Spirit Tracks Locations

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This is a list of locations found in Spirit Tracks.


Forest Temple

Forest Temple.png
Main article: Forest Temple (Spirit Tracks)

Snow Temple

Snow Temple.png
Main article: Snow Temple

Ocean Temple

Ocean Temple.png
Main article: Ocean Temple

Fire Temple

Fire Temple.png
Main article: Fire Temple (Spirit Tracks)

Sand Temple

Main article: Sand Temple

Tower of Spirits

Tower of Spirit.png
Main article: Tower of Spirits

Take 'Em All On

Main article: Take 'Em All On

Forest Realm

Forest Realm

Forest Realm.png
Main article: Forest Realm

Aboda Village

Main article: Aboda Village

Alfonzo's House

Main article: Alfonzo's House

Link and Niko's House

Main article: Link's House

Castle Town

Main article: Castle Town

Take 'Em All On

Main article: Take 'Em All On

Castle Town Shop

Main article: Castle Town Shop

Cucco Coop

No Image.png
Main article: Cucco Coop

Bunnio's House

Main article: Bunnio's House

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle (ST).png
Main article: Hyrule Castle

Throne Room

No Image.png
Main article: Throne Room

Princess Zelda's Quarters

Princess Zelda's Quarters - ST.png
Main article: Princess Zelda's Quarters

Tunnel to the Tower

Tunnel to the Tower.png
Main article: Tunnel to the Tower


Whittleton Map.png
Main article: Whittleton

Forest General Store

No Image.png
Main article: Forest General Store

Whittleton Chief's House

No Image.png
Main article: Whittleton Chief's House

Whip Race

No Image.png
Main article: Whip Race

Lost Woods

No Image.png
Main article: Lost Woods

Forest Sanctuary

ST Forest Sanctuary inside.png
Main article: Forest Sanctuary

Rabbitland Rescue

Main article: Rabbitland Rescue

Trading Post

No Image.png
Main article: Trading Post (Spirit Tracks)

Linebeck Trading Company

Linebeck Trading Company.png
Main article: Linebeck Trading Company

Snow Realm

Snow Realm

Snow Realm.png
Main article: Snow Realm

Anouki Village

No Image.png
Main article: Anouki Village

Honcho's House

No Image.png
Main article: Honcho's House

Snow Sanctuary

Snow Sanctuary Map.png
Main article: Snow Sanctuary

Anouki General Store

No Image.png
Main article: Anouki General Store

Wellspring Station

No Image.png
Main article: Wellspring Station

Ferrus' House

Ferrus house.jpg
Main article: Ferrus' House

Bridge Worker's Home

Bridge Worker's Home - ST.png
Main article: Bridge Worker's Home

Snowdrift Station

Snowdrift Station Map Inside.png
Main article: Snowdrift Station

Slippery Station

Slippery Station Map.png
Main article: Slippery Station

Ocean Realm

Ocean Realm

Ocean Realm.png
Main article: Ocean Realm

Papuchia Village

Papuchia Village.png
Main article: Papuchia Village

Papuchia Village Shop

No Image.png
Main article: Papuchia Village Shop

Wise One's Home

No Image.png
Main article: Wise One's Home

Ocean Sanctuary

Link and Carben.jpg
Main article: Ocean Sanctuary

Ocean Floor Rails

No Image.png
Main article: Ocean Floor Rails

Pirate Hideout

Pirate Hideout Map.png
Main article: Pirate Hideout

Lost at Sea Station

Lost at Sea Station.png
Main article: Lost at Sea Station

Sand Realm

Sand Realm.png
Main article: Sand Realm

Sand Sanctuary

Dune Sanctuary ext - ST.png
Main article: Sand Sanctuary

Fire Realm

Fire Realm

Main article: Fire Realm

Goron Target Range

No Image.png
Main article: Goron Target Range

Goron Village

Goron Village ext - ST.png
Main article: Goron Village

Goron Country Store

No Image.png
Main article: Goron Country Store

Altar of the Mountain Goddess

Main article: Altar of the Mountain Goddess

Goron Elder's Home

No Image.png
Main article: Goron Elder's Home

Fire Sanctuary

Fire Sanctuary Map.png
Main article: Fire Sanctuary (Spirit Tracks)

Disorientation Station

Disorientation Station.png
Main article: Disorientation Station

Ends of the Earth Station

Ends of the Earth Station.png
Main article: Ends of the Earth Station

Dark Ore Mine

Dark Ore Mine.png
Main article: Dark Ore Mine


New Hyrule

Spirit Tracks All Realms.png
Main article: New Hyrule

Beedle's Air Shop

Beedle Air Shop exterior - ST.png
Main article: Beedle's Air Shop

Stamp Station

Main article: Stamp Station

Archway Gate

Main article: Archway Gate

Dark Realm

Dark Realm.png
Main article: Dark Realm