Snow rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Snow rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Snow rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Ocean rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got a Force Gem! The Ocean rail map has started glowing! This Force Gem has energized the rail map. New tracks have appeared!

?You got 10 prize postcards! Send them out in the mail to collect neat bonus prizes!

?You got the red potion! Drink it to restore six hearts! It's stored in the Menu bar. Tap it to use it, but it can only be used once!

?You got the purple potion! Drink it to restore eight hearts. Keep it, and if you lose all of your hearts, it will automatically restore them. It's stored in your Menu bar. Tap it to use it, but you can only use it once.

?You got the yellow potion! Drink it to restore all of your hearts! It's stored in your Menu bar. Tap it to use it, but you can only use it once!

?You got the Demon Fossil! It's like a normal fossil, but it's much more valuable. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got a Stalfos skull! It's kinda icky, but it's got treasure written all over it! Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got a star fragment! Check it out on the Collection screen! This beautiful stone is rumored to have fallen from the sky!

?You got some bee larvae! Check it out on the Collection screen! Sure, they're gross to look at, but they're precious just the same!

?You got a wood heart! Check it out on the Collection screen. Sure, it looks like a chestnut, but there's something special about it.

?You got a dark pearl loop! This necklace glows mysterious and dark! Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got a pearl necklace! This stunning pearl necklace glows elegantly in the light! Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got a Ruto Crown! The Zoras have passed it down across generations. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got a dragon scale! It's said this pristine scale fell from a dragon. But no one really knows for sure. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got the pirate necklace! Check it out on the Collection screen. It can only be worn by one who is destined to become the leader of the pirates.

?You got a palace dish! Check it out on the Collection screen! Long ago, this elegant dish was a prized possession of the royal family.

?You got some Goron Amber! This hard, valuable mineral has a bug inside of it! Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got the Mystic Jade! Check it out on the Collection screen. The mysterious light this jade gives off makes it an extremely valuable item!

?You got the ancient gold piece! Check it out on the Collection screen! Just holding it in your hand seems to take you back to those long-forgotten days...

?You got the Alchemy Stone! Check it out on the Collection screen! The golden gleam of this stone entrances all who behold it!

?You got a Regal Ring! It's been passed down over generations of nobility. Only a small number of these exist in the world! Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got the quiver! Now you can hold more arrows. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?You got the big bomb bag! Now you can carry more bombs. Check it out on the Collection screen.

?You got a Swordsman's Scroll! Memories of veteran swordsmen flow through it. You can now perform the great spin attack, [Link]! Draw a circle around you three times to execute the attack!

?You got a Swordsman's Scroll! Memories of veteran swordsmen flow through it. You can now send shock waves with your sword, [Link]! Swing your sword to send a powerful shock wave surging out!

?You got the rabbit net! Try using it while you're riding the train!

?You got a Beedle Club Card! Now you can collect points at Beedle's shop!

?You got a Silver Card! Now everything at Beedle's shop is 10 percent off!

?You got a Gold Card! Now everything at Beedle's shop is 20 percent off!

?You got a Platinum Card! Now everything at Beedle's shop is 30 percent off!

?You got a Diamond Card! Now everything at Beedle's shop is half off!

?You got a Freebie Card! Choose any item you want, and you'll get it for free!

?You got a Quintuple Points Card! Any item you buy earns five times the points!

?You got Carben's letter! It has instructions on how to get to the ocean floor! Go to the Collection screen to read it!

?You got the recruit uniform! It's the usual outfit for rookie guards.

?You got the engineer's clothes! They have a dove design on them, the mark of a true engineer!





?Save and Quit


?Save and Quit



?You can't write on this map.

?Save your progress? [.]Yes[.]No

?Saving... Don't remove the Game Card or turn the game off.

?Save complete.

?You can't read the sign from this angle...

?End the game? [.]Yes[.]No

?Quit Minigame

?Did something just move? It looks different...

?Nothing happened...

?Drink the potion? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?You played the Song of Awakening!

?You played the Song of Healing!

?You played the Song of Birds!

?You played the Song of Light!

?You played the Song of Discovery!

?The Spirit of Healing can't help you more than once...

?There's nothing here to wake up.

?The Spirit of Healing can't help you here.

?There are no birds around.

?There are no crystal switches around.

?There's nothing hidden here to discover.

?Tee hee! Just this once! Mwah! *

?Hiya! Thanks for summoning me! As a reward to you for awakening me, I'll lend you my power one time. If you're close to running out of life, play this song, and I'll come rescue you. Nifty, huh?

?Oh, and one more thing! You can't summon me just anywhere. Only a place with strong energy, like a temple or the Tower of Spirits.

?No Message

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! You look like you want to know where to find a treasure chest. For 20 Rupees, I can help you. What do you say? [.]OK![.]No.

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! Oh, you're searching for hidden treasure? Sorry, there aren't any treasure chests left on this floor!

?Write a note on the map so you don't forget! ...Well, did you do it? [.]Yep.[.]Not yet.

?I see... Well, whatever. Do what you want! Bye now!

?Better hurry up!

?What, you don't have any money? Sorry, but you'll need 20 Rupees if you want any information from me.

?All right! Here are all the treasures chests on this floor!

?This is a stamp station. Would you like to stamp Niko's stamp book? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?This is a stamp station. But you don't have a stamp book...

?Forest Realm

?Snow Realm

?Ocean Realm

?Fire Realm

?Tower of Spirits

?Tunnel to the Tower

?Forest Temple

?Snow Temple

?Ocean Temple

?Fire Temple

?Sand Temple

?Pirate Hideout

?Hyrule Castle

?Castle Town


?Anouki Village

?Papuchia Village

?Goron Village

?Trading Post

?Wellspring Station

?Aboda Village

?Forest Sanctuary

?Snow Sanctuary

?Ocean Sanctuary

?Fire Sanctuary

?Sand Sanctuary

?Bridge Worker's Home

?Stagnox, Armored Colossus

?Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire

?Phytops, Barbed Menace

?Cragma, Lava Lord

?Skeldritch, Ancient Demon

?Ghost Train




?Goron Target Range

?Snowdrift Station

?Lost at Sea Station

?Disorientation Station

?Ends of the Earth Station

?Dark Ore Mine

?Rabbitland Rescue

?Slippery Station


?Floor [var]

?Floor 1

?Basement [var]

?Don't leave without me!

?Hellooooooo there, valued customer! We're here for all your postal needs!

?Would you like to send any prize postcards? [.]One.[.]Three.[.]Five.[.]Nah.

?But you don't have enough postcards! Come by when you've purchased more.

?Thank you--I'll take it from here! I hope you'll come by with mail for me again!

?You've mailed [var] today! Just in case you were wondering, you can mail up to 20 a day!

?We've already had [var] postcard today, [Link]. Any more and our bag might burst at the seams...

?Hey, hey, howdy, mister.

?OK, I've delivered your mail safely to you!

?Me? Oh, I'm no good at long-winded introductions. I'm just an average guy who works the postman gig to get by. You can call me Postman. All my friends do. Now that you know my name, next time I see you, don't be shy! Say hello! Speaking of names, you're [Link], right? I've got a letter for you, so I'll just jump right in and read it aloud. Oh, wait--that's the way we USED to do things. But no more! Apparently, some folks thought our reading their letters out loud was rude. So now our policy is to just hand-deliver the mail unopened.

?Well, my work seems to be done here, so I'll be off. See you around!

?Here you go!

?Oh, and I have this for you!

?Greetings. I'm here with a letter from Mr. Alfonzo to [Link]! He told me he recently suffered a nasty injury but is now on the mend! Now, where was I... Oh yes, your letter! Sorry, I'm easily distracted.

?Mail for [Link] from the guard captain! Seems he thought up a new training regimen and is as giddy as a schoolgirl. Do the guy a favor and show your face around the castle sometime, OK? Oh yeah, and before I forget, here's that letter.

?I've got a letter for you here from one Mr. Beedle! He said something about opening up a shop in a hot-air balloon. Wacky! Oh--here's your letter!

?I've got a letter and a package for you from Beedle, [Link]. Beedle's Members' Club really has a lot to offer, doesn't it! I thought about becoming a member, but I'm so busy with my job and all... I don't really have much time for shopping and stuff like that. ...Oh yeah, your letter.

?I've got a letter and package for you from Beedle, [Link]! Apparently, his whole store fits in a hot-air balloon! Now isn't that something! I wish I could fly like that. Sure would be easier on the old knees. I've heard that he won't come down unless you blow your train whistle! So, how are regular folks like us supposed to find his store without a train?! ...Oh, I can see by your face you just want your letter! Sorry! Here ya go!

?I've got a letter and package for you from Beedle, [Link]! You must really be shopping up a storm, huh! Oh, I get it! You're trying to save up points for one of his "fabulous gifts," huh! ...Oh, right, right! Your letter! Here it is!

?I've got a letter and package for you from Beedle, [Link]! Just between us, he was really happy when he sent these. He said you were really a great customer! I dropped in on his store the other day, but all of it was so expensive! You must have really bought a lot for Beedle to think so highly of you! When you've got a sec, you gotta let me know how you earned so many Rupees! ...Oh, sorry, I guess I lost my train of thought. Here's your letter!

?I've got a letter and package for you from Beedle, [Link]! I heard that someone recently became a Diamond Member! Who would've thought it'd be you, [Link]? Yep, it's pretty amazing... Oh, right, of course! Here's your letter!

?Here's a package and a letter from...the Battle Association? What's a "battle"? And why does it have its own association? There's so much in the world I don't know about! Hey, think I could take a peek at that letter? Oh, I'm being rude again, aren't I...

?Oh, here's another package and letter from the Battle Association! You know, I've been giving this whole "battle" thing some thought. Is it a bat-appreciation club where you talk about ferocious species of bats? ...No? Really? But it's got bat right in the title! Hmmm... Very strange. Oh, right, I almost forgot. Here's your letter!

?You got another package and letter from the Battle Association! It's a little strange how much mail you're getting from such an odd place! What in the world-- Oh, I'm just thinking out loud! Here's your letter, sir!

?You got a letter from Niko, [Link]! You know, for his age, Niko sure has energy to burn! How old is he anyhow? When I saw him last, he made me listen to his so-called "masterpiece." ...Which is to say, the old fellow pretty much talked my poor ear off. Now where were we again? Oh, right, your letter. Here you go, fresh from the bag.

?I have a letter for you from Ferrus, [Link]! That guy's a character, isn't he? He called himself a "trainiac." Is that some sort of disease? ...I guess I'll never know. Well anyway, here's your letter.

?It looks like you got another letter from Ferrus, [Link]. When I picked this letter up from him, he seemed really down in the dumps. He said something about making a huge mistake... I wonder what that was all about. And now as promised, your letter.

?Hey, you've got yet another letter from Ferrus, [Link]! He seems to have perked up since I saw him last. He was all smiles this time! Maybe it had something to do with the underwater tracks he said he found. He told me to thank you for all your help. Now without further ado, here's your letter!

?Hello there! I've got a letter here for you from Kagoron, [Link]! You know, that's quite a name he has. It's hard to pronounce, don't you think? Do you think his friends call him "Koggie" for short? Or maybe he goes by "Ron" instead. Sorry, I got lost in thought there. Here's that letter I promised you.

?The results are in from the prize postcards you submitted! Are you ready for the big news?

?Congraaaatulations! You won the first-place prize, so here comes the prize train! CHOO CHOO!

?Congraaaatulations! You won the second-place prize, so here comes the prize train! CHOO CHOO!

?Congraaaatulations! Oops, it looks like you got a third-place prize. Well, free stuff is free stuff! Here, let's pop this guy open and see what you got!

?Congratulaaaations! Oops, it says "no winner" here. I guess all you get is a smile from me. But don't get discouraged. Keep sending in those postcards!

?Wowee zowee! Some people just have all the luck! Just make sure you don't use up all that good luck on winning prizes!

?Not bad, if I do say so myself. But who knows? You might just score the first-place prize next time!

?Third place or no, winning always feels pretty good. Keep sending in those postcards!

?Howdy! How goes it, [Link]?

?What would you like to read about? [.]Prizes.[.]Battles.[.]Nothing.

?Buy prize postcards and win yourself some treasure! The more postcards you send, the better your chances of winning! Today's prizes are: First: Mystic Jade Second: Dragon Scale Third: Wood Heart

?Buy prize postcards and win yourself some treasure! The more postcards you send, the better your chances of winning! Today's prizes are: First: Alchemy Stone Second: Pearl Necklace Third: 20 Rupees

?Buy prize postcards and win yourself some treasure! The more postcards you send, the better your chances of winning! Today's prizes are: First: Regal Ring Second: Pirate Necklace Third: Stalfos Skull

?Buy prize postcards and win yourself some treasure! The more postcards you send, the better your chances of winning! Today's prizes are: First: Ancient Gold Piece Second: Dark Pearl Loop Third: Star Fragment

?Buy prize postcards and win yourself some treasure! The more postcards you send, the better your chances of winning! Today's prizes are: First: Palace Dish Second: Pearl Necklace Third: Demon Fossil



















?Ancient Earth

?Frozen Plains

?Fire Arena

?Icy Plains

?Scorched Battlefield

?Shadow Stage



?Data could not be read. Turn the power off, then reinsert the Game Card.

?Data could not be written. Turn the power off, then reinsert the Game Card.




?Mic Test



?Hand Settings

?Mic Test

?Sound Settings

?Message Speed


?Select File






?Tag Mode


?Creating a save file...

?File created.

?Copying to file [file]! However, Battle Mode data can't be copied. Any save data already in this file will be overwritten. Would you like to copy to file [file]? [.]Yes[.]No

?Copying... Do not turn the power off.

?Copy complete.

?Do you hold the stylus in your right or left hand? [.]Right[.]Left

?You're right-handed? [.]Yes[.]No

?You're left-handed? [.]Yes[.]No

?Use these settings? [.]Yes[.]No

?New Game!

?Erased data cannot be recovered! Erase this file? [.]Yes[.]No

?Erasing... Please do not turn the power off.

?The file has been deleted.

?Is this what you want to name your character? [.]Yes[.]No

?The data in file [file] is corrupted. File [file] will be deleted.

?Some of the data in file [file] is corrupted. The corrupted data in file [file] will be deleted.

?The data in file [file] is corrupted. The previous data will be loaded.

?The Battle Mode data in file [file] is corrupted. The Battle Mode data will be erased.

?The Battle Mode data in file [file] is corrupted. The previous data will be loaded.

?The Options data in file [file] is corrupted. The Options data will be reset.

?Saving... Please don't touch the Game Card or turn the power off.

?Save complete.

?The data has been re-created.

?Please face the mic and speak.

?Preparing the mic...

?Some of the Options data in file [file] is corrupted. This data will be deleted.

?Left Hand

?Right Hand








?Arrange Cars

?Sell Treasure

?Purchase Car


?Go Back









?Why, helloooooo! Welcome to my store! We have many fabulous items that are sure to please. Take a look around!

?Um, welcome? This is the forest's general store. We have a lot of items, so, uh, please feel free to take a look.

?Hey! Guy! This here is the Anouki General Store! We got everything ya need. Check it out!

?Oh, welcome! It's not often we see young 'uns 'round these parts. This is my shop, so don't hold back on the buying. Hyeh heh heh!

?Welcome to my shop, customer! We have many fine items, so buy anything that strikes your fancy!

?If you see something you want, go ahead and give it a little tap.

?Um... If you see something you want, please tap it.

?See somethin' ya want? Then tap it already!

?If there's something you want, go ahead and tap it!

?If you see something you need, please tap it!

?Oh yes, this lovely quiver lets you carry more arrows. That'll be [var] Rupees.

?That's a quiver... Use it to carry more arrows. It's [var] Rupees.

?That quiver will let ya carry more arrows! It's a measly [var] Rupees!

?That is a quiver! It lets you carry more arrows. It's yours for [var] Rupees.

?That is a quiver! It lets you carry more arrows. It costs [var] Rupees.

