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Lasli standing outside of Enchanted





Greeter at Enchanted





Nanna (grandmother)
Claree (boss/older sister)
Jarod (deceased boyfriend)

Lasli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Lasli works as a greeter, standing outside of the Enchanted Armor Shop, greeting customers and encouraging them to come on in.[1][2] When first approached, she will immediately react to Link and develops a crush on him, as Link is exactly her type. Lasli will quickly realize that Link has a Sheikah Slate and thinks that Link is even more important and incredible than he looks.[3]

Lasli wears the traditional Sheikah garb that many of the residents of Kakariko Village can be seen wearing. Her outfit is identical to the shop-owner of Enchanted, Claree.

Lasli leaves her house at and heads off to work at 5am.[4] She remains there throughout the entire day and at 9pm each evening, Lasli will take off from her spot outside of Enchanted and run to her home. She hurries home so that her grandmother Nanna does not get worried.[5] She lives in the home just to the left when Link enters Kakariko Village.

At her home, Lasli professes her love for Sunset Fireflies. She use to catch them when she was much younger and teaches Link that the trick is to sneak up on them very slowly.[6] She can't go out at nighttime anymore due to the monsters that are nearby as well as the Yiga Clan that has been spotted nearby.[7]

In the Kakariko Graveyard lies Lasli's dead Sheikah boyfriend named Jarod, who was slain by a monster protecting her. She acts as if it was a mere breakup from a toxic relationship to save her from having to explain the truth.[8][9][10]

Tears of the Kingdom

Lasli can be found sitting underneath a shelter in Kakariko Village, next to a Cooking Pot. She is worried about her Grandmother's health, and how busy Claree is running the clothing shop. She is intent on finding a cure for her grandmother, who was cleaning up East Hill for the Zonai Survey Team, but got too close to the Gloom and is now sick. She is able to eat Porridge, but that does not heal her. Lasli will keep experimenting with different recipes until she finds one that works for gloom sickness. This conversation starts the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest.



  1. We're open every day! Enchanted, right this way! - Lasli
  2. We're open rain or shine! Enchanted, right this way! - Lasli
  3. Oh, my... What's this? Look at that face! You are TOTALLY my type. Hi. Ooh, and you even have a Sheikah Slate on your hip! ... Wait...huh? A Sheikah Slate?! Isn't that, incredible thing that only incredible people can have? I'm not sure what all this means, mister... But it seems you're a great deal more important than you appear. - Lasli
  4. Good morniiing! You sure look chipper, even though the day's just begun! I'm about to go into Claree's place. If you're after some new threads, you're welcome to come along. - Lasli
  5. Oh, my! It's already so dark! I've gotta get back home right away, or Grandmother will scold me! - Lasli
  6. Wow, the fireflies were gorgeous today. I love that you can see them all year long in this village. But...they're really hard to catch. I was pretty good at it when I was a kid, though. - Lasli
  7. I used to go out at night to catch fireflies. They fly away quickly, so you have to sneak up on them slowly. It's more than's magical. But that's all in the past. Now there are monsters around the village and rumors that the Yiga Clan is nearby and active... That's why I'm forced to stay inside when it's dark instead of chasing the night. *sigh* I wish I could do something. - Lasli
  8. Who's there? Is someone... Is someone stalking me right now?! If you're following me, Jarod... I told you it's over between us! So stop following me! - Lasli
  9. AHHHH! I guess I can't keep it a secret any longer. Not even Claree knows... This is...where the love of my life sleeps. No other guy has been able to stack up. He passed a long time ago, but I still come here every now and then to be with him. - Lasli
  10. This is...where the love of my life sleeps. He got attacked by a monster and... He promised...he would always...protect me... - Lasli