Fire Sanctuary (Spirit Tracks)

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Fire Sanctuary
Valley Sanctuary
Fire Sanctuary Map.png





The Fire Sanctuary (Valley Sanctuary in the European/Australian version) is a location from Spirit Tracks. It is accessible through exiting through the back of the Goron Elder's home and is the abode of the Lokomo, Embrose. By solving a puzzle, Link opens the Door of Friendship and accesses the area. Inside the Sanctuary, Link and Embrose perform the Lokomo Song together in order to restore the Spirit Tracks in the Fire Realm.[1][2][3]


  1. "Good answer! And good posture and volume! You remind me of myself, boy! And I'm very impressed with the courage it took to make it here! order to restore the lost Spirit Tracks, I need your help. Do you know about the Lokomos' songs? [.]Of course![.]I forget..." — Embrose, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "Each realm has a special song that restores the Spirit Tracks within it. The song is made up of two parts, each played by a different instrument. First, I will teach you your part, so listen well and try to do the same thing! Once you have it, put down your flute." — Embrose, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "As you know, each song requires two instruments to play it correctly. Now listen--I will play your part first, so try to do what I do! When you think you have it, put down your flute." — Embrose, Spirit Tracks.