Stamp Station

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Stamp Station
Stamp Stand
The Stamp Station found in Aboda Village


Fill Stamp Book


Stamp Stations (Stamp Stands in the European/Australian version) are scattered all across the various regions of New Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. These are places where Link can stamp his Stamp Book for Niko using the stamps provided. There are different stamps for every place he visits. Niko will give Link various rewards for filling out his Stamp Book: Once Link collects 10 stamps, he is given the Shield of Antiquity. After collecting 15, Link gets the Engineer's Clothes. Finally, after all 20 stamps have been collected, Niko will give Link a Swordsman's Scroll containing the Great Spin Attack.


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Realm Station Number Item(s) Required
Forest Realm Aboda Village 01 None
Forest Realm Whittleton 02 None
Forest Realm Forest Sanctuary 03 None
Forest Realm Forest Temple 04 Whirlwind
Snow Realm Anouki Village 05 None
Snow Realm Snow Sanctuary 06 None
Snow Realm Snow Temple 07 Boomerang
Snow Realm Wellspring Station 08 Boomerang
Forest Realm Castle Town 09 Bombs
Forest Realm Trading Post 10 Bombs
Ocean Realm Ocean Temple 11 Bombs, Whip
Ocean Realm Ocean Sanctuary 12 Song of Birds, Whip
Ocean Realm Papuchia Village 13 Song of Birds, Whip
Fire Realm Goron Village 14 Whip
Fire Realm Fire Sanctuary 15 Boomerang
Fire Realm Fire Temple 16 Bow
Ocean Realm Pirate Hideout 17 Song of Birds, Whip
Sand Realm Sand Temple 18 Sand Wand
Sand Realm Sand Sanctuary 19 Cuccos
Tower of Spirits Tower of Spirits 20 None