?Why, yes, 10 arrows! That will be [var] Rupees. It's a very good value!

?Those 10 arrows are [var] Rupees. It's a good deal...

?Only [var] Rupees for 10 arrows! Don't pass up this killer deal!

?Those 10 arrows are yours for [var] Rupees. It's a great value!

?Those 10 arrows are [var] Rupees! The price is nice!

?Carry more bombs with this bomb bag! It's only [var] Rupees!

?That bomb bag lets you carry more bombs... It's only [var] Rupees!

?A bomb bag lets ya carry more bombs around. It'll cost ya [var] Rupees!

?A bomb bag lets you carry more bombs. How does [var] Rupees sound?

?You can use this bomb bag to carry more bombs. It costs [var] Rupees!

?Oh yes, 10 bombs! That'll be [var] Rupees!

?Those 10 bombs will cost you [var] Rupees. It's a good deal...

?It's 10 bombs for [var] Rupees! A good deal, guy!

?Those 10 bombs will cost you [var] Rupees.

?Those 10 bombs will cost you [var] Rupees.

?That [player] is a treasure item. How does [var] Rupees sound?

?That [player] is a treasure item. It costs [var] Rupees.

?That [player] is a treasure item. It'll run ya [var] Rupees.

?That [player] is a treasure item. I am asking for [var] Rupees.

?That [player] is a treasure item. How about [var] Rupees for it?

?That Heart Container gives you one extra heart. And it's only [var] Rupees!

?This Heart Container increases your life by one! It's only [var] Rupees!

?This Heart Container increases your life by one! It's only [var] Rupees!

?This Heart Container increases your life by one! It's only [var] Rupees!

?This Heart Container increases your life by one! It's only [var] Rupees!

?Oh, that's a shield! It defends you from attacks. It's [var] Rupees!

?That shield will protect you from enemies. It's [var] Rupees!

?That shield will protect ya from enemy attack for just [var] Rupees!

?Carry this shield to protect yourself from enemies. It's [var] Rupees!

?That is a shield to protect you from enemies. It is [var] Rupees!

?Drink that red potion to restore six hearts. It's only [var] Rupees!

?Restore six hearts when you drink this red potion. It's [var] Rupees!

?This red potion restores six hearts to ya for the low price of [var] Rupees!

?Drink this red potion to restore six of your hearts. It costs [var] Rupees!

?The red potion will restore six of your hearts. It costs just [var] Rupees!

?Drink this purple potion to automatically restore eight hearts when you fall! It's [var] Rupees.

?The purple potion costs [var] Rupees and refills eight hearts when you fall.

?The purple potion costs [var] Rupees and refills eight hearts when ya fall.

?The purple potion costs [var] Rupees. It refills eight hearts when you fall.

?The purple potion costs [var] Rupees and refills eight hearts when you fall.

?Drink the yellow potion to restore your health fully. It costs [var] Rupees!

?Drink the yellow potion to restore all your hearts. It costs [var] Rupees!

?That's a yellow potion! It restores all your hearts. It's only [var] Rupees!

?Drink the yellow potion to restore all your hearts. It costs [var] Rupees!

?That is a yellow potion! It recovers all your hearts. It's only [var] Rupees!

?Thank you very much! Can I help you with anything else?

?Thanks so much. Can I help you with anything else?

?Many thanks, buddy. Want anything else?

?Appreciate the business. Can I get you anything else?

?Thank you very much. Would you like to buy anything else?

?Come back again soon.

?Come back, uh, anytime!

?Come back soon, pal!

?Come back soon!

?Thanks! Come again!

?Oh, you don't have enough money to buy that. Come back when you have more!

?But, uh, you don't have enough money. Come back when you have some.

?Hey, buddy, ya don't have enough money, so I can't sell this to ya...

?You don't have enough money! Come back when you've saved some up!

?You do not have enough money... Come see me when you do!

?Oh, you don't have a bow? Sorry, but you can't buy arrows without a bow.

?Oh, but you don't have a bow. I can't sell these to you unless you have one.

?Oops! Guy, ya need a bow before you can buy these!

?Oh dear... You need a bow first if you want to buy these.

?Um, you do not have a bow yet. You cannot buy these until you get one...

?Oh, you don't have a bomb bag? Sorry, but you can't get bombs without one.

?Oh, but you don't have a bomb bag. I can't sell these to you until you have one.

?Hey, guy, ya don't have a bomb bag yet, and ya can't buy these until ya do...

?You don't have a bomb bag, and you need one to buy bombs.

?Oh, but you do not have a bomb bag. You cannot buy these unless you have one.

?Looks like you can't carry any more items. Come back when you have some space.

?Oh, so sorry, but you can't carry any more. Come back when you have more room.

?Hey, pal, your pockets are stuffed! Come back once you've used up some stuff!

?You can't carry any more. Come back when you have some room.

?You cannot carry any more. Come talk to me when you make some room.

?So very sorry, but that's out of stock. I'll have something good there soon.

?Sorry, but that item is out of stock. We'll have something nice next time.

?We're sold out of that item, but we'll have something good next time.

?Sorry, but we're all out of those. Come back later, and I might have something.

?Sorry--that item is out of stock. We will try to get more in soon!

?Those prize postcards are [var] Rupees! Mail 'em for a chance to win big!

?Those prize postcards are [var] Rupees! Mail 'em out and you could win big!

?Those prize postcards are [var] Rupees! Mail 'em out and ya could win big!

?Those prize postcards are [var] Rupees! Mail 'em out and you could win big!

?Those prize postcards are [var] Rupees! Mail 'em out and you could win big!

?You already have a shield! You can buy this if you lose the one you have.

?Hey, you already have a shield. If you lose it, feel free to talk to me.

?Ya got a shield already, pal. But come back if something happens to it.

?Hyeh heh heh! You already have a shield! Come back if you lose it.

?You already have a shield. But if you ever lose it, come back and talk to me.

?You completed the duet with Steem, the Lokomo of the Snow Realm! The Snow rail map has started glowing! New tracks have appeared!

?You got the Song of Discovery! Play it to find hidden objects. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?We still don't know where to find the Lokomo in this realm. Perhaps we should chat a bit more with the locals to find out what they know. Are you sure you want to board the train? [.]Yes.[.]Not now.

?I sure hope we can help the village honcho pair up the villagers. Are you sure you want to leave before we finish? [.]Yeah.[.]Not now.

?I'm so glad we found out how to get to the Snow Sanctuary! It took quite a bit of work to get the information, but now our course is clear. Are you ready to set out and meet Steem? [.]Yeah![.]Hold on.

?Are you ready to go, [Link]? [.]Yeah.[.]Hold on.

?But aren't you getting cold, [Link]? Oh, me? I'm fine. Not having a body really helps me withstand the cold.

?I don't know how useful Honcho's suggestion will prove to be. Still, it sounds like it's worth paying this Ferrus a visit! Honcho said that we can find him in the plains to the east.

?OK, we can wander around here some more. I hope I don't get frostbite, though! ...Though I guess without a body, that's not really a concern.

?All right, let's be off then!

?We've been given quite a task. Let's start by talking to all the local villagers.

?Making these pairs is a real hassle. No wonder Honcho wanted you to do it. I tell you what--from now on, I'll do what I can to help with this task!

?Brrr! This place is freezing! ...Though I can't really say for sure, seeing as how I have no body. But enough talk. We should ask the villagers about the Lokomo in this realm.

?If you're lookin' for the honcho of this place, you're starin' right at him! Whazzat? You ain't lookin' for the village honcho? [.]Mm-hmm.[.]Hi, honcho!

?Ya got a good head on your shoulders, guy.

?Not only am I the honcho of this here little village, Honcho's my name! Tell me, guy, was I not made for this job?

?But enough about me. Is there a reason ya wanted to talk to me? Whazzat? You wanna go to the Snow Sanctuary? But the tracks goin' that way are all gone, guy! ...Honestly, though, when those tracks disappeared, us Anoukis were shocked. Not only were the tracks gone, but monsters started poppin' up too! We're in a real bind now! There's danger around every corner!

?So I don't really have time to yak it up about goin' to the Snow Sanctuary. But I might be able to chat more if you'd help this old- timer organize some teams. What do you say, pal? [.]I'm on it![.]I can't.

?Ya think you're up to the task, buddy? Yeah, ya got a real capable look to ya. Well, do your best, but don't get worked up if the goin' gets a little tough! See, most of the villagers are a little picky about who they'll partner up with. Pairin' them off is gonna be a pain, but I think ya got it under control. Talk with folks in town, and come tell me when you've found the best pairings! You catch all that, pal? [.]Sure did![.]I'm lost...

?Either ya got a mind like a sieve, or you're just not payin' attention! Anyway, listen for real this time! One day, the tracks just went kaput, cuttin' off our access to the sanctuary... Not long after that, we started seein' monsters right here in the village! That's why I've been tryin' to put together teams to watch over the village! Ya clear on everything now? [.]Sure am![.]Uh, no...

?...That's cold!

?Ya gotta arrange the six villagers, includin' yours truly, into three pairs. I'm happy pairin' up with any old Anouki, but some villagers are more picky. Talk to the villagers, take note of their preferences, and find good pairs!

?Now you're just bein' difficult... All right, more or less what I'm sayin' is, I want ya to pair up the villagers! Talk to the folks, make some pairs, and report your findings back to me! Make sense? [.]Yep![.]Not really.

?I want ya to take the six of us villagers and pair us up into three groups! I'm happy as a clam to be paired with anyone, but some folks got preferences. It'll be up to ya to find out what those preferences are. Don't let me down!

?Hey there, guy! Thought any more about my little proposal? So ya gonna help me make pairs for monster patrol? [.]Sure am![.]Nah.

?Hey, it's my guy! Got those patrol teams ready yet? [.]Sure do![.]Not yet.

?Come on, pal--stop messin' around, and start hustlin'!

?YES! I knew ya'd come through for me! Gimme the lowdown!

?Hey, guy, what's the big idea? I thought ya had this all figured out. Guess not.

?Ya sure about that, pal? I don't think ya quite got it down yet. Why doncha go check your facts with the villagers?

?BOOYA! There ya go! Ya know, I think this is gonna work out perfect! Erm... I mean, you've just backed up what I was already suspectin'. I just needed ya to double- check for me. Just the same, here's a thank-you gift!

?Why are ya still hangin' around here, guy? I thought we were all done. [.]Actually...[.]You sure?

?Oh, right! I was so jazzed about gettin' the teams together, I almost forgot. Ya were tryin' to make your way out to the Snow Sanctuary, weren't ya? Meetin' with Steem, right? Well it's a pain to get there, but here's the deal. The good news is that the Snow Sanctuary isn't all that far from here. The bad news is that the only way there is outta commission.[.] Technically speakin', the tunnel that goes there is still intact... But no one's used it since that ginormous monster moved in a few years back. See, us Anoukis are thinkers, not monster fighters. But I can tell you're cut from different cloth than us! Sturdier cloth! Sure, the tunnel to the Snow Sanctuary is scary, but you can handle it! Here's the entrance. If ya decide to use it, be careful in there, OK? You're a good guy. I'd hate to see ya get hurt. Plus... I'd look like a doof if it got out that I showed ya how to get there![.][.]

?You've just GOTTA help us! Seriously, guy... Please.

?...Sorry 'bout that little outburst. Us Anoukis can get a little fiery sometimes. Anyhow, I'm tryin' to put together a village watch to deal with our problem. I'm thinkin' pairs of villagers would work best. Safety in numbers, y'know? Did ya catch all that, green guy? [.]I follow![.]Um, no.

?What? You mean to tell me I gotta run through all that again? Sheesh! Steem is livin' up in the Snow Sanctuary, which is located here. But the only way to get there is through a tunnel that's got a monster in it.[.] It's a dangerous journey, but if ya can survive it, it'll get ya there! You can get in the tunnel at this spot here. Now, ya watch yourself out there, OK?[.] If something happened to you, guy... I could be held partially responsible, yeah?[.]

?Hey! If it isn't my favorite green guy. Did ya see that monster in the tunnel? What was that? Ya wanna pass through that blizzardy area? Thing is... the storms there will just blow ya clear back to where you started. Whazzat? How do ya get past 'em? Boy, guy, ya just don't stop with the questions, do ya! Oh well--you're a pal, so of course I'll tell ya. [.]Please do.[.]Spill it!

?...But the truth is, I don't really know what to tell ya. We've had those fierce snowstorms ever since the Spirit Tracks disappeared. It's made it so pretty much no one can even get near the place. But there is this one guy off in the eastern fields who's nuts about trains. Think he goes by the name of Ferrus or somethin' like that. Why doncha ask him if there's a safe way through that mess? Ha! How's that for a great idea? I'm not the honcho for nothing, ya know!

?I hear a young guy named Ferrus lives over in the plains to the east. He might have some information that can help ya! Why not go say hey?

?Hey! Guy! Looks like you made it back from the Snow Sanctuary in one piece! And it's all thanks to that solid-gold advice I gave ya, am I right?

?How you doing, guy? Ya need something? [.]Ice.[.]Nope.

?Aw, come on now. Did ya even stop to think about it before ya rejected me?

?Ice, huh? Hmm... Well, in a chilly place like this, ya figure there'd be at least a little lyin' around. Lucky for you, though, we got a fine local product called Mega Ice. Take a look. The guy livin' right here makes the stuff! He can help ya out. Just don't expect to get it for free. It'll probably cost ya.[.]

?Baloney! I'm the village honcho! Why should I have to go on patrol duty? I tell ya, guy, bein' a role model is hard work.

?I'm tellin' ya, guy, I'm just bushed. I don't know how much more of this patrollin' I can do.

?Is my shift over yet? It feels like I've been on patrol forever...

?What bozo thought settin' up a village patrol would be a good idea?! Hmph.

?This is crazy! What in the world's been goin' on while I've been on watch?

?Some big orange monster decided to set up camp in my place! I can't exactly go home now! Where am I supposed to sleep? Tell me, where?!

?Whazzat? Ya wanna know if this is the village honcho's house? [.]Yeah.[.]NO!

?Is that so... Then tell me this... Why should the village honcho talk to you? HMM? [.]What?[.]Forget it.

?Whoa! Whoa there, guy! No need to get that tunic in a twist! The village honcho lives up in the hut sittin' above all the rest. It's so he has a good view of this majestic village! ...All six huts of it, that is.

?Oh, quit with all the questions, buddy. You're killin' me. There are only six of us here! How hard is it to find the honcho yourself?

?Hey! Guy! The name's Kofu. Good to meet ya, pal. So you're the guy puttin' together pairs for the watch? I can't wait! My thoughts? I won't work with anyone who's got big horns like mine. Mine are the best in the village. Maybe even best in the world! So now ya know my only request, pal. Find me a good partner, OK? Thanks!

?Hey! Guy! I hear you're headin' for that crazy tunnel. If I were you, I'd say ixnay on the unneltay. Ya wanna know why? [.]No![.]Don't care.

?...Aw, come on, buddy. You're killin' the flow of our conversation here. Just let me tell ya.

?No need to be so snippy about it, pal!

?Come on--you're tellin' me ya still haven't picked a partner for me? Just remember, I won't work with anyone who's got big horns like mine. Anyone else'll suit me just fine. Thanks, pal.

?The tracks might be back, but the world's still a dangerous place. Stay on your toes, pal!

?Hey there, guy! I've just been chattin' with my rocky pal here. He's really been talkin' up Goron Village to me. Apparently, it's toasty all year round and the perfect place for takin' it easy! Personally, this Anouki could use a break from guard duty. Whaddaya say to givin' me a lift to Goron Village? [.]Sure.[.]I can't.

?Aw, snowflakes! I guess I'm stuck here for now then...

?Booya! I knew ya wouldn't let me down, guy! Well, I'll be waitin' for ya on the train!

?I thought you'd be able to do it, but turns out ya already have a passenger! I'll wait for ya, but be sure ya write a memo so ya don't forget!

