Book of Mudora

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Book of Mudora
Book of Mudora.png
Book of Mudora artwork from A Link to the Past




Translating ancient Hylian text

"Book of Mudora
Link uses this mysterious book to read the ancient Hylian language. It can be found in the Library. There are no stepladders in the Library so Link must cause the green-covered book to fall from the top shelf by Dashing into it.

The Book of Mudora is an item that can be found in A Link to the Past.


The Book of Mudora contains a collection of ancient Hyrulean lore, stories and is used as a guide for translating the ancient Hylian language that appears throughout Hyrule. It can be found in the Library in the immediate area south of Kakariko Village in the Light World. This book is used to allow Link entrance into the Desert Palace, collect two of the three magic medallions and read text on the Master Sword's pedestal.