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Ta'loh Naeg
Ta'loh Naeg Model





Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching



Ta'loh Naeg is a character found in Breath of the Wild. He is a Sheikah Monk who serves the Goddess Hylia by guarding the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine.

Breath of the Wild

After Link successfully completes the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, Ta'loh Naeg gives him a Spirit Orb.

Like the other Sheikah Monks, Ta'loh Naeg has three rings on each of his hands, with one ring on each side looped into another one. He can be seen pressing his fists against each other. This position is adopted by nearly all Test of Strength Monks, such as Minor, Modest and Major, with the only exception being Ruvo Korbah, whose right hand rests upon his left, rather than next to it. Ta'loh Naeg wears more than the rest due to him being the highest ranked Test of Strength Monk.

Ta'loh Naeg is one of few Monks acknowledged by people from the present, as he is venerated by Olkin and Steen. He is referred to as either the Legendary Swordsman or simply as the Swordsman. The two Sheikah wish to gain access to his Shrine with hopes that he would teach them his ancient fighting techniques, but due to the Shrines being designed for only Link to enter, Olkin and Steen are unable to access it. The two train themselves tirelessly every night, preparing themselves for Ta'loh Naeg's trial should he ever grant them an audience.