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Shrine Maidens
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The Shrine Maidens are characters that appear in Four Swords Adventures. There are seven total: six maidens watch over different sectors of Hyrule, and Princess Zelda serves as their leader. They are charged with the task of protecting the Four Sword and the seal on Vaati.[1][2]

When Zelda notices the seal weakening, she asks Link to accompany her and the Shrine Maidens on a trip to the Elemental Sanctuary and check on it.[3][4] However, Shadow Link appears from their portal and traps the maidens in crystals, sending them away to different corners of Hyrule.[5] Link must rescue each Maiden, including Zelda, from a dungeon in order to find Vaati.[6] Whenever they are freed from a crystal, they turn into a Fairy-like form to guide him on his way. Once Link saves them all, they pray to keep the darkness at bay as he traverses the Realm of the Heavens.[7]


Blue Maiden

Blue Maiden.png

The Blue Maiden presides over the Eastern Hyrule, where a village is named after her. The Links free her from where she is imprisoned in Hyrule Castle. The Queen of Fairies had attempted to save her after she called for help, but she was instead split in two and trapped in a hideous form.[8] Once they help her recover her true form, she leaves the care of the maidens in their hands.[9]

The Blue Maiden is relieved to be free and tells Link how brave he is. She allows them to travel by sea under her protection.[10] She greets them in her fairy form at The Coast, telling them that the bond they share must grow before they can face Vaati.[11]

Yellow Maiden

Yellow Maiden.png

The Yellow Maiden is imprisoned in the Eastern Temple. Link rescues her after slaying the Stone Arrghus. Fearing Vaati's newly regained power, she tells Link that they must head to her realm of Death Mountain, where another maiden is likely trapped.[12]

Green Maiden

Green Maiden.png

Found within the Yellow Maiden's domain, the Green Maiden is trapped in the Tower of Flames. She tells the Links about the Knights of Hyrule.[13] Prior to rescuing her, Kaepora Gaebora had told the Links about strange happenings at Hyrule Castle.[14] The Green Maiden agrees that the castle must be saved, so the Links head to the Near the Fields area to liberate it.

Later, during their exploration of The Field, Malon notices the Links talking with the Green Maiden, calling her a "green fairy".[15] The maiden wonders why Malon is out by herself in the rain and suggests that they help her.[16]

White Maiden

White Maiden.png

At the end of the Links' Infiltration of Hyrule Castle, the White Maiden is freed. She describes how her domain, formerly known as the Forest of Light, has turned into The Dark World.[17] It is the resting place of the Dark Mirror, which she says must be retrieved and protected from evil hands.[18] She meets them at the Lost Woods, where she tells them to speak with some of the Deku Scrubs in hopes of uncovering some information.[19]

However, after they manage to pass through Kakariko Village and defeat Phantom Ganon in the Temple of Darkness, they find the Mirror missing. She is afraid of the thief's intentions.[20]

Red Maiden

Red Maiden.png

The Red Maiden's crystal is in a room right next to the Dark Mirror in the Temple of Darkness. She watches over The Desert of Doubt. Upon freeing her from her prison, the White Maiden hurries to tell the Red Maiden what has happened, and the Red Maiden agrees that she is also worried and asks about the other maidens.[21][22] The White Maiden explains that they are still unsure where the final two maidens are, and mentions how the Deku were worshipping a figure named Ganon.[23] The Red Maiden informs them that she heard a similar name in the desert, and says that they should go there.[24]

She leads them to the first area. There, she instructs them to speak with the Gerudo people there.[25] Inside of the Pyramid, she helps them translate a tablet written in ancient tongue, which mentions a Trident of dark power.[26] She suddenly realizes that Ganon is the real threat, not Vaati, and that he has become the King of Darkness with the help of the weapon.[27] She urges them to hurry.

Purple Maiden

Purple Maiden.png

Also located in Pyramid, the Purple Maiden protects Frozen Hyrule. She thanks Link for freeing her, and then calls on the other maidens to help her search for Princess Zelda.[28] They hear her for a moment, and she tells them that she is in the Tower of Winds.[29] The maidens tell Link to hurry to Frozen Hyrule to find the final Royal Jewel so that they can open tower.[30] The Purple Maiden leads the Links to the first area in Frozen Hyrule, where all of the maidens gather and promise to protect the entrance to the tower while Link searches for the Royal Jewel required to open it.[31]

Princess Zelda

Main article: Zelda (Four Swords Adventures)

After defeating Frostare, the Links free Zelda from the Tower of Winds. She tells that although she and the maidens will continue to pray to fight evil, they must go to the Realm of the Heavens and slay the darkness there.[32] She then appears during the stage The Dark Cloud, where she helps the Links defeat Shadow Link and destroy the Dark Mirror.[33] She also forms a bridge leading to the Palace of Winds.[34]

Ganon's Emergence and Defeat

Finally, the Links defeat Vaati, and the Palace, held together by his might, starts to crumble.[35] The Links leave through the collapsing Tower of Winds, Princess Zelda trailing behind them.[36] While escaping, Zelda notices that there are still monsters in the palace, and she senses a malevolent power approaching.[37][38] Just as they are about to reach the exit, the ground collapses beneath them and they fall into another room with a dark wad of energy in the center. Zelda attempts to seal it away, but the force then turns into Ganon, who traps Zelda and mocks the heroes before attacking.[39][40]

After attacking him for a while, Zelda is freed and she creates a ball of light to help the Links.[41] Once she has fully powered it up, she releases it and the Links hit it into Ganon using their Bow. The rest of the maidens appear, and Link raises the Four Sword above his head, finally sealing Ganon away.[42][43]

Princess Zelda tells Link to place the Four Sword back in its pedestal.[44] All of the maidens appear in the Four Sword Sanctuary to watch before turning into their fairy forms and retreating to their respective areas of Hyrule. Everyone in Hyrule celebrates Link's triumph over Ganon, and Zelda watches from a tower in the castle.


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