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Nanna in Breath of the Wild







Tears of the Kingdom
Gloom-Borne Illness


Claree (granddaughter)
Lasli (granddaughter)
Purah (mentor)

Nanna is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nanna can be found sitting next to a campfire right at the entrance to Kakariko Village. Initially she will just sit there, day and night having hurt her ankle. She will only get up when Link interacts with her.[1] When she notices Link's Sheikah Slate, she immediately recognizes him as a hero and insists that Link meet with Lady Impa.[2] She will point Link in the direction of Lantern Falls, near Lady Impa's Hall.[3]

After Link completes the Seek Out Impa quest, Nanna will then talk about how Link can upgrade his Sheikah Slate. She encourages Link to visit the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to meet up with her mentor, Purah. Although she cautions Link that Purah is a bit odd.[4]

Nanna will spend most of her day right by the entrance to Kakariko Village, but at 5pm, she will head to her home to go to bed. She lives with her granddaughter Lasli in a home located at the southeast part of town. She awakes very early in the morning at 3am and heads back to the campfire at the entrance to town.

Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, Nanna can be found lying on a bed, stricken by Gloom. She had been cleaning up the East Hill area, when she got too close to the East Hill Chasm and touched the Gloom. While she is sick, Claree is looking after the shop, and Lasli is taking care of her.

Both granddaughters are very worried about her, and are struggling to perform their normal duties. Claree has raised the prices of the clothing significantly higher, and Lasli is struggling to make a dish that will cure Nanna. Speaking with Lasli will begin the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest to help restore Nanna's health.

It is revealed that Nanna is the rightful owner of Enchanted, though the shop duties were left to her granddaughters. However, when Lasli leaves for Hateno Village to study fashion under Cece, Nanna decides to fill her days by undertaking the role of shop barker.



  1. "Traveler! I'm sorry, but I seem to have twisted my ankle... Hmm, let's see here... I'm sorry you had to see me like that. ... Say traveler... Where did you get that...object hanging from your waist?", Nanna
  2. "Yes. I see... That Sheikah Slate is a symbol. It means you are a hero of legend. Though there are few who know of such legends anymore... But we Sheikah have been waiting for you for a very long time. Please...before all else, I must insist that you meet with our leader, Lady Impa.", Nanna
  3. "Before all else, go to Lady Impa's house. Just head towards Lantern Falls... In any case... It was a real honor to meet you. Heh, I suppose you're used to that, having lived as long as you have.", Nanna
  4. "It seems you haven't yet been able to get that Sheikah Slate fully functioning... I'm certain my mentor can help you... My mentor used to work closely with Princess Zelda in her research of that Sheikah Slate. Go to the research facility in Hateno Village, located to the far east of here. However... Um... Just know that this mentor of mine is... a bit odd.", Nanna