Talon & Malon's House

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Talon & Malon's House
Talon & Malon's House Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison de Talon & Malon (Talon & Malon’s House)
Spain Español Casa de Talon y Malon (Talon and Malon’s House)
Germany Deutsch Talons & Malons Haus (Talon & Malon’s House)
Italy Italiana Casa di Talon e Malon (Talon and Malon’s House)

Talon & Malon's House[1] is a location found in Oracle of Seasons. It is the home of Malon and her father, Talon. The home is found in the northeastern portion of North Horon.

The house is decorated very simply, with two beds and a nightstand in the top-left, dressers and a stove in the top-right, and a table and two chairs in the bottom-right. The house is also overrun with Cuccos; four to be exact. At first, only Malon can be found in the house; however, Talon is also found here after Link uses the Phonograph to wake up Talon, as part of the trading sequence.

This location plays a part in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence. If Link enters the home at any point and talks to Malon, she tells Link that her father, Talon, went to climb Mt. Cucco, leaving her in charge of the hens.[2] However, there is so much she doesn't know about them.[2] Once Link has acquired the Cuccodex from Dr. Left, he can bring it to Malon, who sees it and asks to have it.[3] As thanks, Malon gives Link the Lon Lon Egg, saying it is all the rage with cute girls.[4]

If Link returns to the home after waking up Talon on Mt. Cucco, Talon can be found in the bottom-right, standing beside the table. He exclaims that he "really caught it from Malon" upon his return.[5] Furthermore, Malon tells Link that "Talon always falls asleep!"[6]



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