?Hey, guy! I heard ya had a mess-up with a passenger. Bad news travels quick! If ya don't go rescue that sad sack, no one's gonna feel safe on your train! Go clear it up now, and maybe I'll have time for a ride before guard duty. If ya go get him now and bring him back, it'll be like none of this ever happened!

?Lately, I can't get my mind off this Goron Village I keep hearin' about. I hear it's toasty warm all year round and the perfect place for takin' it easy! I'm sick of freezin' out on patrol for hours on end. I'm flyin' the coop, I tell ya! Will you give me a ride over to Goron Village? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?OK. This time, see if ya can't keep this train ride a little smoother, guy. I'll be waitin' on the train for ya, so come by when you're ready to get movin'!

?I don't know how to break this to you, guy, but... Your drivin' was awful! It made my fur stand on end! Look, I'm still puffy from it! Are ya really gonna try to do a better job this time? [.]Of course![.]Hmmm...

?OK, then I'll hop aboard. Are ya worried? [.]Not at all.[.]Maybe...

?If ya gotta think about it that hard, never mind! I do wanna just take it easy and wear shorts and sandals... But if ya can't stop drivin' like a maniac, then it's all parkas all the time for me.

?Hurry up and save your old passenger so you can come back for me!

?Once ya deliver your passenger, don't forget to come back for me!

?The Spirit Tracks are clearin' out, and monsters are poppin' up everywhere! I tell ya, us Anoukis are havin' a tough time of things right about now. Ya see, we're a gentle bunch. We're thinkers, not fighters. Plus we don't really got the guts for stuff like monster hunting. You gotta help us!

?Hey there, pal. Name's Bulu! Whazzat? No, not Boohoo. Ugh. That gag's as old as the village honcho! Hmm? So you're the guy makin' pairs? You must be really bored--I mean, really nice to help us out with this! Just remember this! I can't stand Anoukis who grow out their facial hair. They think they're so great! I mean, who do they think they are! Bah!

?Hey! Guy! Buddy guy! Thanks for findin' me a patrol partner! Say, you're headin' to that tunnel, right? You're either bored or crazy, pal. I mean, who knows what freaky stuff you might find there?

?What? Ya still don't have a partner for me? Will ya step it up a little, pal? I can't stand Anoukis who grow out their facial hair. Find me a partner with a smooth face!

?Me? I'm busy protectin' the village from monsters, can't ya see? This work is so intense, I can't even stop to wipe my nose. ACHOO!

?Just when ya start to get warm again, it's time for guard duty...

?Pain in the neck, right, guy?

?Oh well, no use complainin', I guess...

?Hey! Guy! Yeah, you! You're not from these parts, are ya? Hey, what's with the stare? You're eyeballin' me something serious. Don't tell me you've never seen Anoukis before! Pretty much, you say? Well then, how d'ya do? Nice to meet ya! Since you've never been here before, you oughta go visit the village honcho. Mr. Big Deal lives in the house sittin' at the highest part of the village!

?Hey, pal, I hear you're findin' us partners out of the goodness of your heart. Real nice of ya! Maybe I can repay ya in kind! [.]Sure![.]No need.

?...Hey, I'm not sayin' I'll find ya a patrol partner. I just mean I'd do something nice for ya!

?Wow, ya really do love doin' good just for the love of doin' good! That's real bighearted of ya, guy!

?But enough small talk. How ya doin'? Call me Noko. Listen, us Anoukis only pair up with folks we find agreeable. Me? My biggest gripe is guys wearin' yellow. I mean...blech! As far as I'm concerned, outside of bananas, nothing looks good in yellow! Oh man, I do love a good banana, though! Anyway, good talking to ya, pal!

?Looks like ya found me a partner. I guess bein' so nice to ya paid off! ...Seriously though, I really made you feel at home. RIGHT?

?Whatcha wastin' time jabberin' at me for? Go find me a partner! Like I said before, I hate it when Anoukis wear yellow! But I love bananas! Now, would ya find me a partner already? I'm itchin' to start patrollin'! Thanks!

?A mean-lookin' train's been spotted around the fields to the east. Me, I'm no fan of high-speed danger. But this kook who lives out there is all excited about the whole thing. The guy's name is Ferrus, and he just goes gaga over all trains. What a weirdo.

?Hey! Guy! Even though it's sunny out, it's snowin' in our hearts. As ya know, we sell Mega Ice here. But a little while ago, an Ice Chu Chu fell in the water... And ever since, there's been a gooey film floatin' on the surface... It's revoltin', I tell ya!

?I see ya got yourself a passenger car now! It's fate, I tell ya! What's that? Ya say you've had it for a while? Well, that's news to me! Think ya can give me a lift to a cold, clear spring? [.]Why?[.]Sure.

?Thank ya kindly! I owe ya one, guy! OK, I'll be waitin' for ya on the train.

?Why, ya ask? Well, listen to this crazy story... Ya know how we sell Mega Ice here? Yeah, it's our village's major export. Well, a little while ago, an Ice Chu Chu fell in the water... And ever since, there's been a gooey film floatin' on the surface... It's revoltin'!


?Guy, I gotta tell ya... Your drivin' was a total mess. I don't scare easy, but ya had me whimperin' for my mom back there. Can I count on ya for a smoother ride this time? [.]Of course![.]Uh...

?If ya gotta think that hard about it, let's just forget the whole thing! Once ya got some more confidence, come talk to me again!

?I'm gettin' on board. Why are ya just standin' there? Is something the matter? [.]It's fine.[.]Well...

?OK, here it is again. I wanna go to a nice, clear natural spring! It's gotta be somewhere chilly though, 'cause I'm gonna make Mega Ice there. I'll be waitin' for ya on the train, so when you're ready, let's go!

?If we made Mega Ice outta this water, our customers would never come back! So please, ya just gotta take me to a lake or some other body of water! And it's gotta be in a cold place, 'cause ya can't make ice without the cold!

?Well? You're gonna take me, aren't ya? [.]Let's go.[.]No.

?If we made ice out of this water, our customers would never buy from us again!

?Do ya know where we can find a place where the water won't run out?

?Hey, do ya think ya could give me a ride in that sweet passenger car? I gotta get to a cold place with a nice, clear spring. [.]Why?[.]OK.

?Do I really gotta explain it all again? Fine, here goes. As ya know, we sell Mega Ice here. Well, we DID until an Ice Chu Chu fell in the water and contaminated it... And ever since, there's been a gooey film floatin' on the surface... Gross, I tell ya!

?...But ya already got someone on board, guy! I'll wait for ya, so don't forget to come back! Write it down or somethin'!

?...But hold on a second. I heard you had an incident with another passenger? That kind of information gets around, ya know... Ya oughtta rescue that other passenger before ya start givin' more rides! That way, we can all ride with peace of mind. I'll be waitin' for ya here!

?If ya don't rescue your passenger, how can I trust ya enough to ride with ya?

?Ya already got a passenger! Guess I'll just wait here then. But don't forget to come back for me! Write it down or somethin'!

?...Eh? Ya already got someone on board! I'll just wait here for ya. Just don't forget, OK? Maybe ya should even write it down.

?...Oh, that's right. There was an incident with your last passenger, right? News like that gets around, ya know... Ya better go into rescue mode, or else I can't ride with ya! I just wouldn't feel safe, ya know? I'll be waitin' here for when you do.

?Hey! Guy! Whatcha doin' all the way out here in the snow? Ya part snowman? What what? Do I know a fella named Steem? [.]Do you?[.]Who?

?Steem... Steem... Steem... St...ee...m. Guy! I got it! EXTREME! Extreme rhymes with Steem! How good am I? ...I guess ya didn't need a rhyme, did ya? Well, that's all I got. If ya need another type of answer, go talk to the village honcho!

?You're pairin' us up to take out those monsters, yeah? Aw right! I, for one, am pumped and ready to send those jokers runnin' for the hills! Ya wanna know my name, huh? Well, I go by Agent Yellow! I mean, since we're formin' elite teams, I figured I needed a code name! Seriously though, my real name's Yefu. Now let's get down to business, yeah? My partner needs to move freely in the field, so flashy horns are a major no-no! Remember to keep it simple. That rule may save ya in the field one day. ...And NO, I don't just say that 'cause I got small horns!

?Oh, the teams are set? Aw yeah, now it's monster- bashin' time! Whazzat ya ask? How am I gonna put a hurtin' on those monsters? [.]Tell me.[.]Yeah!

?Well, ya know... I'll...sneak up on 'em... Then...WHAMMO! I'll just drop the hammer on 'em... Or something like that...

?Can't ya get those teams together? I'm ready to swing into action! Just remember, Agent Yellow--that's me, Yefu-- has one rule. His teammate absolutely cannot have big, flashy horns! Good luck searching!

?I got a hot tip about a guy out in the eastern plains. Apparently, he knows everything about trains AND the Spirit Tracks. Sounds like a real winner, doesn't he?

?The weather's so nice, but it figures I'd get stuck with guard duty.

?Won't someone PLEASE gimme a break?!

?Time crawls when you're on patrol duty, guy.

?Where did Honcho go? Does this mean we're off the hook for patrol duty?

?Hey! You! I know what ya wanna hear. Ya wanna hear our story, doncha! Way back when, us Anoukis lived on an island encased in ice. But one day, someone told us we couldn't just crash there forever. So we packed up our junk and set out in search of a new land to call home. Lotsa stuff happened after that, but we ended up here! Village, sweet village! So how's that for drama? Brings a big, fat tear to your eye, right? [.]Uh...[.]And then?!

?What, you're not moved? You've got a heart of stone, guy! One day you're gonna regret playin' the cool guy like that! Trust me.

?Oh, intrigued, are ya? Piqued your interest, did I? Sorry to let ya down, but I've told ya pretty much all I know.

?Hey! Little green guy! I hear you're helpin' Honcho form monster-huntin' teams. I pity ya, I really do. See, us Anoukis can be pretty particular. Not old Yeko, of course. I'm a real peach! I've just got one tiny preference. I'm not gonna name any names, but there's one guy in our village I can't stand! He's got wimpy horns and dresses in blue. There's only one Anouki who fits that description, so ya should know he is. Ya follow me on all this? Good. See ya!

?Hey! Guy! Thanks for findin' rock-solid partners for everyone! Say, I hear you're headed to the Sanctuary. Ya do know that ya have to pass through that scary cave to get there, doncha? I've heard of some crazy schemes before, but this takes the cake!

?Hey! Guy! Make with the pairing already, would ya? Just keep me away from that wimpy-horned Anouki who dresses in blue. Blech! I mean, who'd wanna pair up with that guy? He's got terrible taste!

?Take a look, pal. We're thinkin' about buildin' a fence to keep monsters out. Thing is, we don't have enough lumber to finish it. Talk about frustratin'! Don't suppose there's a chance someone'll come by with some lumber, hm?

?You brought the bridge worker here?

?Looks like you've got a nice freight car, kiddo. Why don't you use it to get us some nice lumber to match?

?I'm glad the bridge worker is here, but without lumber, there's nothin' he can do. Don't you have a freight car, guy?

?Even if we have the lumber, there's no one here who knows what to do with it! Hey, guy, could you find someone who can build things and bring him here?

?I know we don't got any lumber around these parts. And...we don't really got anyone with the know-how to build a fence.

?So, listen... Do ya think ya can bring us both lumber and a handyman? We'd be eternally grateful, guy!

?Hey, look at all that lumber! Perfect! We need 15 logs, OK? [.]OK.[.]Nope.


?What? This isn't enough at all! Please, guy, ya gotta bring us some more! We're gonna build a huge fence, so we need at least 15 logs!

?Good job, guy! Now we have enough material to build our fence! How can I say thank ya? I know! Take this! Go on-- it's for you!

?Ya brought the bridge worker? Awesome! Let me express our thanks with this!

?Now we can finally build our fence!

?Now we have everything we need!

?Next, we need ya to bring the materials here. So can ya pick up 15 logs of lumber for us?

?Now we just wait until the fence is done. It's all thanks to you, guy!

?Now that we've got all the wood we need, all that's left is finding a builder!

?When we get a fence, we won't have to freeze our horns off on patrol duty! Ha, now that'd be the life! I hope it gets built soon!

?I know, I know, no talkin' while he's workin'... The way he carries on, you'd think this was a library! Sheesh! Is buildin' a fence really that hard?

?So if I have this right, Kofu seems to dislike Anoukis with larger horns. To put it another way, he's probably willing to pair up with a small-horned Anouki.

?Let me review what we just heard. Boohoo--I mean, Bulu dislikes facial hair. If that's the case, I bet he'd be a fine match for an Anouki with no facial hair.

?So it seems Noko doesn't like Anoukis who wear yellow. Put another way, he loves bananas... Oh, wait, that's all wrong. What I meant to say is that he'd pair well with someone wearing blue, or Honcho.

?Yefu says he dislikes those with large, grand horns. Maybe you should pair him with an Anouki with horns on the smaller side.

?Yeko appears to dislike a certain small-horned Anouki who's dressed in blue. It seems that he and Noko would likely butt heads then, doesn't it?

?What? We're here already? Your driving was so smooth that the trip just flew by! I'm rested and ready to tackle the work. Off I go!

?That wasn't the smoothest ride of my life, but I've had worse, believe me! OK, talk to ya later. I gotta get to work!

?Whew! Ya still have a lot to learn about drivin', kid. But at least we're here! Well, I guess it's time I got started!

?Whew! So should we get started?

?Ya don't have any lumber? But that's the key ingredient!

?Why don't ya go and pick up some lumber from somewhere? After all, ya got that terrific freight car.

?Ehh... Even if we found some lumber, how would we transport it? That's the problem...

?Hoo! It's freezin' here! My hands are so numb, I can't do a thing... I'll just warm my hands until the lumber gets here. It kind of a craftsman custom.

?It's f-f-freezin' here, kid! Hurry up and bring the lumber already! My hands are too numb to do a thing! I'll just warm up my hands so I can start as soon as ya bring the materials. It's in the union handbook.

?What now?! I'm workin' here! I got no time for chitchat!

?Eh? What do you mean, "no progress?!" See, that's why projects like this are tough! Can't ya see? The base is the most important! Ya can't just throw it together! If I leave this for later, the end product is gonna be completely off! It's the details that make a true craftsman! And I been at this my whole life! If ya understand, then get outta my hair and let me get back to work!

?Wow! So it was all true! This whole place is covered in white fluffy stuff! I am so glad I made the trip out here, and I am so glad you gave me a ride!

?Oh, but I cannot forget my manners. First things first. I must go meet the village head!

?Mmm? Yesirree, I sure am the honcho... No doubt about it... Why else would I be sittin' in his--I mean, MY house? I just, uh, changed my clothes...guy!

?Oh, I was just speaking with the village honcho.

?Well, Honcho, since you are going on a trip, thanks for letting me use your house! And you do not even know me! For a politician, you are most hospitable.

?It is true what they say. The colder a place is, the warmer the hearts are of the residents!

?Well, what can I say? I'm a real hospitable sorta guy, guy.

?People in cold places have warm hearts! And this place is extra super cold. Since Honcho was kind enough to lend me his house, I may stay for a bit. The only problem is that it is really cold here! It does not feel...Goron-like... Too bad, huh?

?Now where could she have gone...

?Hey there, little guy!

?Would you like to board the train now? [.]Yep.[.]Not now.

?Oh? All right then, we'll stay here a bit longer.

?Let's be on our way then.

?We couldn't find any information about the blizzard here. Let's try another village! [.]OK.[.]Wait.

?I'm so glad we found the vessel Steem wanted. Now that there are some new train tracks, we should see where they lead! Are you ready to go? [.]Yep![.]Hold on.

?All right, then let's go, [Link]!

?The Lokomo of this land should be around here somewhere... Should we look around or go somewhere else? [.]Leave.[.]Stay.

?We keep getting knocked back by the snowstorm... Let's try it again! Or do you want to go somewhere else? [.]Yeah.[.]Nah.

?Now that the tracks have been restored... What do you say we head to the Snow Temple? [.]OK![.]Hold on.

