Video Guide


After completing the Seek Out Impa Main Quest, you head on over to the Curious Quiver shop in Kakariko Village. Here you can speak with Rola and she immediately identifies you as an archer. She will ask you to light the torches by the Goddess Statue, located near the center of town.

Rola herself sells Fire Arrows and you can purchase these arrows to complete this quest. However, as long as it’s not raining outside, you will be able to find a nearby campfire, next to the Goddess Statue. You can pull out a bow and just dip the arrow into the fire, lighting the tip on fire. Be careful not to dip a full wooden bow into the fire, as it will flare up. If you do so, just put the bow away.

Use fire arrows to light the four torches surrounding the Goddess Statue. Alternatively, if you have a fire elemental melee weapon, you can perform a jump slash attack and you can light the four torches this way.

After all four torches are lit, return to Rola and she will reward you with a Red Rupee.