Gerudo Ruins

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Gerudo Ruins

Gerudo Ruins is a dungeon in Cadence of Hyrule usually located in the bottom left or bottom right corner of Hyrule, in the isolated Gerudo Desert.

Getting Into the Ruins

While the player can get in as soon as he or she reaches the desert, the main complex is separated from the entrance by a lava pool. In order to cross, the player has to scour the four corners of the desert for four Gears. After getting four, the player takes them back to the Gerudo Ruins and gives them to the Gerudo beside the bridge mechanism. She will jokingly ask for twenty Rupees before fixing the mechanism and raising the bridge. Afterwards, the player can come and go whenever he or she pleases.


  • Gerudo Ruins and the Gerudo Arena are the only dungeons in Cadence of Hyrule with people at the entrance; however, Gerudo Ruins is the only dungeon in which the player has to talk to the person.