?Have we been anywhere that sold vessels? Well, let's get going! [.]Yes, let's![.]Wait.

?Steem was really angry at us... I hate to say it, [Link]... But it was your fault for breaking that vessel. We have to make it up to him. So let's get going! [.]Right![.]Hold on.

?What was that...that... THING back there? I've never seen a bug that size! People weren't meant to go there! Let's never go back, [Link]! You understand, don't you? No going back there, OK?

?Hoo hoo hoo! I've heard all about you two! You want to restore the Spirit Tracks, correct? [.]That I do![.]Wrongo.

?Such exuberance! Such vigor in that voice! Now THAT, my boy, is a reply! You've shown great bravery in coming here, and it sets my heart soaring! You possess a power vital to restoring the lost Spirit Tracks. Have you heard of the songs of the Lokomos? [.]Of course![.]The what?

?Oh, is that so. Well, my mistake. Pay me no mind.

?Tell me the truth now... You've come here in search of my song, yes? [.]Yes, sir![.]Not at all.

?Each realm has its own song, and they all work to restore the Spirit Tracks. The songs are played by two instruments, each with its own part. Only when all the parts come together does the song emerge. Let us begin by practicing the melody you will play. Listen well, and play after me. When you feel you've got it, set down your flute.

?As you know, the songs are made up of two instruments that play different parts. I'll teach you your part now, so listen closely. Then play as I've played! When you've got it down, set down your flute for just a moment.

?Excuse me... Are you the guardian of this realm? Anjean told us you'd be here...

?Hoo hoo hoo! Nice to meet the both of you! My name's Steem. I am indeed the guardian of the Snow Realm.

?Not hard to pick this old guy out of a crowd, is it?

?Excellent! Now how about we try a real performance? Or would you like to practice first? [.]Perform![.]Practice.

?Just remember that you have your own part to play, my boy! Don't let my part throw you off!

?All right, let's try again. I'll play your part, so listen well and memorize it!

?What happened there? Didn't you see me signaling for you to jump in?

?You've clearly failed to grasp the basics! Didn't you practice? How can we create music if you just play whatever notes you feel like?

?You must have missed the signal I gave you to start playing your part. Otherwise your timing wouldn't be so off. Wait for my sign, and then play your part. Got it?

?Hrm... You seem to be a bit...improvisational with your notes. But it's not that kind of song. Focus on playing the notes from practice. And don't let my part confuse you!

?Hrm, yes. A little all over the place, wasn't it? If we're going to play this, our hearts and minds must be as one. Focus, boy.

?Ready to have another go at it? Or do you want to practice first? [.]Perform![.]Practice![.]Quit.

?Let's try again. I'll play your part, so listen closely and commit it to memory!

?So be it... When your mind is clear and you're ready to proceed, come talk to me.

?I haven't been that nervous about performing in I don't know how long... But now the Spirit Tracks to the Snow Temple have been restored. Go forth, and may luck be with you!

?Oh, but there is one thing I should warn you of. Ferocious blizzards have been savaging the area around the temple. Be careful on your journey there!

?Are you ready to perform together? Or would you rather practice first? [.]Perform.[.]Practice.[.]No.

?Good! Now remember, we each have our own part to play! When I give the signal, play the part you practiced!

?Wonderful! I'll play your part for you again. Listen, and commit it to memory!

?So be it... When your mind is clear and you're ready to proceed, come talk to me.

?Wonderful! You've restored the realm's Spirit Tracks!

?You'll reach the Snow Temple before long. Have a safe journey!

?Hoo hoo! What's wrong, boy? ...Ah, the blizzard blew you back to the start of your journey, you say? Hrmm... Perhaps you've chosen a poor course to travel. [.]Maybe...[.]No way!

?Then maybe it's because of the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks. I must say, you've truly baffled me here. Hrmm... May I suggest you consult someone more in the know on trains?

?Hoo hoo hoo! It's just as I suspected, eh? Truly, I never fail to amaze myself!

?I don't know why you keep getting thrown back. Sorry for not being more help. You should talk to someone with more knowledge of trains.

?So you keep getting blown back to the start of your journey in those blizzards? Perhaps you're choosing the wrong course to travel... [.]Maybe...[.]No way!

?The skies have cleared, and I no longer feel an evil presence lurking over us. I can see why Anjean sent you, boy. Your bravery is astonishing. Here, take this. It's not much, but I wanted to thank you in my own way.

?Hoo hoo hoo! Stay strong and alert on the rest of your journey, boy!

?However, this evil has not yet been completely banished from the land! You must gather your courage and continue on, boy!

?When the door opens, head to the far room without being seen... And do it before the time runs out...

?Ah, hello. I putt-putted over to meet you when I heard the train! I'm looking to redecorate my sanctuary, and I need a nice vessel. Can you bring me one? [.]Sure![.]Sorry!

?Once you have a freight car, I'd like you to bring me a vessel! You might want to write a memo so you don't forget! Then I won't need to worry.

?Ah, hello! I putt-putted over to meet you when I heard the train! I'm looking to redecorate my sanctuary, and I need a nice vessel... ...But I see you don't have a freight car! Well, once you do, see about bringing me a nice vessel, would you?

?Bring me a nice new vessel. I'll be waiting here until you do! Ah... Well, perhaps that's an exaggeration. But that's how much I want one! Don't forget, now!

?Ah, quite so, quite so! I putt-putted over to meet you when I heard the train! I'm looking to redecorate my sanctuary, and I need a nice vessel... ...And I see you have one aboard your freight car there! As it happens, that's just the kind I want! You must have read my mind. Will you let me have it? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?Oh, happy day! I've been waiting for so long! That vessel on your train... You brought it for me, didn't you? [.]Right.[.]Sorry.

?Y-you're really denying me? REALLY?

?Oh, precious, precious vessel! Thank you very much, [Link]! Let's take it to my sanctuary right away!

?Well, all right. But if you change your mind, you know where to bring it! And I don't want any old pot that you find on the ground. I want a vessel.

?But I don't want just any old pot that you find on the ground. I want a genuine vessel, all right? Thank you!

?Thanks for the vessel! I'm all aflurry with gratitude!

?Wh-what is this?! What do you plan to do about this?! [.]Sorry![.]Uh?

?Don't you play innocent with me! I saw what happened! I saw everything! If Anjean were here, she'd never forgive you! Now you've got to bring me another vessel. A replacement. Got it?!

?Is that all you have to say?! "Sorry"?! This isn't something you can apologize your way out of! It's unforgivable! You'd better bring me a replacement vessel to make up for the way you acted!

?Thank you. That vessel you brought is really something special!

?Don't be so destructive in the future, all right?

?Bring me a vessel and be quick about it! Or else I'll never forgive you!

?Bring me another vessel! I won't have anything to do with you until you do! Or do you already have one on hand? [.]I do.[.]No!

?Then hurry it up, you inconsiderate little boy!

?Ah...I see. So you were only joking. Then I'm sorry for flying off the cuff like that. I just didn't think. Here, let me give you this to apologize.

?Oh, goody! You've brought me my vessel, haven't you! [.]Right.[.]Not yet!

?Oh, my heart feels like it might burst with happiness. It's true that you broke the vessel, but you did replace it. I should reward you for your thoughtfulness. Well, since you worked so hard, let me give you this.

?Oh, I do so love reliable people!

?The first and the last are on the ends.

?Don't hit the false one in the middle.

?The second switch from the left is the third switch to hit.

?The second one and the fourth one are next to each other.

?Those who get the order wrong will fall into darkness.

?Are you ready to head out, [Link]? [.]Yep![.]Not yet.

?Then let's do it!

?Really? Well, OK, we can hold off on leaving.

?So there's a station all the way out here? I wonder what surprises are in store for us...

?How strange... I wonder who built this place...and for what?

?Really? I guess there's nothing to do here, but still...

?Well done, [Link]! Now let's head for the Snow Temple!

?Thank you so much, Steem!

?Hoo hoo hoo! Good luck, you two!

?Welcome to the Skating Rink! You don't even need skates to skate here! We have three amazing courses: Amateur, Pro, and Champion. Pick your course, step on the switch, then gun it to the treasure!

?Amateur Course Try your hardest and don't give up!

?Pro Course Time your spins carefully!

?Champion Course Win this to be the top skater in the land!

?You got the Forest rail map![_?] Some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it are reappearing!

?You got the Snow rail map![_?] Some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it are reappearing!

?You got the Ocean rail map![_?] Some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it are reappearing!

?You got the Fire rail map![_?] Some of the lost Spirit Tracks on it are reappearing!

?You got a Tear of Light! Gather three of them to power up your sword!

?You got the Compass of Light! It shines light upon the world, revealing places linked to the Dark Realm.

?Something's written here, but it's too dark to read it.

?Look at those giant doors, [Link]! They look really heavy. I don't think one person could open them alone.

?Oh my gosh! What in the world is that?! I've never seen a monster as ferocious looking as that one, [Link]!

?I don't think you can get through these floor spikes, [Link]. Leave it to me! I'll figure something out!

?There's another Phantom, [Link]! But wait a second... Now that I'm in disguise, maybe I can trick him into thinking I'm on his side. I'll go try!

?Great job, [Link]! This must be the rail map Anjean was talking about!

?Ahhh... It's nice to get out of that clanky outfit and back to my old self. There must be something special about this room...

?What could that blue light be?

?This is Anjean here. Good work, Princess Zelda and [Link]! You've done well obtaining the rail map, but you can't go any farther now. Step into the light to return to the tower lobby.

?Well, you heard her, [Link]! Let's go!

?Let's get out of here, [Link]!

?It looks like the light of your sword has disappeared too, [Link].

?There's something strangely calm about this area here. Do you feel it too, [Link]?

?Princess Zelda... CAN YOU HEAR ME? It's ANJEAN!


?Yes, it's me, my dear. Listen... The area you are in now is a safe zone, one that is protected by the spirits. As long as you are in a safe zone, you are hidden from enemy view. Furthermore, enemies cannot enter safe zones. Make good use of safe zones to hide from the Phantoms. Now, you have no time to waste. You must go find that rail map.

?Thank you, Anjean! OK, [Link]! Let's get moving!

?How can we get to the treasure chest? I can't fly... And you can't reach it either, right, [Link]?

?Let's get this door open. We can do it together, [Link]!

?That Phantom is still here... Let's follow Anjean's instructions. We have to grab all three Tears of Light without letting the Phantom see us. I can tell it means business, so we have to be brave!

?Do you want to go back to the entrance? [.]Yes.[.]No.


?I'm back to the way I was before, [Link]. That must mean the rail map is in this room!

?We got the rail map, so let's go talk to Anjean, [Link]!

?This armor can withstand any heat, so feel free to hitch a ride on my shield! Just tap it to jump aboard! To jump off again, do a double tap, OK? Remember, you can only climb on from someplace high, like a platform.

?Whew, it looks hot in here. Getting into one of those clanky suits of armor is the last thing I want to do. But I'll do it if you think it will help. [.]Please![.]It's OK.

?Well, I'm not looking forward to this. I hope I can endure the heat...

?That's nice of you to say, but I can't let you go it alone. I'll do it. I'll just pretend I'm unwinding in a spa sauna.

?Hey, look! Now that I'm a Phantom, I can walk through fire and lava! Hee hee hee! I'm like a walking, talking shield, [Link]!

?Eeeeek! What is that disgusting monster?! Phantoms are terrifying, but at least they're not as revolting as that thing! Let's fight him together, [Link]!

?We did it! When we work together, nothing out there can stop us! Right, [Link]?

?I bet you could hop on top of my shield from that perch!

?Watch where you step. Illuminate as much as you can to find the answer.

?The seeker of the key must draw the symbol that sleeps in this room.

?Wow, it's awfully dark in here. I can't see a thing, [Link]. A place this creepy might even have ghosts floating around... Wait...I'm a ghost. You're not scared of me, right? [.]No way![.]I am.

?Right? I'm not scary at all! But even if it's dark in here, we have to keep going.

?Don't say that! This is only a temporary thing. I wasn't like this before... Just try your best to keep us out of the dark, OK, [Link]?

?This is just getting easier every time, don't you think? Well, should we try for the next rail map? [.]I'm tired.[.]Let's go!

?I don't know about you, but I could keep going and going and going... Just kidding! We actually can't go any farther than this right now. Well then, let's go talk to Anjean.

?Now that's the attitude of a true hero. The thing is, the way to the next level is blocked off, so we can't go on. Come on, let's go back and talk to Anjean!

?Look, [Link]! That Phantom has a light!

?We've been found! I'll carry the key. You take care of covering me, [Link]!

?Yay! I'm a Torch Phantom, so I've got this great sword to light the way! Now there's no need to worry about the dark! Come on, [Link]! We have to move!

?Whew! That was getting pretty scary! Good thing I was here to help defeat him, right? [.]Right![.]Uh...

?Yessss! I helped defeat a monster! Just leave it all to me, [Link]!

?Oh, all you did was swoop in and deliver the final hit! You always get to play the hero, [Link]!

?We've made it to the rail- map room!

?We're going to need a big key to open this.

?See that wall three steps to the right? It's kind of thin.

?Blow out the lonely torch in a corner on this floor where the Phantoms tread. Then you will see a faint light.

?The lights have turned on, [Link]! I think this means the monsters have found us... Oh, no! I'll take the key. You protect me, OK?

?Hey! That hurts, you know!


?Owie! I'm not a target!

?I'm coming!

?Wait for me!


?I'm sinking!

?That's a nice song.

?Quick! Run away!

?That was scary!

?Move it! You're in the way!

?You have to help me push this, [Link]!

?Heave ho!

?Come on now. You're starting to make me angry!

?Why are you being so pushy? Just stop it!


?I'll show you what happens when you make me angry!

?Move from the green tile to the red tile. Your path will form a special symbol.

?We've made it to a new level. I wonder what's in store for us... We've defeated so many enemies, there's nothing that can stop us now! Right, [Link]? [.]Go, us![.]Well...

?That's the spirit! Now that's how a hero should sound! OK, let's go!

?Why are you mumbling? You know I'm right! And even if you are scared, you should try to put that out of your mind. I'm pretty sure monsters can smell fear.

?You know those eyeball monster things? They're called Phantom Eyes. If you draw a line to a Phantom Eye, I can teleport straight there! That sounds sooooo nice! I'll never have to walk anywhere again!

?Hey, check it out! I'm a Warp Phantom now! Hee!

?Hey, look! I'm a Wrecker Phantom! Now I can roll around and smash things up! But I hope I don't get too dizzy...

?This is the final battle, [Link]! Once we go through here, we'll be at the top of the tower. Still, I can't help but worry. [.]Anjean?[.]Why?

?It's just that I've been separated from my body for so long... Don't get me wrong--I'm very worried about Anjean, too. I hope she's all right.

?...Oh, that's right! Anjean! I hope she's OK...

?Uh-oh, I don't think I can carry you when I'm all rolled up...

?I don't think I can hold anything while I'm all rolled up...

?Oh, no! They're on to me! You have to help me, [Link]!

?I can't carry you over there with this type of body, [Link]. What do we do now?

?Look! It's the Compass of Light, [Link]...

?Follow those tracks to the Dark Realm! Let's find that Demon Train. I want my body back, once and for all!

?Who knew there was somewhere like this under the altar? All right, [Link]! It's time to end this! Together, we can take on anything! Right? [.]You bet![.]No way.

?Let's get going!

?You say that now, but I know you'll come around and do the right thing. It's because you've got such a big heart. Tee hee!

?Look for two eyes in the dark. Shoot them with light to get the key.

?Only those without special powers know the secret.

?Sometimes darkness can open a path.

?Light them in this order. The undefended flame, the flame surrounded by sand, the flame surrounded by the abyss, and finally, the guarded flame.

?Remember what Anjean told us, [Link]. Your new sword is filled with energy. That means you don't need to grab Tears of Light to attack the Phantoms.

