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Rescue Zelda


1-4 Heart.png Frosteye Contact
1-4 Heart.png Frostare Contact
1-4 Heart.png Ice Beams


Frostare is the boss of the Tower of Winds in Four Swords Adventures. He is a large eye found on the ninth floor of the tower. When the Links enter, they find him hanging from the ceiling surrounded by many Frosteyes. The Frosteyes will seek out the Links and attack them. If they are defeated, Frostare summons them again.


There are four doorways within the room. The bottom-right doorway can only be entered if the Links have a Fire Rod. They can use the Rod to melt the ice, and inside they find Roc's Feather. Roc's Feather is required to enter the top-right room, where the Links must break four pots and stand on the switches to make two platforms appear in the center of the area. Using these platforms, they can reach the bottom- and upper-left rooms. The bottom-left room contains only pots, but the upper-left has a small red creature that is actually the stem of Frostare's body. Attacking this red creature will summon Red Force Gems, and behind him is a treasure chest with a Big Red Force Gem. Once the Links damage the red creature enough, all of Frostare falls to the ground.

Frostare begins to freely roam the room and shoots out beams of ice at the Links that freeze them and prevent movement momentarily. The Links must attack his eye with the Four Sword or shoot it with the Fire Rod. After about four hits, Frostare falls to the ground, stunned, allowing the Links to attack him. Eventually he regains his senses and starts flying around again. The Links must repeat this approximately three times before Frostare is defeated.

When he is slain, several Force Gems appear and a ladder leading to the floor above materializes. This leads to Princess Zelda, who tells the Links they must hurry to the Realm of the Heavens.[1] The Links can climb up one more floor to complete the stage.


  1. "[sfx]Link? It is you, isn't it, Link? I believed you would come to my rescue, and here you are. I knew you would wield the Four Sword and come... Thanks to your efforts the darkness above ground is thinning. The maidens and I will pray to keep the darkness from recovering its full strength. However, the Realm of the Heavens is now overflowing with Vaati's monsters. The darkness in the Realm of the Heavens must be purged if true peace is to return." — Zelda (Four Swords Adventures), Four Swords Adventures.