Altar of the Mountain Goddess

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Altar of the Mountain Goddess




The Altar of the Mountain Goddess[1] is a location featured in Spirit Tracks. It can be found to the northwest of the Goron Village in the Fire Realm. The altar serves as a place of worship for the Mountain Goddess. It is a sacred place for Gorons,[2] and a place where outsiders are forbidden to enter.[3]


"Kagoron is the mountain goddess's messenger. He is praying at her altar for a stop to the volcano's outbursts.[4]"

— Goron

When Link visits Goron Village, he will find that the Mountain of Fire is continuously erupting. While the mountain is erupting due to Cragma, the Gorons believe it is due to the goddess's anger.[4] Before Link arrived to the village, Kagoron traveled to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess to pray for the goddess to calm down the mountain,[4] as he is the mountain goddess's messenger.[5] Link is then warned about the path to the altar is in the eruptions' striking zone and is very dangerous.[6][7]

Once Link enters the Altar of the Mountain Goddess, Kagoron salutes his bravery for traveling by himself when he is still a child[2] and asks Link if there is something he would like to discuss.[8] When he answers "Actually...", Kagoron tells Link that he will tell more to him once he has descended the mountain because he needs to make preparations and for Link to make sure his train is in good shape.[9] However, if Link says no, Kagoron tells him to go home if he has nothing to discuss.[3]


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