?Yessssss! We made it, [Link]! We're unstoppable when you put us together. We can take on any monster! Do you think this is our last battle? [.]Yep.[.]Not yet.

?It's finally over! Let's take those stairs.

?You're right. That was a tough fight, but we can't let our guard down.

?I guess we're not done yet. Look, there's every kind of Phantom here now. But we must be getting close to finding the Compass of Light. Let's do it!

?There are three locked doors, [Link]! Which door do you think we should we take? [.]Left.[.]Middle.[.]Right.

?The left one, you say? Well, I've got a feeling we should pick the right one.

?Yes, absolutely. The middle door is the way to go. I'm sure of it.

?I don't know how I feel about the right door. Wouldn't the left door be a better choice?

?It's so dark in here, [Link]... We've been in a room like this before, haven't we? Then let's do what we did last time!

?I have a feeling there are a lot of enemies headed our way, [Link]... Ready? OK, Let's go!

?Now that you have all the Tears of Light, your sword is full of energy. Now you can attack a Phantom by hitting him in the back!

?This sword is full of energy. There's no need for Tears of Light anymore!

?Look, [Link]!

?The stairs go up higher than they did when we were here last time. Let's go to the new floor and find the next rail map!

?It looks like the light from your sword is gone, [Link].

?I'm back to the way I was before. And look at your sword! It's not lit up anymore, [Link].

?So this is what the inside of the tower looks like. Let's head over to that door, [Link]!

?All right, let's go!






























































































?You must ascend the tower and retrieve the rail maps!

?Don't just stand there, [Link]... Go retrieve the rail maps to restore more of the Spirit Tracks!

?Go to the forest and find the Lokomo Gage! Tell him what has happened. I'm sure he will know how to help you. [.]We're off![.]Wait...

?Hurry! We must stop the Demon King from returning!

?Very well. Go when you are ready.

?You met Gage and restored a part of the Spirit Tracks! You can now go to the Forest Temple! You must go there now and restore the flow of energy! [.]Let's go![.]Hold on.

?Thanks to you two, the Forest Temple has been reenergized. And now the Tower of Spirits has plenty of energy too. Thank you.

?What temple should we head for next?

?The next temple is deep in the mountains and closed off by snowstorms. But again, you must first obtain a rail map. Now that the energy from the forest is flowing into the tower again... You can go farther up the tower to the level of the next rail map. Obtain it quickly, you two, for you must get to the next temple soon!

?Got it! You can count on us!

?All right, let's go get the second rail map, [Link]!

?Ah, so you've retrieved the the second rail map. Then your next task is clear. You must go to the Snow Temple and restore the flow of energy to the tower! Find the Snow Sanctuary where the Lokomo Steem resides and talk to him. He'll help you open the way to the temple. [.]Let's go![.]Hold on...

?You must go to the temple hidden in the snow and restore the energy flow! The protector of the Snow Realm, Steem, can be found in the Snow Sanctuary. The sanctuary is somewhere within that realm. Find it and then ask Steem for help. [.]Got it![.]Wait...

?Now go to the next level of the tower and retrieve the second rail map! Or would you rather go somewhere else by train? [.]Yes.[.]Nah.

?Very well. Be careful!

?Then take your time.

?So you have received Steem's assistance. Now you should be able to enter the Snow Temple! Once there, you must restore the Snow Realm's Spirit Tracks! Do you understand? [.]Got it.[.]Wait.

?The next temple is in the Ocean Realm. To get there, first you must climb the tower and retrieve the third rail map! Or would you like to take the train? [.]Train![.]Nah.

?Very well. If you want to take the train, though, just say so at any time.

?Very well. Which realm do you want to go to? [.]Forest.[.]Snow.

?I see you've retrieved the third rail map! Now you can go to the Ocean Realm. The guardian of that realm is a Lokomo named Carben. Find him, and ask him to open the route to the Ocean Temple. You can reach the Ocean Realm by way of the Forest Realm. The river in the south-east divides the two realms, but there is a bridge here. You can use it to cross over to the Ocean Realm.[.][.]

?Find Carben, and restore the Spirit Tracks of the Ocean Realm! Now, ready to board the train? [.]Let's go![.]Hold on...

?Ah, so you've found Carben! He always moves to the beat of his own pistons... Quite a character! Now you must proceed to the Ocean Temple. The entrance is deep in the sea. Will you board the train? [.]Yes.[.]Not yet.

?All right. What realm do you want to go to? [.]Forest.[.]Snow.[.]Ocean.

?We're counting on you, so go get the rail map.

?To go to the Fire Realm, first get the fourth rail map on the tower's next level! Or would you rather leave? [.]Leave.[.]Stay.

?Ah, so you managed to obtain the rail map! You two just might be able to restore the Spirit Tracks in every realm!

?But, Anjean, the rail map has only a small part of the Spirit Tracks on it. Where are the temples you were talking about?

?In each of the four realms is a temple. Look, my dear. The closest one is here... But I don't think you can make it to the temple as things are right now. The rail map has imparted energy to a length of the Spirit Tracks here. But because of the Demon King's power, much of the energy was lost.[.][.]

?Not yet. But there is a way to restore energy to the rail maps. You can ask my people to help you.

?Your people, Anjean?

?Indeed. We are called the Lokomos. We are servants of the spirits. They have entrusted us with protecting the temples and the Spirit Tracks. By playing our sacred instruments... We generate energy that powers the Spirit Tracks.

?So...we can't go to the temples, Anjean?

?Sacred instruments?

?Yes, and the Spirit Flute you hold is one of them.

?This flute was a gift from my grandmother. I didn't know it had any powers. I'd only heard that it was something precious handed down from my ancestors.

?Yes! And it was I who gave it to your ancestors! But only under the condition that they protect the land for all time. Of course, back then, I didn't think things would take such a perilous turn. I'm glad that after all these years it has found its way into your hands.

?I had no idea this flute was so important... My grandmother used to play it for me when I was a little girl. If I was sad or upset, the sound of this flute would make me feel better. But even so, I suppose its rightful place is with you, Anjean.

?Oh...but we don't have a train. How are we going to get to the forest?

?No, you two will have need of it. Please take it with you! For now... You must go find the other Lokomos and restore the energy of the rail maps. Once you do, the Spirit Tracks will reappear. Go to the forest first, where you must talk to the Lokomo Gage. South of the Forest Temple is a sanctuary where you can find Gage. He will be able to tell you where to go next.[.]

?[.]Got it!

?Let's go, [Link]!

?You may take this.

?This train is a symbol of the spirits. People don't ordinarily ride around in it. But these are no ordinary circumstances. I'm sure the spirits wouldn't mind lending it to you.

?Thank you, Anjean!

?We have to go to the final temple and restore the last of the Spirit Tracks! We must hurry there...for Anjean's sake! [.]Let's go.[.]Hold on.

?What realm should we go to, [Link]? [.]Forest.[.]Snow.[.]Ocean.

?But...we don't have much time, [Link]!

?I just saw the rail map for the Fire Realm. New tracks have appeared that connect the Fire and Snow Realms.

?Let's find the next Lokomo and restore the Spirit Tracks to the Fire Temple!

?Embrose was a little scary looking, but he was actually very nice! Now the Spirit Tracks to the Fire Temple have been restored!

?The Tower of Spirits is back to normal! Now we can get to the altar where the Demon King sleeps. Come on! Let's head to the top of the tower, [Link]! Or would you prefer to go outside first? [.]Outside.[.]Stay.

?All right! Let's go, [Link]!

?I see. Well, we probably do need to make some preparations. So we can go anywhere you need to go first.

?What realm do you want to go to, [Link]? [.]Forest.[.]Snow.[.]Ocean.[.]Fire.

?Anjean said that the Bow of Light rests in the Sand Realm. We should be able to find it if we look at the map. Now let's get going! [.]OK.[.]Wait.

?Got it! You want to go up the tower again?

?So you've met Rael and will be heading to the Sand Temple soon. Once you've obtained the Bow of Light, you'll be able to defeat Malladus! Ready to board the train? [.]Yes.[.]Wait.

?To find the Demon Train that Malladus and Cole are riding, we must obtain the Compass of Light at the top of the tower. Byrne said there were stairs near the altar where Malladus was kept prisoner. Let's go to the altar first, [Link]! Or do you want to ride the train somewhere first? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?All right. We now know how to enter the realm where the Demon Train is. Soon we'll have to battle Malladus himself... So, let's get going, [Link]! [.]Yes, let's![.]Hold on.

?It appears you succeeded in restoring the second area of Spirit Tracks. Well done, you two! I can feel the energy flowing back into this tower!

?It's true--[Link] isn't one who gives up easily. I wish I could have helped, but in this form, there wasn't much I could do...

?It's enough that you are by [Link]'s side. That's all the help [Link] needs.

?Thanks, [Link]!

?Now, where should we go to restore the third section of Spirit Tracks?

?Next is the Ocean Realm. Once again, you must climb the tower and retrieve the next rail map.

?That's what I thought! All right, we'll be back with it soon!

?Come on! Let's go get it, [Link]!

?What's the matter? You look as pale as a ghost. Though given the company you've been keeping, perhaps it's no surprise.

?Anjean! There was a ferocious monster up there with a great big sword! I don't see how we can possibly defeat it.

?Sounds like a Phantom, my dear. They're the guardians of the Tower of Spirits. Though they look quite sinister, they won't harm anyone with a good heart.

?I know what I saw! It was definitely after us!

?Why would it think [Link] is evil?

?There is one possible explanation... With the Spirit Tracks gone, perhaps an evil spirit has possessed the Phantom...

?If that's the case, we might have trouble beating it...

?Hitting the Phantom in the back with your sword should stop it for a while... But first, you need to gather all three of the Tears of Light. That will power up your sword. Then you'll be able to face the Phantom!

?Collect the three Tears of Light, then hit the Phantom in the back... Sounds tricky.

?If anyone can do it, [Link] can.

?All right, let's give it a try, [Link].

?Anjean! The Spirit Tracks between the Ocean Temple and here have reappeared!

?Yes, nicely done! Now there is but one temple left until all the tracks are restored. Once they are, we'll be able to enter the altar of the Demon King. Just one more step!

?To get to the next temple, do we have to go to a new realm?

?Yes, the next temple is hidden in a mountain of fire. But first, go reclaim the rail map that will restore the way to the next realm!

?Let's go, [Link]!

?It looks like the Tower of Spirits is back to normal, [Link]. But I can still feel an evil presence surrounding it.. Does this mean we stopped the Demon King's resurrection? At any rate, we should go to the altar at the top, where he's imprisoned. I'm also worried about Anjean, so we really should hurry! Before we go, though, I just want to say thank you for everything! I'm so grateful! But though we've come this far, there's still more we need to accomplish. So, shall we press ahead? [.]Of course.[.]I'm tired.

?That's great to hear! Let's go!

?... You must be joking. You can't really be tired? [.]Kidding![.]I'll be OK.

?Uh-oh... The ice is gone! Let's return to the village! [.]Yes, let's.[.]No.

?Whoooa! What in the--?!

?Oh, no! Watch out!

?Look out! There's an animal on the tracks!

?There's something blocking the tracks!

?There's a big rock in the way, so we can't get by. But we need to go this way to get to the new realm. Let's go back to Aboda Village and ask around about what to do.

?There's a big rock that's blocking our way. Looks like it's time to try out our new toy!

?We just keep getting hit! If this keeps up, our train is going to explode! Maybe we should go back to Castle Town and see if Alfonzo can help us.

?"To fire the cannon, calm down and focus on what you want to hit... Then very smoothly just tap your target! Your pal, Alfonzo" ...That's the end of it. Shall I read it again? [.]Please.[.]That's OK.

?Oh, look! Alfonzo left us instructions for the cannon!

?Let's try it out right now!

?...Goodness! Could you hit the brakes a little sooner next time? We've got to go this way to get to the new realm... Hmmm... Let's go back to the village and ask around. Someone must know something!

?Oof... Would you mind hitting the brakes a little sooner next time? Well, no harm done. Are you doing all right there, [Link]?

?Look out, [Link]! Brakes! Hit the BRAKES!

?Look out, [Link]! Hit the brakes! NOW!

?We can't make it over that broken bridge... Now how are we supposed get to the new realm?

?There's something strangely powerful about the rail map you recovered. If you trace your stylus over the tracks, it will set a path to your destination! Go on and try it, [Link]!

?Oh, just one last thing about the rail map... Should you decide to change your destination midcourse... Redraw your travel route by tapping Route in the lower corner of the screen. Unfortunately, I haven't enough power to speak with you beyond this point. Be brave, you two!

?We can't take any more!

?Hang in there!

?Watch out!


?Hey, what's the big idea?!


?Steady, now!

?Aaaaugh! [sfx][Link]!

?Wh-what was THAT?! I don't know what just happened, but it doesn't look good. Let's just stay away from those trains. I think that would be best.

?Give that monster a scare to drive it away!

?Listen, Princess Zelda and [Link]... Once you enter here, you may not be able to return.

?The two of you must gather your courage and proceed!

?[sfx][Link]! Look in front! IN FRONT!

?Who knew this was so close to home?

?It's just like the village chief said--we're back at the entrance. Let's try this again.

?We messed up again, so let's take it from the top. What did the villagers say? We have to remember!

?Oh no--something went wrong again. Now what do we do? Were there any villagers we didn't talk to? Maybe we missed something...

?What's happening? Why are we back at the entrance? What should we do?

?We're back at the beginning again. Maybe we need a better plan...

?Wow! It's breathtaking down here, [Link]! Who knew the Spirit Tracks ran under the water?!

?Hmm, that didn't go so well. I wonder what we did wrong. Let's take another look at Carben's letter.

?Oooh! Tracks through the sea. Imagine that!

?Eeek! It's so dark in here...

?Golly, look at all these fish!

?I say, these ruins are a sight to behold!

?Oh, no! This is bad! Our passenger got kidnapped, [Link]! Come on, we need to go to the Pirate Hideout and make this right!

?[sfx][Link], look out! Pirates!

?[sfx][Link], look out! Pirates! We need to protect our passenger!

?Those must be the pirate ships we heard about... They're coming this way, [Link]!

?There's a battleship after us, [Link]!

?Is that a pirate flag they're waving?

?There's a battleship after us, [Link]! We have to protect our passenger!

?It's pitch black! I can't see a thing!

?Oh, no! Pirates! We have to protect our passenger!

?Well, that's odd. Where are we exactly? Hmm... It seems that the blizzard pushed us back the way we came.

?...You took notes, didn't you, [Link]? [.]Of course![.]Uh, notes?

?I see. So you didn't take notes, even though I reminded you. Hmm... Let's ask Ferrus to show us his map one more time.

?Well, if that's the case, maybe you made a mistake? Let's ask Ferrus to see his map one more time.

?...Looks like the blizzard carried us all the way back to the beginning. Let's go to Anouki Village and see if someone can help us.

?The blizzard pushed us back again... It's like it's trying to keep us from getting to the temple.

?Look, it's snowing! I haven't seen snow for years...

?Look, the sun came out! Ah, it's so nice!

?This storm's something else! I can't see anything!

?He said we'd need three keys to open this door. That voice we heard must be the monster that took them...

?We need three keys to open this door, right? So we still have two more to find.

?This door needs three keys, so we have just one more to find...

?Look! I think they're planning on ambushing us, [Link]. If we keep going this way, we'll get hit for sure. Let's try the higher route.

?Those mountains sure are steep. Whew!

?This is really steep! I hope the train will be OK!

?Wow! Just look at that amazing view!

?Gah! That's no good! This isn't how you drive a train at all! Let me off!

?Aw, he got off, huh? Should we go back and get him? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?You got the idea!

?No, no, no! Not like that!

?You missed the platform by a little. Pay attention!

?Hey! You missed the whistle sign! Are you dozing off?

?Hey, you missed the slow sign! Pay attention, kid!

?Oof! Take it easy on the brakes, will ya?!

?Bwah! Watch it, you knucklehead!

?What's going on up there? Do you even know how to drive?! Let me off!

