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A Trading Sequence is a type of side quest that appears in six games in The Legend of Zelda series. It always involves a series of items that must be traded to various people to obtain new items. At times, there are also time limits or mini-games. Once the sequence is complete, it usually rewards Link with a prize. Trading sequences are not always optional. Sometimes, it will reward Link with items required to complete the game.

Link's Awakening

Main article: Link's Awakening Trading Sequence

The Trading Sequence in Link's Awakening involves many characters around Koholint Island. It begins when Link wins the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game. Unlike the other trading sequences, the first few items are required to complete the game, as Link needs the Bananas in order to access Kanalet Castle. The sequence's final reward is the Magnifying Lens, which lets Link read Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint and provides the only way for Link to see the Secret Goriya and earn the Boomerang.

Ocarina of Time

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Main article: Ocarina of Time Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence

There are two Trading Sequences in Ocarina of Time. As a child, Link can complete the trading sequence to get the Mask of Truth. As an adult, Link will acquire the Biggoron's Sword at the end, which is more powerful than the Master Sword.

Oracle of Seasons

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Oracle of Ages

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The Wind Waker

Main article: The Wind Waker Trading Sequence

The Trading Sequence in The Wind Waker occurs as a part of the partnership Link forms with Zunari at his shop. This sequence is slightly different from the previous ones, as Link does not have to obtain all items in the trading sequence and give them out in a set pattern. Instead, Link simply needs to trade his items for other items to the Traveling Merchants in order to finally get the Shop Guru Statue, which can in turn be traded for a Piece of Heart. Along the way, Link also obtains the Magic Armor from Zunari.

Phantom Hourglass

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