Video Guide


Once you arrive at Kakariko Village you can speak with Cado. He is one of the guards that protects the pathway that leads to Impa’s House. After first meeting Impa, Cado will appear either in front of Impa’s House, or back by his house, closer to the entrance to town.

Once you chat with him, you will have to collect all 10 Cuccos and bring them back to the coop. Three of them are already there, so there are only seven others that you need to bring on over. One tip is that if you have the Sensor+, you can take a picture of a Cucco and then sit it as your Sensor+ target. This way you can use your sensor to find the Cuccos.

Here are the locations of the seven cuccos.

  • Three of them are actually already in the coop.
  • Located high above, on the pathway that leads to the Tal’oh Naeg Shrine.
  • Located on the roof of the armor store, across from Cado’s coop. You can glide down to this cucco from high above.
  • Found within Mellie’s Plum Garden just behind the armor store. You’ll have to wait until she not watching you.
  • Right in front of the Goddess Statue near the center of town.
  • One is on top of a canopy. When your first enter Kakariko Village, turn to the right walking towards the bridge and the cucco is on your left.
  • By the a bridge near the entrance of the town.
  • Found within a shed near the south end of town.