?Uh-oh, he left the train. Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?That's the way you do it!

?Are you even looking at the tracks?


?I can't take any more! My life's in danger! I'm getting off of this death trap!

?Uh-oh, he left the train. Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Not bad, guy!

?Uh... Ya sure ya done this before, guy?

?You drive like a maniac! A maniac, I tell you!

?AUGH! Help! Stop! Is this your first time driving a train or what? I can't ride in this death trap! I'm getting off and going home!

?Uh-oh, he left the train. Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Woot! Nice job!

?YOW! What are you doing?!


?I can't take any more! My life's in danger! I-I'm getting off!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Ah, so you do know how to drive!

?AUGH! This is just awful!

?Are you TRYING to crash this train?

?I cannot take any more of this! My life is in danger! I-I am getting off!

?Uh-oh, he left the train... I wonder if he will be OK on his own... Should we go back and get him? [.]Probably.[.]Nah.

?Yes, that is how you do it!

?Is everything OK up there?


?Unnngh... This train shakes far too much. It is making me all queasy-queasy. I am going home!

?Uh-oh, he got off the train. Who knew that Gorons got such bad motion sickness? Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Yes! Just like that!

?Ooooof! Please be a little less...gung ho.


?What's the big idea here, [Link]?! I didn't think I'd be made to ride in these kinda conditions! I'm outta here!

?Uh-oh... He left the train. Should we go get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Nice one! That was pretty great, [Link]!

?Come on, do it right, [Link]!

?Waaaah! I want my mom!

?Enough! I can't ride like this! I'm getting off this roller coaster!

?Uh-oh...she left the train... Should we go back and get her? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?You're doing a great job, Mr. Engineer!

?Excuse me! Do you realize this carriage is shaking?!

?Wh-whoa there!

?Your driving is awful! And you call yourself an engineer? Let me off!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?That's the way to do it!

?Come on! Pay attention!


?You got a grass rabbit! Go show the guy at Rabbitland Rescue!

?You got a snow rabbit! Go show the guy at Rabbitland Rescue!

?You got an ocean rabbit! Go show the guy at Rabbitland Rescue!

?You got a mountain rabbit! Go show the guy at Rabbitland Rescue!

?You got a desert rabbit! Go show the guy at Rabbitland Rescue!

?Aw... It got away...

?Terrible, just terrible! I can't ride this train anymore! I'm out of here!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?That's the way to do it!

?Oooof! Ugh, this is horrible!

?All I wanted to do was get marriiiiied!

?You're driving me crazy! I can't travel like this! Let me off!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?That's the way to do it!

?Oooof! Ugh, this is horrible!

?All I wanted to do was meet a nice laaaaaady!

?You're driving me crazy! I can't travel like this! Let me off!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Ah, so you do know how to drive!

?This is just awful! What are you doing there?

?All I wanted was to meet that special sooooomeone!

?Hey! Your driving stinks! Let me off this thing!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?Ah, so you do know how to drive!

?Gaaah! This is just awful!


?I can't take any more! My life's in danger! I--I'm getting off!

?Uh-oh...he left the train... Should we go back and get him? [.]Yeah.[.]No.

?That's the way you do it!

?Whoa whoa! Watch what you're doing there!


?What are you doing? You can't be the same engineer who just graduated. I'll be taking my leave now.

?If he's going by foot, I doubt we'd find him back at Castle Town... It's unfortunate, but I'm sure Teacher can look after himself. Let's keep going.

?Yes, that's it! That's how you drive a train!

?Pay attention to what you're doing!

?Pr-Princess! Oh, wait...no.

?Eh? What in the world could this be?

?Some text is appearing. It's faded, and I can't make out very much. Let's see... "Pass through...the gate either way...steam whistle...will open..." Uh... I don't understand it at all. What does it mean?

?...Goodness. What was that light? It seemed to teleport us somewhere else... This must be how ancient people traveled back and forth between realms! We should make note of these spots where we can teleport! Being able to move around like this will be very useful in the future!

?Could these be the twisted tunnels that Rael was talking about? We must be brave and press on, [Link]!

?Hold on now. It looks like we've returned to where we started. I don't think we'll make it through here on luck alone. Be sure you take good notes on where to go, [Link]!

?It looks like there are no more tunnels up ahead, [Link]! That means we made it through the second trial! There's no time to dawdle. The final trial is waiting for us!

?Some words have been engraved in this old door. Let's see... "If you wish to gain passage, you must first silence the turrets." "Silence the turrets"... Do you have any clue what that could mean?

?The first trial is the great eye in the dark... Whatever that is, it gives me the creeps.

?Whew! We seem to have made it through somehow. Catch your breath. When you're ready, let's move on to the second trial!

?Look at that huge statue! Who do you think built it?

?The temple up ahead looks like ancient ruins...

?OK, let's head back to the Tower of Spirits!

?S-something's following us!

?Whoooa! What in the world is that?!

?Is that a bug? I hate bugs!

?Why haven't we made it out of here yet?

?Look! It-it's that thing again!

?Quick! We've got to get away!

?No way that was a bug! ...Was it?!

?What if all the little ones grew into things like that... Ugh, it's too gross to even think about.

?[sfx][Link]! This is bad! You need to be careful if we want to make it to the other side!

?Listen up! I'm going to tell you how to drive this train!

?This is the Gear Box! Touch the lever and slide it to adjust speed. Flip it to to go in reverse or hit the brakes if the train is moving.

?This is the whistle. Touch the rope and give it a good pull! Got that? [.]Yep![.]Huh?

?Fine. I'll explain it again!

?Slide the lever on the Gear Box to to go faster.

?Tap enemies to fire your cannon at them! Just keep in mind that long range shots won't be all that accurate. To look around, touch and hold your stylus on the screen edge. Touch up, down, left, and right on the screen to keep an eye out. Got that? [.]Yep! [.]What?

?Go on, give it a try!

?Try to listen this time!

?Next, I'll tell you how to attack!

?The track branches up ahead! You better make a quick decision...

?This is a rail switch. Slide the handle left or right to switch it. The map will show you where the tracks are going. Got it? [.]Yes! [.]What?

?If you don't know which way to go, why not stop and think for a minute?

?Come on! Try to listen this time!

?There's a train up ahead that will explode if it runs into you! You'd better use those rail switches and be careful.

?There's an animal on the tracks! Blow the whistle!

?Hey! There's something blocking the tracks!

?The train can't take much more! Link! Do something!

?Stay sharp!

?Stick with it, Link!

?Hang in there!

?I'm getting a little worried...

?Keep an eye on every direction for trouble!

?No problem! Just stay calm.

?Oh, no! We're wrecked...

?I turned on the engine, so it will go on its own toward the goal line. Concentrate, and try to hit the targets!

?Good! Now try to do it by yourself.

?You've probably got all this down, but humor me while I tell you again.

?This here is the gearbox. Slide the lever up and down to change speed. Slide to to go in reverse. You can use it as an emergency brake too!

?This is the whistle. Touch it and give it a good pull to blow the train's whistle! Oh, and you can look around by touching in the direction you want to look. Good engineers are always aware of their surroundings, you know! So, you catch all that? [.]Yes.[.]Not quite.

?All right, all right. Here it is one more time!

?Now set the gearbox lever to to ratchet up the speed.

?Do you want to hear how to drive the train again? [.]I'm good.[.]Yeah.

?...Oh, all right. Here we go again.

?See how there's a fork in the tracks ahead? We'll need to use the rail switch to decide which direction to go.

?This is the rail switch. Slide the handle in the direction you want to go. Your course is displayed on the map too, so check there. Got it? [.]Yep.[.]No.

?[.]From here on, we'll be sharing the tracks with other trains. Keep an eye on the map, and make sure you choose the correct tracks!

?[.]What am I going to do with you?! All right, I'll repeat everything--so listen up!

?Wrong wrong wrong!

?Good job! You passed the exam with flying colors!

?Animal on the tracks! Sound the whistle to scare it off!

?We've got a clear view of the Tower of Spirits today!

?All right, we're almost at the castle! Use the lever on the gearbox to stop at the station!

?Remember what the villagers told us!

?I can see why people get lost in this forest. Maybe we should go talk to the villagers.

?This forest feels...odd.

?This is the nest of evil, the Dark Realm. Cole is lurking here...somewhere.

?The Tears of Light will give us invincibility for a bit. Let's use them to defeat all the trains here.

?We've got [var] left! Let's get the rest!

?Clear Time ##:##. Now for the climax!

?Cole is somewhere up ahead in the dark!

?You're the only one who can stop his rampage!

?You'll be an engineering legend if you pull it off!

?Hang in there!

?Watch out!

?What are you doing?!

?Nicely done!

?Don't let him get away! Chase him down!

?Would you like to board the train? [.]Yep.[.]Not now.

?All right. When you're ready to depart, please just let me know.

?Let's be on our way then!

?Whew! It was no easy task, but we've finally opened a path to the Ocean Realm. Are you ready to head out there, [Link]? [.]Sure![.]Wait...

?You're sure you want to leave? There's so much left here to investigate...

?Hey! Didn't I tell you that the Regal Ring is hiding somewhere in these parts? It seems to me that you should try looking around here a little more!

?We found the Regal Ring! It should cover the 5,000 Rupees for the bridge! Now let's hurry back to Linebeck's store!

?Just look at that bridge... It's a complete mess! How are we supposed to get to the other side with the bridge in this state? Maybe someone around here can fix it for us.

?Wh-what kind of nonsense is this! 5,000 Rupees? That's positively criminal! How can we be expected to come up with that kind of money? Let's go give Linebeck a piece of our minds!

?Finally! The way you were jostlin' me, I felt like I'd been riding forever! Well, enough with the small talk. I'm gonna go check out the damage!

?Well, look at that! We're here! Ya sure know how to ride those rails, kid! A ride like that puts me in a workin' mood. I'm headin' straight to the job site!

?I dunno if I'd call some of the drivin' you did pleasant, but I've seen worse. OK, enough chitchat. I can hoof it to the job site from here.

?Hmm, yep, this bridge got a number done on it. It's not beyond fixin', though. It'll take a while, so go kill some time and come back later.

?There we go! It's not perfect, but it's strong enough to cross on. Might be a little shaky in spots, though, so you might, uh, wanna cross quickly... Oh, don't look so spooked! It's fine, I tell ya! It'll get ya to the other side![.][.]

?I'm pretty bushed. Lemme just rest my bones here awhile. When you head back, do me a favor and lemme catch a ride with you!

?But this place is kind of a bore for a cosmopolitan fella like myself. Actually, I'm thinkin' of headin' somewhere new... [.]Well...[.]...

?Well, say somethin'! Don't ya like my bridge?

?What?! They're lookin' for someone to build a fence in Anouki Village? What does that have to do with me? I'm the BRIDGE worker! Got that? BRIDGE! Ya think I want to build some ugly old fence?! [.]Well, I...[.]...

?Speak up, kid! If ya got somethin' to say, just say it!

?What's that ya say? A true craftsman can build anything he wants to? Hmm... I think I know more about what a craftsman can do than you do, kid! Still, maybe ya got a point there... Tell ya what! I'll build that fence after all! We can go right now! [.]OK![.]Nah.

?What?! Then why were you givin' me the hard sell, kid?

?All right. I'll wait for ya at the train! Let's get to Anouki Village quick!

?I don't know how ya can call yourself an engineer with drivin' like that!

?Are ya for real? Ya want me to ride with you again? [.]Please?[.]Uh, no...

?I guess I did agree to help ya. But this time, take me to Anouki Village safely! Don't drive like a maniac!

?Lemme give you a piece of advice. Learn to drive before you come back here!

?Well, whaddaya think? The bridge hasn't fallen down yet! Not too shabby, eh?

?What now, kid?! Either you're goin' or you're not! SO! Are you headed for Anouki Village? [.]Yes.[.]Wait.

?What's this? You already got someone on board! Come back for me when ya got an open seat!

?Wait up! Didn't one of your passengers get kidnapped? Yeah, I heard about it! I can't ride on a dangerous train like this! You better go rescue that passenger of yours first! Then come back here!

?Who knew there was a tiny station all the way out here?

?Why don't we see who lives in that house over there?

?I see you managed to fetch the bridge worker. Nice going there, squirt. You go ahead and show him where the bridge is busted. I'll head out later.

?What is it, squirt? You look a bit worried. Is it because a little kid like you doesn't have 5,000 Rupees to drop?

?Well, relax. I've got a great idea I'm willing to share with you. We can scrape that moolah together IF you're willing to do a little work for me. Do what I say, and we'll have 5,000 Rupees before you know it! What do you say, squirt? Down for some side work? [.]Sure.[.]Nope.

?Go talk to the bridge worker who lives in the Snow Realm! Oh--if you give him a lift, watch how you drive! The guy gets ruffled easily. If things get too bumpy along the way, expect him to yell at you. A lot.

?Hmph. Someone's not a team player. I guess you'll just have to fix this problem on your own then!

?Excellent! Now listen closely, as I only want to say this once. I've heard whispers about some high-value loot that was hidden here long ago. What loot, you ask? A gem of a treasure known as the Regal Ring! From what I can gather, the thing's got to be worth a cool 8,000 Rupees, easy! My grandfather left a letter detailing the ring's location shortly before his passing. I've read the clues he gave and looked all over, but I haven't hit pay dirt... This is where you come in. What say you find the ring for me and bring it back? Do that, and we'll generate more than enough Rupees to pay off your debt! Should be a sweet deal for all involved. Are you in? [.]I'm in.[.]I'll pass.

?Fantastic! Here's the letter Gramps left behind, for your reference. Figure out the riddle, get your hands on the Regal Ring, and make us rich!

?So, what do you think, squirt? Want to do a little work? [.]Sure.[.]No way.

?The ring seems to be near Gramps's grave. You can get there through here. Read the letter and see if you can suss out where the thing is![.]

?My grandfather buried the Regal Ring. You're going to find it and bring it back! Once I've got it, you can kiss that debt of yours good-bye!

?Whoa! Your shield was eaten, was it? Ha HA, yes--those beasts will eat a shield right out of a man's hand! It's a very good thing that I happen to have a shield here I can sell you. The price isn't half bad, either. It's yours for 100 Rupees. Care to purchase it? [.]Sure![.]Too steep.

?Let's be realistic, kid. Do you REALLY want to be out there without a shield?

?Ha HA! Thanks for your patronage!

?How embarrassing! You don't have enough money. Come back when you do!

?Wonderful! Here we are!

?Ah, the bridge worker! How have you been, good man?

?Linebeck? Well, I'll be! How've ya been, ya old treasure hound?

?Much better now that you're here! Do me a favor and work a little of your magic on this dilapidated bridge.

?Course, course. Just leave it to me! Shouldn't be a problem. Assumin', of course, that you've got my repair fee on hand. Ya do, right? Ya also still owe me for the work I did on your house. So along with the bridge... Hmm, I'd say 5,000 Rupees oughta cover the bill nicely!

?Five...THOUSAND?! Surely you must be joking!

?Lucky for both of us, this young fellow has kindly agreed to foot the bill. He's the one who wanted the bridge fixed in the first place, after all. All I did was send him your way, friend!

?Oh, is that so, little guy? [.]Wh-what?[.]No way!

?Well, I'm glad we cleared up that little bit of unsavory business. Oh, and you'd best get that money ready, squirt. No one likes a bill dodger! Ta ta!

?Eh, I don't really care who pays me, so long as I get my 5,000 Rupees. I'll go fix that bridge, but that money better be ready for me when I'm done!

?What's that look for? You've got a strange twinkle in your eye... Why, you devil! You found the Regal Ring, didn't you? [.]Yup.[.]Not yet.

?Then quit standing around with that dopey grin, and get back to looking!

?Ha HA! I knew I could count on you to bring home the bacon, squirt! Well? Where is it? Let me take a look at the thing!

?Oh, it's just breathtaking! Gramps always had an eye for treasure like this! The weight! The amazing craftsmanship! This beauty's worth a ton, for sure!

