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This article is about the mini-game in Ocarina of Time. For the mini-game in Breath of the Wild, see Horseback Obstacle Course.
Obstacle Course
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The Obstacle Course is a Mini-Game in Ocarina of Time.

After Link has rescued Epona from Ingo, causing him to have a breakdown and allowing Malon to take control of Lon Lon Ranch[1], she sets up the obstacle course and challenges Link to beat her time of 50 seconds[2] The track runs around the outer circuit of the horse paddock, where Link raced Ingo, and contains jumps of varying heights — if he does not beat her time, Malon cautions Link that he does not need to speed up for the low fences, only for the taller ones[3].

If he successfully completes two laps of the track quicker than Malon's record, she will send a present — a cow — to his house in Kokiri Forest.[4]


  1. "Really? Link! That's what I thought! You're the fairy boy from the forest! That was years ago! Do you remember me? You do? I was sure it was you because Epona remembered you! Oh, I have to tell you about Mr. Ingo... He was afraid that the Evil King might find out that Epona had been taken away...It really upset him! But one day, all of a sudden, he went back to being a normal, nice person! Now my dad is coming back...I can't believe it, but peace is returning to this ranch! It's all because of you! I owe you so much! Thank you! Thank you, Link!" — Malon, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "The record so far is 50 seconds. Your best time is . If you can beat the record, I'll give you a present. Give it your best shot, OK? Let's get going!" — Malon, Ocarina of Time.
  3. "Well, your time was . You have to train harder! Remember, you don't need to accelerate to jump over low fences, but you do need to go fast to jump the high fences!" — Malon, Ocarina of Time.
  4. "You did it! is the new course record! I have to give you a present to commemorate your new record! The present is a little too heavy to give to you here, so I'll have it delivered to your house. Bet you can't wait to see it! Hee hee!" — Malon, Ocarina of Time.