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The four Fates







Voice Actor

Elspeth Eastman (English)

The Fates are fortune tellers that appear in Cadence of Hyrule.

There are a total of four Fates in Hyrule: three in huts, where they offer to read the heroes' fortunes and sell potions, and one in the Game Over Shop and the Future World. The Fates take both currencies (10 rupees for fortunes and Diamonds for potions and gear in the Game Over shop). In Dungeon Mode and Puzzle Mode, the Fates may randomly appear in the dungeon.

Each hut is signified by a red banner with a Sheikah eye on it. The Fates of Power, Wisdom and Courage are all signified by being red, blue or green, and their huts reflect this. The eye over the doorway matches their colour, as does the interior decor. This includes their carpet, bed, and a giant tapestry on the back wall containing a large Sheikah eye.

In Octavo's Ode, Octavo steals the Fates' threads, causing them to refuse to help him and warn him of the inevitability of one's fate. They can also be found in caves, marked with the same red Sheikah banner. When Octavo enters, he'll be met with an apparition of a Fate who will scold him, before disappearing in a puff of smoke.