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Frederick "Freddie" Merchantry





Frederick, full name Frederick "Freddie" Merchantry, is a wandering shopkeeper in Cadence of Hyrule. He frequently appears in caves and dungeons across Hyrule.

Cadence of Hyrule

Frederick typically sells equipment (i.e. Torches and Shovels), though he will also sell items not allocated to chests when generating the map, as well as one Piece of Heart in each of the four dungeons. While he usually asks for Rupees, sometimes he takes hearts instead.

CoH Frederick Playable Sprite.png

With the Cadence of Hyrule Character Pack DLC, Frederick becomes a playable character in Single-Character Mode or All-Character Mode. Frederick always starts with 100 Rupees and loses rupees over time. Upon running out of health or rupees, Frederick becomes a ghost, at which point players can collect rupees to save him. As a playable character, players can sell their equipment at shops, which causes a dummy modeled after Frederick to appear.


  • Like Cadence and Aria, Frederick comes from Brace Yourself Games' original Crypt of the NecroDancer game.
  • Frederick's full name is a reference to the singer Freddie Mercury, the deceased lead singer of the rock group Queen.
  • Attacking Frederick with an item turns him into an enemy. Defeating him rewards the player with a Coupon and the achievement THIEF, a reference to Link's Awakening.