Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located just east of the Dueling Peaks, right next to the Dueling Peaks Stable.
  • The shrine is surrounded by spikes. Use Cryonis to create an ice pillar and then glide over the spikes to enter.

Video Guide


Run forward and you’ll see some water flowing on the right side. Use Cryonis to create an ice pillar. Climb the pillar and leap over to the ledge ahead.

In the next area there is water, but only along the side. Create a horizontal ice pillar and jump over. The gap is a bit larger and higher, so I recommend creating two ice pillars to make it up top.

As soon as you reach the higher ledge, turn around and look up to find another treasure chest. This one is a bit higher up and you’ll again need to create two ice pillars in order to reach it.

Run ahead and run all the way to the top of the steps, giving you the best vantage point. There is a falling sphere and we want to guide it with ice blocks so that it falls down into the hold below. This can be accomplished by using Cryonis to create three ice blocks. Place them in the locations seen on the map and the ball will roll down, right into the hole. Run through the gate that opens to speak with the monk, Ha Dahamar. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.