Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • From the Dueling Peaks Tower, head east through the valley, right between the Dueling Peaks.
  • The shrine is located on a platform just north of the river.

Video Guide


Run forward and step on the floor switch. This will cause the ramp ahead to tilt and the ball that is on the ramp will begin to slide down. Just stand on the platform into the ball falls down and settles into the hole. This will cause a moving platform to be able to reach you. Step on it and ride it to the next area.

Step on the next switch and it will cause another platform to tilt. This time however, you want to get off of the switch a few moments before the ball falls off of the first ramp. If you stand on the switch too long, the ball will have too much momentum and will just roll down into the abyss. Getting off the switch will tilt both ramps back to the starting position. This will prevent the ball from getting lost and it will eventually roll down into the hole. The adjacent platform will begin to move, so ride it to the next area.

This next ramp puzzle is a bit trickier. Once you step on the floor switch, the ramp will tilt, causing the ball to roll down. As the ball picks up the pace, you want to get off of the switch. Don’t wait until it is right at the edge, but rather, get off a few moments before it reaches the edge. The ramp will flatten out and it will cause the ball to bounce a bit, leaping over the gap to the reach the hole the ball will settle in. Ride the moving platform to the last area.

There is one more puzzle to solve here: the treasure chest that is higher up on the ledge. There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle. The easiest way is to use Magnesis on one of the metal barrels that is at the lower area to the right. Use the Magnesis ability to set the barrel down onto the previous floor switch that we stepped on. Another method is to wait on the switch until the moving platform comes near, and then use Stasis on the switch, quickly riding the platform to the chest and opening it.

With the final ramp now tilted, ride back over and this time climb up the ramp. Jump over to the treasure chest and open it up to get the Climber’s Bandanna. Make your way back down the ramp and over to where the metal barrels were. Climb the ladder here and speak with the monk, Ree Dahee. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.