Yoll Graveyard Ghini

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Yoll Graveyard Ghini

The Yoll Graveyard Ghini is a character in Oracle of Ages who appears exclusively in a Linked Game.

Graveyard Secret

Main article: Graveyard Secret

After Link has completed the Spirit's Grave in a Linked game, the Ghini will appear in the Yoll Graveyard. The Ghini can be found at the northeast portion of the Graveyard, on the same screen with Syrup's Potion Shop. Link can Speak to the ghost and he'll tell him a secret.[1] The Ghini mentions that in Holodrum's Graveyard, there is one grave that has no flowers. There is a Ghini inside of this grave and if Link tells it a secret, something good will happen.[2]

After Link tells the secret to the Ghini in Holodrum, he'll acquire a Heart Container. Link then learns a secret from that Ghini, which he can bring back to Oracle of Ages. After telling the secret to Farore within the female Maku Tree, Link will get a Heart Container.



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  2. "In Holodrum's graveyard, there is but one grave with no flowers. If you tell the one inside the grave the secret I am about to tell you, something good will happen, understand? ›Yes ›No" — Yoll Graveyard Ghini, Oracle of Ages.