Video Guide


When you arrive at the Dueling Peaks Stable, you will find two brothers that run the stable together. The brother named Rensa is standing just outside of the Stable, right where you would register a horse. After talking to him about Wild Horses, speak with him a second time and he will mention that he once took second place in the Hyrule Horse-Taming Competition. He will then challenge you to a tame-off. In order to win the tame-off, you have to get a wild horse and bring it back to Rensa within the time limit. You have two minutes to complete the task.

There are several horses in the wooded area, just southeast of the stable. The spotted ones are easiest to tame, where as the solid colored horses can give you more trouble. Tame a horse and bring it back to Rensa. After being shocked that you beat his time, he reveals that he got 2nd place when only two people were competing. He will reward you with a Purple Rupee.