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Barriara is the leader of Gerudo Village in Cadence of Hyrule.[1] She can be found in front of the entrance to the Gerudo prince's building, where she has fallen asleep due to Octavo's music.

When the player first arrives in Gerudo Village, a nearby Gerudo informs them that they cannot check on the prince because Barriara has fallen asleep in front of the entrance to the building he is in.[2] She explains that Octavo played a song that made her fall asleep.[3]

If the player plays the Gerudo Desert theme using the nearby music notes, Barriara will wake up.[4] She thanks the player for waking her up and offers them the Power Glove to get through the Gerudo Ruins.[5] Barriara also tells them that she wishes she could find Octavo to teach him a lesson.[6] However, she must stay to watch over their prince until he is more mature, so she cannot travel to the ruins with them.[7]


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