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Cado (estranged husband)

Rola is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Rola works as the shop owner of The Curious Quiver, which is the arrow shop located in Kakariko Village. She sells individual Arrows and Fire Arrows, as well as bundles of five of each. Rola is excited to see Link as it is not too often that customers visit the arrow shop. She hints that the younger folks of the village don't have too much use for a Bow.[1] Rola will be a bit upset when Link leaves the shop, but she'll still give Link some advice to sell some Ore, so that he can earn some Rupees.[2]

Rola has a strong affection for Link, commenting about his strong build and his ability to wield a bow.[3][4] She is looking for Link to partake in a quest for her.[5] If Link declines, Rola is saddened, stating that she would have made it more than worth his time.[6] When Link agrees to take on the quest, this will begin the Arrows of Burning Heat quest. Rola will be delighted and is excited about the idea of a young hunk like Link, drawing out his bow.[7][8]

Talking to Rola after agreeing to take on her quest, she is in a much happier mood, stating that her heart is practically singing, a feeling she hasn't had in years.[9] She tells Link not to forget the promise that he made, that he would light the torches by the Goddess Statue.[10][11]

After completing the quest, Link can return to Rola and she's excited. She reveals that she currently is separated from her husband, Cado. She wishes that Cado was as passionate about archery as he was about his Cuccos, then maybe they wouldn't be separated.[12][13]

As with all merchants, Link can sell some Materials and Food to Rola.[14] She'll be excited with virtually any item that you sell her.[15][16][17][18]

Arrows of Burning Heat

Main article: Arrows of Burning Heat

When talking with Rola, she will task Link with a quest. She asks Link to light the torches that surround the Goddess Statue in the village, located just in front of Lady Impa's home.[19][20]

There are four torches right behind the Goddess Statue. Link can shoot them with Fire Arrows. Alternatively, he can dip a regular Arrow into the small campfire that is located nearby, to cause the tip to light on fire. After successfully lighting all four of the torches, return to Rola and speak with her. She saw you light the torches and will reward Link with a Red Rupee.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Rola can be found behind the counter at The Curious Quiver. She is thrilled that with all the newcomers to Kakariko Village, Link decided to visit her shop. If Link asks about Lurelin Village, she will talk about how it was seized by pirates and everyone who lived there is now scattered across Hyrule.

She does not know the current location of her husband, Cado, but comments that seeing arrows reminds her of him. After Cado's Geoglyph expedition with Impa is complete, he will return to Kakariko Village and, during the evening and night, will stand outside The Curious Quiver, pondering how to make up with his estranged wife. Rola will then note quietly how it sounds to her like her husband is only one room away, seeming to not know the truth behind this.



Rola, like Granté and unlike most other Sheikah, was not born in Kakariko Village. Rola herself was born in Lurelin Village before later moving to be with her fellow Sheikah.


  1. I can't remember the last time we had a customer in here! Young folks in this village don't have much use for a bow... It's a thrill to see a young lad like you come into the shop. Well, don't mind me. Take your time lookin' around. - Rola
  2. Oh...are you planning to leave already? That's too bad. Well, while you're here, let me give you a bit of advice. If you need money, go ahead and sell some ore. Any shop you find will buy it at a premium price. - Rola
  3. That's right, my good man! I knew it the moment I saw ya... I had you figured for one heck of an archer. And I'm head over heels for a fine slice of man that can use a bow! So how about it? Why not take out that bow and show me something special? - Rola
  4. Mmm... An archer with a strong build... I could look at you all day! ...Oh! Sorry-my imagination ran away with me. Did you need something? - Rola
  5. Where can I find the perfect man to show me a feat of skill... - Rola
  6. Oh. That's a shame. If you had entertained me, I was going to reward you with something more than worth your time. - Rola
  7. The thought of a young hunk drawing a bow just makes my day! - Rola
  8. The way you handle that bow of yours... A thing of beauty, I tell ya. - Rola
  9. Heh, my heart's practically singing... I haven't felt this way in years. - Rola
  10. Don't go forgetting our promise now. - Rola
  11. You forgot already?! You were going to light the torches by the Goddess Statue. I'm looking forward to it, so don't mess it up! - Rola
  12. Hey, kid! I saw you! You were amazing! Boy, what a shot in the heart that was! My husband's a fine archer himself... but we're living apart right now. This feeling... It's been so, so long. I'm so excited right now! That really was something special to see. In fact, here... A token of my thanks. - Rola
  13. If only my husband hadn't become obsessed with Cuccos and had kept up with his archery skills... If only... - Rola
  14. What are you going to sell me? I'm excited to find out! - Rola
  15. What a great item! - Rola
  16. Thank you! - Rola
  17. Heh, I was eyeing that. Thank you! - Rola
  18. Do you have anything else? I love buying things! - Rola
  19. I like your attitude! All you gotta do is light the torches by the Goddess Statue. Think you're up for the challenge? - Rola
  20. You really don't know about the Goddess Statue? It's by the spring in front of Lady Impa's home. I don't know who put it there, but it's been there forever. - Rola