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Withered Tree



Various islands

Withered Trees,[1] also referred to as Withered Deku Trees[2] or Wilted Deku Trees,[3] are dried-up trees found on eight different islands within the Great Sea in The Wind Waker.

After the Korok Ceremony, many of the Korok will fly off to islands through the Great Sea and plant these Withered Trees to help spread the Great Deku Tree's forest. However, without proper water, these trees quickly become withered and will need Forest Water in order to be nurtured back to health.

Link will need to get Forest Water from the Forest Haven. He will then need to travel across the Great Sea and water all eight of the Withered Trees. This is a timed mission though as after 20 minutes, the Forest Water will revert to normal Water. If Link saves seven or fewer Withered Trees in the 20-minute period, then he will fail the mission and all previous Trees will once again wither. In order to successfully accomplish this mission, Link will need to have learned the Ballad of Gales.

Once Link has saved all of the Withered Trees, the final one that he waters will grow to become a much larger tree, dropping a Piece of Heart for Link to collect.


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