?Oh, ya don't say! Must be one heck of a ring, then.

?You bet it is! It's gotta be worth a cool 8,000 Rupees...

?Hey, when did you get here?! How long have you been standing there?

?Just came by to let ya know the bridge is all patched up.

?Oh? Oh yes, that's right. Wonderful!

?Sure is! And now that the work's done, I'll take that ring as payment!

?So this little doodad's worth 8,000 Rupees? Coulda fooled me. Still, it beats takin' another IOU!

?If you need anything else, just give me a holler!

?Can you believe he just took off with that ring? It's worth almost double what I owed!


?I guess that's that. Still, you've got a real talent for sniffing out treasure. Ooh! Tell you what--from here on out, bring any treasure you find to me! If they impress me, I'll trade you some lovely new train cars for those trinkets! Sound like a sweet deal? That's 'cause it IS!

?Now get out there and find me something shiny, my little treasure hunter! I can't wait to see what you bring my way! Bye now!

?Don't bother me right now! Can't you see I'm workin' here?

?Well, well, well. What do we have here?

?What do you want, you Rupeeless ragamuffin? This is no place for the likes of you!

?Shoo! Shoo already! Get out of here! Hmm? What's that you say? Who am I? [.]Yeah![.]Tell me!

?Sheesh, kid--what planet are you from? Do I LOOK like I fix bridges? No way.

?But I agree that the bridge is a sad mess. The huge storms we had really did a number on it. I was going to call a bridge worker I know in the Snow Realm to fix the mess. But with the Spirit Tracks vanishing, I've got bigger fish to fry. See, I deal with merchants all over the world, and I can't get anywhere now! Wait... You're an engineer, aren't you? Well, that's just perfect! Go fetch that bridge worker so we can both get on with our business. Sound good? [.]OK.[.]Really?

?Whoo hoo! I knew I liked you, squirt! I'll wait here, so go fetch the bridge worker. Chop- chop now!

?Think about it, squirt! If we don't get that bridge fixed, YOU aren't getting near the Ocean Realm! We're both inconvenienced here, so do the right thing, and help me out!

?Why are you just standing there? Hurry and bring that bridge worker back here! [.]Will do.[.]OK, OK!

?Listen well, and remember the name, squirt! I'm Linebeck III, president of Linebeck Trading. I hunt down the rarest antiques from around the world... Then I sell them to the highest bidder! How's that for an introduction? Did I just blow you away? [.]Oh, yeah.[.]Not really.

?Well, you do make a good point there. I AM pretty spectacular. You know, I hadn't noticed before, but you possess a certain charm, squirt. But what are you doing here? You don't look like you've got treasure to sell. Hmm? You're trying to get to the Ocean Realm, but the bridge is out? Well, that's a sticky situation, isn't it! [.]Yup.[.]Fix it!

?Oh, is that SO?! Well, urchins like you prove that the youth of today are just clueless!

?I've got work to do, and you're in my way! Go find someplace else to loaf!

?You again? State your business, or get lost! [.]You rock![.]Nothing.


?Would you just get lost? I've got things to do here!

?Hey, kid! You ever heard of Dark Ore? It shines in the dark and melts if sunlight hits it! Strange, eh? Lots of folks are looking for some these days. If you stumble across some, save a piece for me!

?Now don't forget, if you find some Dark Ore, bring it my way!

?Wh-what's this? You actually brought me some Dark Ore?! Hyah hah hah! Well, fork it over then! ...You are going to give it to me, right? [.]Here.[.]No.

?Hmph! So you've got someone more important to give it to?

?What's this? This is barely a speck! I'm going to hafta keep an eye on you! I need at least five pieces! Come back when you've got them, OK? But don't think I don't appreciate the effort. So here, take this!

?Oh, this is more than enough! Thanks, kid! Let me shake your hand!

?You and me, we're a good team, we are. Come back and see me anytime!

?Hey, ya got enough! And these are good quality, too! Thank you, and please take this as payment!

?Hey! There's my little moneymake--erm, intrepid treasure hunter! What can Linebeck Trading Company help you with? [.]Train car![.]Treasure![.]Nothing.

?Sweeter words have never been spoken! Let's see what you've got for me!

?If you've got the goods, I've got a shiny new train car with your name on it!

?I see! Well, when you get some more treasures, come back to me!

?Hey, squirt! You can't go wandering around without a shield! I can sell you one cheap. How's 100 Rupees sound? [.]Sure.[.]Nah.

?What train car tickles your fancy today?

?If your heart's set on that car, I'll need something like this as payment...

?So all of a sudden, you're not interested. I've got lots of other great stuff too, you know!

?Ha HA! A pleasure doing business. Now let's fit that new car to your train!

?Thanks, squirt! If you find more treasure, you know what to do and who to see!

?Tell me, what treasure are you looking to part ways with today?

?Mmm! [sfx][player], huh? I'll give you [var] Rupees for one.

?Wonderful doing business with you. You got anything else to sell?

?Oh, so now you've got nothing to show me? Don't toy with me, squirt!

?Here rests the legendary Captain Linebeck.

?Beware of shield-gobbling monsters ahead! Those who've lost a shield can procure a shiny new one at Linebeck Trading!

?Yaaaaaaaaaawn! That was a nice nap! To find things buried in the ground, play the Song of Discovery. You know it, right? [.]Sure![.]Nope.

?Well, if you don't know it yet... Look where the Anoukis are... That's the only hint I can give you.

?Oh, you know it already? Good, then get to work!

?Hey, kid!

?Hey, [Link]! Today's your graduation ceremony, right? How can someone who can't even do a somersault be a train engineer? If you can be an engineer, I bet anyone can do it. If you want to prove me wrong, go roll into that tree over there! Just tap the screen twice in the direction you want to roll.

?Huh? Why are you dressed in that soldier getup, [Link]?

?Bwahaha! You're such a klutz, [Link]! Why are you just standing there? Everyone knows that getting stung by bees hurts! When you see them buzzing, start running or throw yourself in the water STAT!

?Hey, don't get all bent out of shape! I was just goofing around! Let me give you something to make up for it! Here, take this!

?You can find treasures like this all over the world. Try to get a whole bunch of them, 'cause something good happens when you do.

?Oh, hey, [Link]! Um...good luck at the graduation ceremony!

?Oh, I've got a favor to ask of you, [Link]. [.]What?[.]I'm busy.

?Really? Is this because of the pranks I pulled on you? You should grow a sense of humor! Sheesh!

?I've always dreamed of seeing the world from high up in the sky, like a bird! I bet all the people in the village would look like teeny, tiny ants... Do you know a place where I can fly like a bird? [.]Sure.[.]Nah.

?Yeah, of course you're right. Humans can't fly! I just figured that if anyone knew a way, it'd be you, [Link].

?What? Seriously? Then will you take me to it, please? [.]OK.[.]Sorry.

?Yesssss! I'll be waiting for you on your train!

?How'd you ever get to be an engineer driving like that, [Link]? Do you want to try that again? [.]Yes![.]Nah.

?Hmmm... Well, I do want to go somewhere I can fly. OK, let's try it again. I'll go wait on the train!

?No?! NO?! Well, you'd better quit your engineer job! Hmph!

?Hey, what's this? You've already got a passenger aboard! Come back and get me once your car is free!

?Oh, I heard all about it, [Link]! The passenger you had aboard got kidnapped by pirates! Could anyone ride with you after that? You'd better go and save them!

?Today is the day you graduate from apprentice to official train engineer. It's quite an honor, and you mustn't be late. Use the stylus to touch where you want to go. It's as easy as that! To talk to someone or use an object, just tap what you're interested in! Now, off to the castle with you! Scoot!

?Hi there, [Link]. How was the ceremony? So you're finally a real engineer. Ah, this is a happy day! Say, why are you dressed like a soldier? It's strange... You look just like a friend of mine from when I was a young man.

?So glad you've come to see me again, [Link]! You know, you are the spitting image of one of my dearest old friends! Looking at you reminds me of those golden days...

?That reminds me of something! Since you can travel all over the world by train now... Would you mind doing a favor for ol' Niko here? [.]A favor?[.]I can't.

?What? What? These old ears just don't work like they used to. I couldn't hear your answer, so I'll ask again. Would you do me a favor? [.]What?[.]Nah.

?Back in the day, I used to love traveling. I visited so many exotic places. Every place I'd go, there'd be a station where I could get a special stamp. I never did figure out who built those stations... Anyway, collecting these stamps was a way to record my travels. I loved those little stamps more than anything! But back then... I didn't have anything with me to stamp them in. It was a sad state of affairs. Which brings me to that favor I was talking about, [Link]. Would you use this stamp book to collect those stamps for me? Here it is!

?Please collect a whole mess of stamps for me. If you get a lot, I'll give you something special.

?I'm counting on you, [Link]. Please get me stamps from all the different places you visit.

?But...you haven't gotten a single stamp. Now this is sad indeed. I'm an old man! All I want are some stamps! Come show me one soon!

?Great to see you're back, [Link]! Have you been finding lots of good stamps?

?I just love stamps! And look, you've collected [var] of them! Show me 10 stamps and I'll give you something neat! Isn't that exciting?!

?Wow, did you really collect [var] for little old me? Thank you! In return, please take this!

?You collected [var] for me? I'm very impressed, [Link]! I can almost picture all the places you've been. Thank you so much. As my way of saying thanks, please take this set of clothes!

?I see you have collected all 20 stamps. You're an amazing kid. You really are. You've made this old man's dreams come true, and that kind of thing is priceless. After looking at this stamp book, I don't have a single regret left in this world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...

?That shield once belonged to an old friend of mine from my adventuring days. Seeing you with it takes me back to when I was young. Sorry if you already spent money on a shield. Just leave it here with me! Come back if you ever want to switch shields.

?Ah, yes, your engineer's clothes! I think you look much better in these. That said, if you ever want to switch back to your soldier getup, talk to me.

?Oh yes, that's right, I owe you a reward, don't I? Here! How's this!?

?Oh, and this is something I got from an old friend. It's the great spin attack. To pull it off, draw a circle around yourself three times. Pretty neat, huh?

?Thanks to you, I have absolutely no regrets in the world. Ahhh, feels good. Thanks, [Link]!

?Great job! You've collected [var] ! Come back when you've collected 15 and I'll give you something even better!

?Wow, you've found [var] . That's really impressive! There are 20 stamp stations scattered throughout this kingdom. If you can show me all 20 stamps, I'll give you something even better!

?So you'd like to change your clothes? [.]Yes.[.]Nope.

?Come back whenever you want to change your clothes!

?Well, go ahead and change them then!

?Do you understand the significance of today? In order to become a train engineer in this kingdom, you must have an audience with the princess. If she grants you her permission, you can finally operate a train by yourself. Now hop aboard! We're going to the castle! [.]Yeah![.]Hold on.

?All right, go do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for the challenge. I'll be waiting for you here when you're ready.

?Good! Then let's get going. Oh, but one last thing. You're going to drive the train to get us there! Call it your final exam! Don't look so worried--it'll be a piece of cake.

?You need to get us to the castle in 300 seconds. Right now, we're here in Aboda Village! And our destination, Hyrule Castle, is right here! [.]There are other trains on the tracks, so be careful not to hit them. The tracks you can drive on are darker colored. The other ones are off-limits. [.]So think you got it? [.]Yes![.]No way.

?Well, how about it? Ready to go to the castle now? [.]Yeah![.]Wait!

?I like your confidence! I'll remind you how to operate the train on our way there. So hop aboard!

?Come on, pay attention! I'll explain it again, but listen this time!

?What's up with your driving today? You're not as sharp as you usually are. You're not nervous because you're going to see the princess today, are you? Let's try again and get to the castle! [.]Yeah![.]I give up.

?Change of heart? Ready now? Then off we go to the castle! [.]Yeah![.]Well...

?You're just nervous about meeting the princess. It's totally understandable. I'll give you some time. Go get some fresh air and calm your nerves.

?OK, try not to mess up this time! Do you want to hear the rules again? [.]Tell me.[.]I'm good.

?All right! Then let's go! Hop aboard!

?We must restore the Spirit Tracks and ascend the Tower of Spirits! Should we get going, [Link]? [.]Let's go![.]Not yet.

?Oh...really? Well, it might be a while before you're home again, so you can take your time.

?Aaaaall aboooooard!

?Alfonzo says he has to prepare something. I wonder what he has planned?

?This cannon is just what we need! Now we can head to the Snow Realm! Let's go, [Link]! [.]OK![.]Wait...

?OK, time to go now, [Link]! [.]Right.[.]Hold on.

?I never knew Alfonzo thought of me that way. Of course, that's all ancient history. I've grown much more patient with time.

?Heeeeeey! [sfx][Link]! Tap me! Tap meeeee!

?Good job, [Link]! Tapping is your friend! To chat, just tap the person you want to talk to. Wait a second! There are a bunch of rocks in front of the house! Somebody must have been up to no good when they put them there! Hey, you look like you've got some free time on your hands, [Link]. Instead of just standing there, will you help clear the rocks out of the way? To grab something, just touch it! Then to throw it, tap in the direction you want to throw. Now, get to work!

?Thank you! Tee hee! You're so nice, [Link]! Here, this is for you!

?If you see my big brother, get him good for me, OK?

?Hey, look who's back! How was the ceremony, [Link]? Wait a second! Have your engineer's clothes always been that green?

?Hey, you collect treasure, right, [Link]? Did you know you can trade treasures and things with other people? Yeah, you can even trade stuff with complete strangers! I hear you can do this in something called Tag Mode. Here's how it works. Choose the items to trade, and when you start a game, select Tag Mode. Honestly, I don't really understand it myself...

?That is one fine-looking train, if you don't mind my saying. And that ride was smooth as silk! Can't believe you got such a nice train from the Tower of Spirits... But like I said, I don't think it can handle the dangers you're likely to face! Let me rig something up for you...

?Oh, but, it's going to take some time to get it ready. Come back here in a while. Why don't you go visit ol' Niko while you're waiting? I'm sure he'd be happy to see you.

?Oh, you got here just in time. Check this out, [Link]!

?It's a cannon for your train! With this baby, you can smash through boulders! You can even knock out any baddies that get in your way!

?Now that you've got this, you should head out to the Snow Realm. You've got to help out the princess. We're counting on you, [Link]!

?Stop spacing out, and hurry to the Snow Realm! The princess needs your help. I'll be right here when you return!

?Hey, [Link]!

?So, how's it going? Does it look like you'll be able to save the princess? What? She's here now? Is everything all right? To be honest, I'm finding it a little hard to believe you. I guess I just want to see her smiling face again soon!

?Thank you, Alfonzo! You've warmed my heart!

?You know, it wasn't always a picnic. Sometimes she'd get awfully riled up!

?What did he say?!

?Oh, [Link]... This tiny village that you call home is lovely. Though I don't know if I could live here...

?Oh, that's right... When you want to board the train, please tap me. I'll pop up like this whenever you get near the train!

?You're late!

?Ever noticed how this town is crawling with doves? Who cares about doves? They might be pretty, but Cuccos are where it's at! Someday, I want to raise so many that you can hear the clucking a mile away!

?Oh, did you quit your engineer job to become a soldier, [Link]?

?Hey there, [Link]! So, have you gotten the hang of driving that train? I see you've got a freight car now, too? Excellent! I'm planning on raising Cuccos here. Think you could bring some in for me? If you could bring me 10 to start, that would be great!

?Ooh! Those are some fine- looking Cuccos in your freight car! Think I could have 'em? Please? [.]OK.[.]No!

?Awww... How can you treat someone from your own village that way?

?Thanks! But... Hmm... Do you have any more Cuccos in there? 'Cause these aren't enough. I'm hoping for 10 Cuccos. So... Would you bring me [var] more please?

?Hoo-ey! Look at all these beautiful Cuccos! Thanks a bunch!

?I can't wait to start my Cucco farm up now!

?Cuccos are so beautiful... I could watch these noble beasts forever.

