Ocean Temple

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The Ocean Temple (Marine Temple in the European version) is the third Dungeon found within Spirit Tracks. The dungeon item for this temple is the Whip, and the final boss encountered is Phytops.

Phytops, Barbed Menace

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The Boss of the Ocean Temple, Phytops

The battle starts out with Link on the bottom of a tower. To climb the tower he must use the whip to swing across gaps in the path, all while being attacked by Phytops' tentacles and poisonous liquid launched from Phytops.

Once Link makes it to the top, the main battle begins. He must use the whip to grab spikes off of the monster's tentacles and shoot them at the things covering Phytops' head to reveal his eye. Hitting the eye with a spike will cause Phytops to fall down allowing Link to hit him with his Sword. Rinse, wash, and repeat.


Upon completion Link acquires a Heart Container and Blue Force Gem restoring the Spirit Tracks leading from the Ocean Realm to the Tower of Spirits.