?Now, bring me some more Cuccos! I want to round up at least 10 of those guys! Only [var] more to go!

?Whew! We made it! So, this is where you're from? It's so peaceful here. It's the kind of place I can picture retiring in. Not that I could ever retire from the fast-paced life of train photography!

?And is that where Alfonzo lives? THE Alfonzo?! Whoa whoa WHOA! I can't believe I'm this close to such a megacelebrity!

?Oh, man, I'm SOOOO excited to meet him! Well, here I go!

?That Ferrus is certainly very...enthusiastic about trains. I never knew that Alfonzo had fans!

?Well, I suppose it takes all kinds!

?OH MY GOSH! OHMYGOSH! You're Alfonzo!

?Yes, that's right. And, uh... Who are you?

?OHMYGOSH, I can't believe you're asking MY name! I'm Ferrus, your biggest fan! I even have dreams about meeting you! You're a living locomotive legend!

?A legend? Me?

?Yes, YOU! The legendary engineer Alfonzo! And here you are, standing right in front of me! I'm so excited, I might pass out! Um, could I please have your autograph, sir?

?Well, I don't know if I'm a legendary engineer. But back when I was a knight, people used to call me a legendary swordsman. Especially after I did 900 reps in sword training!

?Are you sure you heard them right? Are you sure they weren't actually saying "legendary engineer"?

?Erm... I'm pretty sure it was "legendary swordsman." I'm not even sure there is such a thing as a legendary engineer...


?Well, this wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be... But at least I got to ride in that sweet train of yours. So, as my way of saying thanks, please take this!

?I'm just gonna hang around here and photograph some trains. See you later!

?Uh, who was that guy?

?Alfonzo was saying there's no such thing as a legendary engineer... But I don't believe that. There's got to be one somewhere!

?Hmmm... I wonder where she went. She must get pretty bored out here in the countryside, don't you think?

?Hi there, [Link]! Graduation day is a very special day. Being a train engineer is a great honor, you know. After all, the princess personally reviews each candidate herself! And the ceremony is at the castle! Now that's what I call celebrating in style!

?Oh my, you're a full-fledged engineer now! Graduating is only the beginning, and I wish you all the best! Did you go tell Niko yet?

?Lately, my kid has been saying weird stuff about wanting to fly. If he starts in on any of this oddball stuff with you, don't pay any attention!

?I can't find my boy anywhere. Where in the world could he be? Do you know where he is, [Link]? [.]Actually...[.]Dunno.

?Well, he's always out and about. I'm sure he'll make his way home eventually... Wait... Your face tells me you're hiding something.

?What did you say?! He's in a hot-air balloon? Sigh... That boy can be a real handful sometimes. He's in deep trouble when he gets home!

?Hey, [Link]!

?Yo, [Link]!

?Hey, [Link]! If you want to change up your train, leave it to me!

?Which cars do you want to change?

?Is this good?

?There, I switched it for you! Now go and get 'em!

?[sfx][Link] and Niko's House

?Alfonzo's House

?You got the stamp book! Get stamps from every part of the world for Niko!

?You got the Shield of Antiquity! Niko received this precious shield from an old, dear friend.

?You got Linebeck's letter! It seems to point the way to hidden treasure! Go to the Collection screen to read it!

?You got the Song of Light! Play it to activate beacons. Check it out on the Collection screen!

?Want to take the train? [.]Yes.[.]No.

?Then why don't we look around a little?

?OK, aaall aboooard!

?So this is where the bridge worker lives. If we ever need a handyman, we'll know where to go. Well, ready to leave? [.]Sure.[.]Not yet.

?This is our first passenger. He seems pretty demanding, so let's be careful! Ready to take him to that broken bridge? [.]Yep.[.]Wait.

?This time, let's try not to make him angry! On to the bridge! [.]Right![.]Wait.

?We've got to get the bridge worker to go fix the broken bridge. Otherwise we can't proceed to the realm on our new rail map. Are you sure we should leave? [.]Yes.[.]Wait.

?OK! Let's go ask him to fix the bridge!

?Hey, whaddaya doin' here? [.]Nothing.[.]Actually...

?What's the matter? Is there somethin' you wanna tell me? [.]You see...[.]Nope.

?So you're trying to restore all the Spirit Tracks? Sounds like a lotta work! Hmm... That's a big heart ya got there, little guy! I guess being an engineer isn't all red carpets and caviar, is it? Sometimes, ya just gotta roll up your sleeves and put in some hard work! See, I'm a bridge worker, carpenter, and craftsman, so I know all about work. If ya need a bridge, I'm your guy. I'll travel to any place that needs a bridge. It's called bein' a professional! That's why I expect ya to restore the Spirit Tracks like a pro, too!

?This is my workshop, so there might be a few nails lyin' around! Watch out!

?What? Ya want me to fix the bridge? [.][.]...All right, let me at it! I got somethin' to tell that Linebeck anyhow. I'm ready to go right now, so I'll head to the train and wait there for ya.

?Got somethin' to ask me, little guy? [.]Actually...[.]Nope.

?I'm the bridge worker, and no one builds them better than I do! If ya need a bridge or fence built, I'm your guy!

?Don't just stand there starin' at me all googly- eyed! What's up, kid? You want somethin'? [.]Nothing.[.]Actually...

?Kid, I gotta level with ya. That drivin' ya did was the absolute pits! A real engineer knows not to jostle the passengers half to death! Ya gonna do a better job this time? [.]Yes, sir![.]Dunno.

?UGH! What's the use of even talkin' to kids these days?[.][.] That reminds me, I saw that fella Ferrus wanderin' around. Ya might try askin' him what it takes to drive a train with passengers.

?All right then, so ya know where to go?[.][.] And this time, no more horseplay! Pay attention to what you're doin'!

?So? Can ya make it? [.]You bet![.]Um, no.

?Would you like to board the train now? [.]Yes.[.]Not yet.

?Very well. Let's be off!

?All right then. Let's look around here a bit longer.

?If we see any rabbits, we should be sure to try and catch them with the net. Now, are you ready to get back on the train? [.]Let's go.[.]Hang on.

?Is it that you want more time to frolic with the rabbits?

?I'm glad that woman's going to try and work things out with her husband. Now, are you ready to get back on the train? [.]Yup.[.]Hang on.

?It's nice to see the place filling up with all these new rescued rabbits. Now, shall we be off? [.]Yup.[.]Wait.

?Amazing! You caught 50 rabbits all by yourself, [Link]! The Rabbitland Rescue man must be overjoyed to have so many bunnies around. So, are you ready to get back on the train? [.]Yeah.[.]Hang on.

?Well, I hope it works out for the two of them. So, [Link], should we leave now? [.]Yeah.[.]Wait.

?Goodness! You've caught at least five more rabbits already? Then here's that amazing prize I promised you!

?If you can bring me five cuddly bunnies, I'll give you an amazing prize!

?Ooh! It looks like you've managed to catch every variety of rabbit out there. I guess it's time for me to give you that wonderful present I promised!

?There are five types of bunnies: grass, snow, water, mountain, and desert. Catch one of each for me, and I'll give you a wonderful present!

?If you can bring me 10 bunnies from the grass, you get a prize!

?Well, look at that! You caught 10 adorable bunnies from the grass!

?If you can bring me 10 bunnies from the snow, you get a prize!

?Well, look at that! You caught 10 adorable bunnies from the snow!

?Hey! You don't have a single rabbit! Get back out there and snag me some bunnies!

?Collect all 50 bunnies for me, and I'll give you the neatest present ever!

?Wow! Just...wow! You've collected every rabbit out there. I'm speechless... You've more than earned it, so here it is, the neatest present EVER!

?Just look at all of them. They're so cute, it's almost a crime!

?Well, someone's been busy hunting bunnies! Let me reward your hard work with [var] .

?Welcome to Rabbitland Rescue, a haven for rabbits and their furless friends. There are millions of poor rabbits without a home or human companionship. Here at Rabbitland Rescue, we save these bunnies from the harsh wilderness... And provide them with much-needed frolicking. You are here to frolic with the bunnies, right? [.]Sure am![.]No...

?Let me be 120 percent clear. If your heart's not in it, you're gonna get burned. Are you SURE you want to frolic with the bunnies? [.]Of course![.]Hmm...

?I guess you're too young to understand the importance of helping those in need. If that's the case, why don't you just go back to playing engineer?

?That wishy-washy attitude is no way to approach life! I guess you just aren't ready to get down with the rabbits!

?OK, I'm convinced. If you want to join the Rabbitland family, you'll need this!

?Hm? Why'd I give you a net, you ask? Well...because if you want to frolic, you gotta work for it first! I mean, what kind of person frolics with a bunny someone else caught? Rabbitland Rescue takes care of the bunnies you bring in to frolic with. We even frolic with them when you're too busy to stop by! But never mind those little details. Now you know what we're about! Does everything I've said make sense to you? [.]Yeah.[.]I'm lost.

?Hmm... Well, I'm going to give you this net anyway. All you need to focus on is snaring bunnies and bringing them back to me. Sound good, champ? [.]OK.[.]What?

?I'd like to touch on how to use your net to catch our furry friends. You may have figured it out for yourself already, but let's review, shall we?

?Sheesh, this is taking forever. I could be out catching rabbits right now. ...Oh! Sorry, just talking to myself. Let me tell you how to use that net again!

?Wonderful. Now go catch some of those poor, homeless rabbits and tote them back to me. I've got lots of great prizes for you, depending on how many you bring back!

?Well, the secret's out now. But actually, it's sort of a load off my shoulders! Now take her back to Castle Town, OK? Thanks a bunch!

?Look, all you have to do is take that net and go catch me some rabbits? OK? You get it now? [.]Yup.[.]Nope.

?Whew... OK. Let's move to the next thing that needs explaining...

?You really don't follow? ...OK, tell you what. Perk up those ears like a bunny, and I'll explain it again. Here's how you use that net of yours.

?When driving around, you might see a bunny peeking out from behind something. If you spot one, blow your whistle. The rabbit will jump and be easy to spot. When you see that, blast whatever the bunny's hiding behind with your cannon! The rabbit will try to run from you, but only 'cause it likes being chased! And then the hunt is on! Once the hunting starts, you'll automatically pick up your net. Then just focus on tapping the rabbit with the right timing to catch it! If you're careful, you'll have an adorable bunny in hand before you know it! But if you fail to catch it, that rabbit will run off before long. Hopefully you followed that long explanation of mine? [.]Sure did.[.]Not at all.

?You can find 10 rabbits in each of the following locations. The grass plains, the snow fields, the ocean, the mountain, and the desert! Depending on what you bring back, I might give you a neat prize! Is there anything else you want to ask about? [.]Yeah.[.]Nope.

?Well then spit it out. What do you want to ask about? [.]Rabbits.[.]Rabbitland.[.]Hunting.[.]Nothing.

?Rabbitland Rescue is a place for all poor bunnies without a home. It's also a place for people to relax and forget their troubles. Here, you can indulge in the simple pleasure of frolicking with bunnies! I'll watch over any rabbits you bring back, so just focus on netting them. While you do that, I'll be here, doing a little frolicking myself... Um...yeah. So did you want to ask about anything else? [.]Yeah.[.]Nope.

?OK then, I'll explain how to hunt bunnies. This could get long, so get comfy! When driving around, you might see a bunny hiding behind something. If you spot one, blow your whistle. The rabbit will jump and be easy to spot. Then use your cannon to blast the object the bunny's hiding behind. The rabbit will try to run from you, but it's only 'cause it likes being chased! And then the hunt is on! Once the hunting starts, you'll automatically pick up your net. Then just focus on tapping the rabbit with the right timing to catch it! If you're careful, you'll have an adorable bunny in hand before you know it! Just remember, the bunny will hightail it out of there if you don't get ahold of it. Is there anything else I can clarify for you? [.]Yes.[.]Nope.

?If we're done chatting, go and catch me some bunnies!

?What do you want to know more about? [.]Rabbits.[.]Rabbitland.[.]Hunting.[.]Nothing.

?Happy hunting!

?Gosh, just look at all of those long-eared darlings. They're adorable! I have to tell you, I never imagined you'd catch so many for me. You've made me a very, very happy fellow!

?What would you like to hear about? [.]Rabbitland.[.]Hunting.[.]Nothing.

?If you can bring me 10 bunnies from the ocean, you get a prize!

?Well, look at that! You caught 10 adorable bunnies from the ocean!

?If you can bring me 10 bunnies from the mountains, you get a prize!

?Well, look at that! You caught 10 adorable bunnies from the mountains!

?If you can bring me 10 bunnies from the desert, you get a prize!

?Well, look at that! You caught 10 adorable bunnies from the desert!

?Looks like my old lady's gonna be here for a while. I mean, I'm glad and all, but things just won't be the same with her around...

?...Oh brother, why'd you bring my old lady here? Not a bright move, genius!

?Oh, I'm so happy to finally see my darling husband. Thank you so much for bringing me all this way to meet him!

?Oh, what should I say to him? It's been so long!

?HONEY?! What in the world are you doing?! And what is that ridiculous outfit?

?Ah! Sugar plum...this is... It's not what it looks like. There's a perfectly good explanation for all of this. Honest, there is! See--

?You've been frolicking with those filthy wild rabbits again, haven't you? I can't begin to understand your obsession with them!

?If I don't take care of these poor rabbits, no one will! You just don't understand them like I do.

?I'd like to go home now! Mr. Engineer, would you PLEASE take me back to Castle Town?

?Well, you sure know them better than you know me! Do you have any idea how worried I've been about you? I don't want to see you in that ridiculous getup ever again! For all I care, you can stay here with your bunnies forever!

?You know, I think I've changed my mind. I won't be heading back to town. After all, it's my husband's big heart that first drew me to him. Maybe I'm the one who needs to change how I think about things. You've done me a huge service in bringing me here. Thank you so much.

?Maybe I'm the one who drove my husband to spend all his time with rabbits. I'm going to stay here and see if I can't fix things between us!

?Welcome to the Rabbitland Rescue, friend! Aren't bunnies just the absolute cutest?

?You've caught [var] of 10 grass rabbits.

?You've caught [var] of 10 snow rabbits.

?You've caught [var] of 10 ocean rabbits.

?You've caught [var] of 10 mountain rabbits.

?You've caught [var] of 10 desert rabbits.

?Well, this is an odd place...

?Aw, rats! I was gonna ask you to take me to Papuchia Village. But I guess you're already giving the bridge worker a ride, huh... Well, no biggie. I'll just walk there. It'll give me a chance to take some killer pics along the way. Oh, but you should know that the bridge worker is super-mega fussy. If you don't blow your whistle when the signs say so... Or if you don't follow the signs telling you to speed up or slow down... Or if you don't stop right at the platform... Or if you[.] get hit by an enemy while you're traveling... He'll jump off the train and yell at you till he's blue in the face. Also, don't use the reverse on the gearbox to brake suddenly! That kind of thing is dangerous for the passengers! But this is all stuff a good engineer already knows. I have it all written down at my house, so swing by if you ever forget. Good luck!

?Oh, and watch out while you're giving the bridge worker a ride. He's fussier than a squeaky rail! If you don't blow your whistle when the signs say to... Or if you don't follow the signs telling you to speed up or slow down... Or if you don't stop right at the platform... Or if you get[.] hit by an enemy while you're traveling... He'll get all bent out of shape. If you don't wanna get an earful, be careful! Also, don't use the reverse on the gearbox to brake suddenly! That kind of thing is dangerous for the passengers! But this is all stuff a good engineer already knows. I have it all written down at my house, so swing by if you ever forget. Good luck!

?Looks like Mr. Bridge Worker got all huffy and went home.

?Say, if it isn't you again! What's shaking, pal? You ever seen that big stone arch that stands over the tracks? Makes ya think, doesn't it? Who MADE it? For WHAT? What a mystery! I hear the triangle-shaped thing at the top of the arch does something. But only if you hit it real hard! But I don't even know what that thing is! What could it BE? WHAT? Ah, sorry for rambling. I just get excited about rad stuff!